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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Zero Music Review - Zero Tamil movie songs review

Movie: Zero

Cast: Ashwin Kakumanu,Sshivada,JD Chakravarthy

Director: Shiv Mohaa

Music director: Nivas K.Prasanna

1.Uyire Un Uyirena-Anirudh Ravichander

The first thing that strikes you about this song is Anirudh's melodious avatar! He is simply spontaneous in emoting the heartwarming feelings associated with this number. The engaging flute bits, mellowing piano notes, mild rhythms and enthralling violin sections are Nivas K.Prasanna's signature style. The entire track is bedecked with beautiful strings that provide an enchanting aura to the tune. Has the potential to become a love anthem!

2.Veredhuvum Nijamae Illai-Haricharan

Beginning with an elegant grand piano piece, this one is yet another heartrending melody. The strength of the song lies in Haricharan's honey-dipping rendition which engulfs the listeners in utter calmness. Nivas K.Prasanna imbues a guitar section in the interlude which adds to the WOW factor of the song. Once again the flute sections rule the entire number. Soul-stirring!

3.Engae Ponai-Vijay Prakash,Neeti Mohan

Cellos! Awww, how refreshing it is to listen to a piece of soulful Cello in the prelude. Nivas offers yet another beautiful love ballad. His orchestration deserves a special applause here - the mild classical guitar section interspersed with tabla beats in the interlude. Though Vijay Prakash aptly brings out the pain element in this pathos, it is Neeti Mohan's whispery rendition that will linger on the minds of the listeners. An addictive pathos!

4.You Are In My Heart-Natalie Di Luccio

An out and out English track finds a place in the album. The euphonious voice of the Aila Aila girl Natalie Di Luccio elevates the melodiousness of the song. Especially her operatic crescendo towards the end is top class. Nivas weaves a scintillating tune which has an international feel to it because of the ebullient strings, dulcet grand piano notes and violins.

5.Indha Kadhal Illaiyel-Nivas K.Prasanna

The only fast paced track of this album. However, Nivas retains the melodic factor by yielding the megaphone by himself. His carefree singing is punctuated by a radiant chorus, a steady rhythm pattern and his trademark piano, guitar and strings. A perfect finale to the soundtrack.


Though Nivas K.Prasanna's previous outing Sethupathi might have been mediocre, he bounces back with an appealing soundtrack which is overloaded with soulful melodies. The album is sure to top the charts!

Rating: ****


Uyire Un Uyirena,Veredhuvum Nijamae Illai,Engae Ponai

Saturday, 20 February 2016

Tuntari Songs Review

Movie: Tuntari

Cast: Nara Rohit,Latha Hegde

Director: Kumar Nagendra

Music director: Sai Karthik

1.Diamond Girl-Yazin Nizar

Sai Karthik offers a breezy solo at the start of the album. The lyrics of the number denote the hero's wooing tactics. With engaging guitar strums, interesting string sections in the interludes and a trance-like feel, this number is sure to stay on your playlists for a long time. Yazin Nizar's carefree singing is peppered with classical touches occasionally. Heartwarming melody!

2.Rajuke Raja-Simha

An out and out mass number is up next. Going by the lyrics, this seems to be the introduction song for the hero. The song is replete with foot-tapping commercial beats, nadaswaram sections, synthesizers in the interlude and Simha's hoarse vocals. A passable potboiler.

3.Ding Dong Darling-MLR Karthikeyan,Divija Kartheek

Since the movie is a remake of Maan Karate, the Darling Dambakku equivalent comes in the form of this song. Every aspect of this number sounds like the Tamil version, except the slight deviation in the tune, the presence of two charanams and the lead singers who perform fabulously. Especially Divija Kartheek's mellowed rendition is something to look out for.

4.Adagaledani-Sai Charan,Deepthi Parthasarathy

This one is a fast-paced romantic duet which is punctuated with a steady rhythm and ear-pleasing string section in the interludes. This number also has a trance-like atmosphere and the repetitive 'O mere jaana' line is addictive. The singers Sai Charan and Deepthi Parthasarathy croon with elan. Though the number is similar to many Tollywood love numbers, it has a tinge of classicism to it. Likeable one!

5.Konaseema-Tippu,Geetha Madhuri

Yet another mass number finds a place in the album. But this time the arrangement is a western one. Tippu renders his lines with power while Geetha Madhuri's voice suits well for a dance tune like this one. The song has all elements for a commercial Telugu item song and will go down well with the front-benchers. 


This remake of Maan Karate has a decent album composed by Sai Karthik. Though there is nothing to boast of, the numbers are passable and chartbuster materials.

Rating: ***  (3 /5)


Diamond Girl,Adagaledani

Pokkiri Raja Music Review

Movie: Pokkiri Raja

Cast: Jiiva,Sibiraj,Hansika Motwani

Director: Ramprakash Rayappa

Music director: D.Imman


Imman's screeching vocals makes this strident song an instant winner. Though Imman plays safe within his template, the arrangement of bass guitar riffs, steady rhythm pattern and the accompanying chorus make the number a completely groovy one. Enjoyable package!

2.Rain Rain Go Go-Varun Parandhaman,Neeti Mohan

An awesome romantic melody is up next. Imman composes a soothing tune and tops it with dulcet guitar strums, background violins and an interesting thisra nadai rhythm pattern. The violins interspersed with tap dance beats in the second interlude lends a different aura to the song. Though Varun Parandhaman's rendition is mellifluous, it is Neeti Mohan's effervescent vocals which evoke the feel of passion in the number. With the occasional rain-splattering sounds, this number makes the perfect listen on a rainy day!

3.Bubbly Bubbly-Papon,Maria Ride Vincent,D.Imman

This fun love number is peppy all along the way, yet it has a mediocre feel to it. The tune is typecast, but it is saved by the funky vocals of Papon and Maria Ride Vincent, the radiant chorus in the second interlude and some cheesy harmonica segments in the background. This song might do well with colorful visuals.

4.Waltzing Whistle-Theme (Whistle by Swetha Suresh)

Here comes a haunting whistle theme which has a retro feel to it. Swetha Suresh's whistle sounds lovely along with the peppy violins and an ebullient string section. Much like its name, it is really a waltzy theme that can be played on all ballrooms!

5.Taaru Taara-Divya Kumar

This blaring number joins the bandwagon of songs where folk meets hip-hop. Imman once again composes a tune within his template and presents a bland arrangement which does not connect the listeners. Even Divya Kumar's throaty rendition cannot save the track from being skipped. Only the instrumental frenzy in the between stands out.

6.Athuvutta (Reprise Version)-Vishal Dadlani,MC Rude,D.Imman

Much like the original version, this one is also a feisty stentorian number. This time it is Vishal Dadlani who yields the megaphone with his fruity vocals, while MC Rude excels in his rap portion. However, the whole arrangement is not quite catchy as the original one and sounds more jarring.


After an amazing soundtrack Miruthan, this outing from Imman is plainly above average with just a couple of impressive songs. Hope he bounces back with an interesting album!

Rating: **3/4


Athuvutta,Rain Rain Go Go,Waltzing Whistle

Friday, 19 February 2016

Uriyadi Music Review

Movie: Uriyadi

Cast: Vijay Kumar,Mime Gopi,Citizen Sivakumar,Chandru

Director: Vijay Kumar

Music director: Masala Coffee

1.Kaantha-Sooraj Santhosh,Masala Coffee,Varun Sunil

Kaantha is a brilliant experimentation from Masala Coffee. Rehashing their own Kappa TV musical video by replacing the Malayalam lyrics with Tamil, the band has composed an eclectic mix of sounds, based on the classical raga Sahana. Sooraj Santhosh's Carnatic rendition along with Varun Sunil deserves a standing ovation, while the usage of Kazoo in the prelude is an innovative thought. Simply addictive!

2.Maane Maane-Anthony Daasan,Masala Coffee

Once again Kazoo makes its way in this number too. And it actually saves this song from turning into a stereotyped folk number. Though one cannot miss the blandness of the tune, it is pepped up by Anthony Daasan's rustic rendition and the lively electric guitar strums in the background.

3.Agnikunjondru-Sooraj Santhosh,Masala Coffee

Bharathiyar's enriching poem gets an alternative rock makeover in this number. Masala Coffee whips out a exotic classical-rock fusion with the brilliant usage of live drum beats, screeching hard rock guitar strums and a steady paced rhythm. Sooraj Santhosh sounds heavenly in his Carnatic avatar. Exquisite piece!


Masala Coffee's debut in tinsel town has recreations of their own musical videos from Kappa TV. The songs are a new experience for Kollywood listeners and that makes this short album immensely enjoyable.

Rating: ***3/4



Rhythm (2016) Music Review

Movie: Rhythm

Cast: Adeel Chaudhry,Rinil Routh

Director: Vivek Kumar

Music director: Adeel Chaudhry,Suresh Peters,Salman Ahmed

1.Do You Wanna Dance With Me-Sunidhi Chauhan,Suresh Peters

An out and out club number welcomes you. This one is a blend of bhangra beats and western elements which provides it an old-school feel, despite being in a coming-of-age film. Sunidhi Chauhan's voice is such a classic for this number and she is aptly supported by Suresh Peters. Bollywood is replete with gross party numbers these days, but this one is a mellowed one which doesn't cross the limits and stays enjoyable in its comfort zone. Tap your feet to the engaging beats!

2.Yaaro-Sunidhi Chauhan,Salman Ahmed

Much like the previous number, Yaaro is also a dance song which could serve as the right choice for DJs in the pubs. Sunidhi Chauhan is in top form with her effervescent voice while Salman Ahmed joins her towards the end with his sultry rendition. Though the number is fast-paced, one cannot miss the string of melody accompanying it throughout.

3.Ankhon Se Ojhal-Adeel Chaudhry

Here comes a melody that is sure to tug at your heartstrings as it progresses. Filled with dulcet guitar strums, mellowed rhythm arrangement and a trance-like aura, this song is a beautifully composed one. Especially Adeel Chaudhry's voice is honey-dipping and reminds of Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh. Despite being simple in terms of tune, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression!

4.Kaise Boloon-Salman Ahmed

Beginning with a euphoric shout of 'I am in love', this number veers off into a speedy love track. The entire arrangement of the song might have worked well in the early 2000s. But it feels deviated from the rest of the soundtrack, especially Salman Ahmed's sequenced rendition sounds out of place. Though it might reflect Pakistani music, it takes time to grown on the casual listeners.

5.Yeh Nasha-K.K,Natalie Di Luccio

As soon as K.K begins 'Yeh Nasha...', you'd find yourself on a breezy ride. His enthralling voice is heavenly to listen, if you plug on to your headphones on a serene night. Natalie Di Luccio has much lesser part to play, as she mouths just a few lines in English. A brilliant fusion of rock and melody is what this trance-like number offers the listeners. Elegant composition!

6.Ankhon Se Ojhal (Sad)-Adheel Chaudhry

Similar to the original, this one is also poignant and soothing to listen to. The complete unplugged environment works in favor of the heartrending melody. All lovelorn people out there would feel an instant connect with this magical pathos. Short and sweet!

7.Fattey Chuck-Naveed Zafar

Almost every Bollywood soundtrack has a full-fledged Punjabi number these days. And Rhythm is also not spared. Replete with foot-tapping bhangra beats, a few interspersed western elements and Naveed Zafar's nasal rendition, this one is a complete type-casted Punjabi course meal.

8.Do You Wanna Dance With Me (English)-Natalie Di Luccio,Suresh Peters,Harshdeep Kaur

The fantastic party track returns in an English version. When compared, this one is much better than the original in terms of the DJ arrangement and Natalie Di Luccio's flawless and energetic rendition. Harshdeep Kaur's supplementary rendition adds color to the enjoyable number. Chartbuster material!


Rhythm is a mixed bag of melodies and fast-paced numbers. Though this one has the potential to end up as a chartbuster soundtrack, the low hype and hoopla surrounding the movie doesn't provide enough exposure to the songs.

Rating: ***1/2   (3.5 /5)


Do You Wanna Dance With Me (both versions),Ankhon Se Ojhal (both versions),Yeh Nasha

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Neerja Music Review

Movie: Neerja

Cast: Sonam Kapoor,Shekhar Ravjiani,Shabana Azmi

Director: Ram Madhvani

Music director: Vishal Khurana

1.Jeete Hain Chal-Kavita Seth,Arun Ingle,Mandar Apte,R.N.Iyer,Archana Gore,Mayuri Patwardhan,Pragati Mukund Joshi,Vishal Khurana

Beginning with a glorious chant, Kavita Seth's soul-stirring voice uplifts the mood of the song. Vishal Khurana weaves a poignant melody that is striking right from the start. Be it the accompanying guitar strums, the radiant chorus or the chord progression, everything fits in perfectly in this melody. Scintillating and emotional!

2.Aankhein Milayenge Darr Se-Neha Bhasin,K.Mohan

Much like the previous number, this one too begins with a mantra chant. Predominantly filled with thumping rock beats and vibrant chorus, this energetic number is sure to boost your mood. Since the chorus takes a major part in this track, the voices of the lead singers are overshadowed.

3.Gehra Ishq-Shekhar Ravjiani

One gets a notion that this might turn out to be yet another melody of Bollywood soundtracks. But this melodious number deceives the listeners with its initial notes. Starting on rather romantic lines, this song soon veers off into a full fledged qawwali love number. Shekhar Ravjiani's enthralling voice flows like honey on the ears. A pleasant solo!

4.Aisa Kyun Maa-Sunidhi Chauhan

Sung from the point of view of a daughter, this beautiful number is a ode to all mothers in the world. Sunidhi Chauhan's carefree singing along with the unplugged mode of the number and the mellowed violins in the background make this track a bliss to listen to. Though there might have been lots of tribute songs for mothers, the sweetness in this one is incomparable!


Vishal Khurana comes up with a short, tender and sweet soundtrack which aptly suits the biopic theme of the movie.

Rating: ****  (4 /5)


Jeete Hain Chal,Gehra Ishq,Aisa Kyun Maa

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Darling 2 Music Review

Movie: Darling 2

Cast: Kaliyarasan,Rameez Raja,Maya,Kaali Venkat,Arjunan

Director: Sathish Chandrasekaran

Music director: Radhan

1.Machi Vaa Da Ne Dhan Friendu-Ramee

A funky friendship song opens this soundtrack. Though there is a deja vu while listening to this number, it has become a trend to have such high-on-energy and techno tracks in urban movies. With occasional dialogues and Ramee's coarse vocals, this one is a passable track from Radhan.

2.Olarava Olarava-Varun Parandhaman,Muthamil,Ramee

Getting a hangover from the previous number, this one is a techno laden kuthu number that has become a rage nowadays. Radhan's simple tune is instantly likeable and it would surely go down well with the youngsters. The rap sections elevate the aura of the sultry number.

3.Ni Sa Gari Sa-Naresh Iyer,Anweshaa Dutta

At the very first listen, one would be saying 'Wow!' With Hindustani classical base, Radhan composes a mesmerizing melody that is exquisite and addictive. The repetitive aalaap 'Ni Sa Gari Sa' is sure to get on to your nerves. Anweshaa Dutta's honey-dipping voice and Naresh Iyer's effervescent vocals along with the tabla and accordion make the number an enchanting one. Hit the repeat button!

4.Kaatril-Nikitha Gandhi

And here comes that eerie number which is perfect for this horror movie. The spooky chorus, spine-chilling humming, haunting piano notes and wind sounds in the beginning set the mood for the rest of the number. However, it is Nikitha Gandhi's whispery rendition that will stir your soul. As the haunting number progresses, it will really send a chill down your spine!

5.Theme Song-Ramee

Sounding like a rip-off of the previous number, this one is constructed in male voice Ramee with extra hard rock sections and techno loops which provide it a zombie-feel. Though it is lesser than 2 minutes, it will spook you to the core.


Radhan delivers a scrumptious genre-specific album with funky instrumentation!

Rating: ***  (3/5)


Ni Sa Gari Sa,Kaatril

Idhu Namma Aalu Music Review

Movie: Idhu Namma Aalu

Cast: Silambarasan,Nayanthara,Andrea Jeremiah

Director: Pandiraj

Music director: T.R.Kuralarasan


T.R.Kuralarasan presents us a compelling folkish melody. Crooned by his brother Silambarasan, this number has a breezy pallavi and then veers off into fast paced kuthu number in the charanam. The eclectic usage of guitar strums, nadaswaram and Sitar is engaging to listen to. Beautiful start.

2.Kanne Un Kadhal-Yuvan Shankar Raja

This one is a haunting solo in the raw vocals of Yuvan Shankar Raja. Accompanied all along with grand piano notes, this song has a ebullient chord progression. The violin section in the interlude is exquisite while the mellowed beats engulf the listeners in a trance-like atmosphere. Another winner!

3.King Kong-T.R.Kuralarasan,Shruthi Hassan,Blaaze

Kuralarasan himself gets to croon this number along with Shruthi Hassan whose hoarsely lower notes complement his funky voice amicably. This romantic duet also has a trance-like atmosphere and a brilliantly constructed chord progression. And Blaaze just blazes in the rap portion. A peppy track!

4.Maaman Waiting-T.Rajender,Suchithra,Blaaze

What is a Simbu film without a pakka mass number, especially in his father's voice? This song joins the bandwagon of Yammaadi Aathaadi and Kalasala. Filled with all commercial elements, this song is sure to go down well with the front-benchers. Though stereotyped, it is a definite chartbuster.

5.Oru Thalai Ragam-Sriram Parthsarathy,Blaaze

The most scintillating number of the album arrives at the last. This one is peppered with awesome orchestration, grand piano notes and exuberant strings which make this pathos heartrending. Sriram Parthasarathy seems to be a misfit for this number but Silambarasan does justice to the song in his version. Just plug on your earphones and get lost in this Yuvan-like mesmerizing melody!


T.R.Kularasan's debut album aces off with an equal mix of foot-tapping numbers and melodies. He is a promising find!

Rating: ***1/2


Kanne Un Kadhal,King Kong,Oru Thala Ragam

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Kanithan Music Review

Movie: Kanithan

Cast: Atharvaa,Catherine Tresa

Director: TN Santhosh

Music director: Sivamani

1.Yappa Chappa-Anirudh Ravichander,Kalpana Ragavendar

The album begins on a high note with this peppy track which is composed on the lines of Surangani song. Sivamani indulges in old-school instrumentation and African elements which make the number an enjoyable one. Additionally, the tangy lyrics and the funky rendition of Anirudh and Kalpana is sure to make the song a chartbuster one. Watch out for the classical violins in the second interlude. Instant winner!

2.Maiyal Maiyal-Haricharan,Swetha Mohan

This number is an interesting duet which has a tinge of classical base to it throughout. The tune oozes with melody and the innovative instrumentation (sitar,veena,guitar strums and flute) elevates the beautiful tune. Both the singers Haricharan and Swetha Mohan complement each other well and croon passionately. A striking number from Sivamani!

3.I Viralgal-MC AK,Adhrija,Ishan

The album veers off to the oft explored genre in Kollywood music - rap with kuthu. The tune is bland and the singers' voices are overshadowed by the overload of rap and blaring music in the background. This number can work only with the visuals.

4.Modern Ponnathan-Karthik,Runa Sivamani,Blaaze

Compared to the previous number, this electronically sequenced song is much better. Especially the female vocals of Runa Sivamani is sultry and the hilarious exchanges between the boys and girls are funny to hear. Sivamani's classical instrumentation amidst the jarring percussion beats is endearing to listen. A passable one.

5.Che Guevara-S.P.Balasubramaniam

High-on-energy drum beats dominate the entire track. This uplifting song will appear in a crucial point in the film. S.P.Balasubramaniam's powerhouse rendition accompanied by Sivamani's radiant percussion and motivational lyrics make the number an energetic one. A strong finale to the album.


Sivamani's sophomore album is also high on blaring percussion beats which overshadow the other aspects of the songs. However, two likeable numbers make the album a decent listen!

Rating: **3/4


Yappa Chappa,Maiyal Maiyal

Loveshhuda Music Review

Movie: Loveshhuda

Cast: Girish Kumar,Navneet Kaur Dhillon,Naveen Kasturia

Director: Vaibhav Mishra

Music director: Mithoon,Parichay

1.Mar Jaayen-Atif Aslam

The album opens with a classic melody that has Mithoon's stamp all over it. Thankfully, Arijit Singh is spared here and it is Atif Aslam who yields the megaphone. His velvety voice flows passionately along with the scintillating tune. Mithoon's trademark guitar strums add spice to the melody, while the minimal rhythm pattern works largely in favor of the song. Enticing begin!

2.Peene Ki Tamanna-Vishal Dadlani,Parichay

After a pleasing melody, here comes a jarring high-on-energy number with nonsensical lyrics that highlights the merits of drinking. An upbeat party song with the usual dance floor elements. Vishal Dadlani's voice is overshadowed by the blaring background music. Though nothing unusual, it will definitely scorch the screens.

3.Dono Ke Dono-Neha Kakkar,Parichay

Yet another dance number makes its way into the soundtrack. Similar to the previous one, this too has high-on-energy beats and screeching orchestration in the background. The only difference between the two numbers is that this one is a romantic one with modern cheesy love lyrics. The lead singers do a commendable job, despite their voices being suppressed by the instrumentation.

4.Chitta Kukkad-Neha Kakkar,Gippy Grewal

Composer Parichay comes up with yet another peppy number. But this track has a heavy Punjabi flavor to it. Also the singers Gippy Grewal and Neha Kakkar render their lines in their nasal voice which peps up the Punjabiness even more. But the tune isn't catchy and it doesn't easily appeal to the listeners even after repeated listens.

5.Total Talli-Parichay,Teesha Nigam

Listeners tend to get exhausted when it is yet another party number in the album. Even Parichay's idea of adopting A.R.Rahman's Ramta Jogi tune for the Total Talli phrase sounds awkward. Once again, the number is spoiled by blaring music and bland rendition by the singers.

6.Mar Jaayen (Reprise)-Atif Aslam

The melodious number returns in the form of a heartrending reprise. Mithoon indulges in some enchanting violin sections which increases the mellifluous aura of the song. Atif Aslam's voice is even more subtle in this version as the entire arrangement is unplugged. Beautiful!

7.Mar Jaayen (EDM Remix)-Atif Aslam

Seriously, the most soul-stirring number of this album is completely spoiled by this EDM Remix. There is nothing to brag about the arrangement here. This version is unnecessary and might even irritate the listeners after the first few lines.

8.Peene Ki Tamanna (EDM Remix)-Vishal Dadlani,Parichay

Already the original sounds like an EDM one, so this version doesn't make any difference. Listeners cannot find a single likeable aspect in this one.

9.Dono Ke Dono (Chill Trap Remix)-Parichay,Neha Kakkar

The chilled out romantic number returns in a Chill Trap remix. But surprisingly, this version sounds better than the original one up to some extent.

10.Total Talli (Trap Remix)-Parichay,Teesha Nigam,Joe Louis

I wonder why Parichay has brought in too many remixes for this album. The songs might not even appear in the film. And this number too is bland like the original version.

11.Chitta Kukkad (Male)-Gippy Grewal,Neha Kakkar

Well, the original version was confusing and this one too confuses the listener with its puzzling tune arrangement. And also, despite mentioned as a Male number, we get to hear Neha Kakkar's voice.


Loveshhuda's album targets only the party animals with its numerous party tracks and remixes of them. Only a single melody uplifts the mood of the soundtrack.

Rating: **


Mar Jaayen,Mar Jaayen (Reprise)

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bangalore Naatkal Music Review

Movie: Bangalore Naatkal

Cast: Arya,Sri Divya,Bobby Simha,Rana Daggubati,Parvathy,Raai Laxmi,Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Director: Bommarillu Bhaskar

Music director: Gopi Sunder

1.Naan Maatti Konden-Karthik

Beginning with ebullient guitar strums, this breezy solo sung by Karthik is fresh and engaging right from the start. It is a tailor-made number for Karthik who croons with elan. Gopi Sunder composes a likeable tune which flows easily along with Madhan Karky's heartwarming lyrics. The interesting string progression in the background adds beauty to the track. A charming song!

2.Para Parappa Oru Ooru-Ranjith

After a soulful melody, the album changes gears with this hardcore rock number. This track is all about the city Bangalore and how the lead characters enjoy roaming around. Gopi Sunder indulges a steady progression of rock along with groovy drum beats and screeching guitar strums. Ranjith thoroughly enjoys himself while rendering his lines as it is evident from his voice.

3.Aaga Motham Ennai-Gopi Sunder

Yet another fresh and breezy number makes its way into the album. This track is peppered with interesting interludes which has a combo of violin and mandolin. The drumming in the background peps up the lovable tune and Gopi Sunder does justice with his velvety rendition. The entire song has a countryside feel which makes it utterly enjoyable. Lovely one!

4.Thodakkam Mangalyam-Vijay Yesudhas,Sachin Warrier,Divya S.Menon

Gopi Sunder retains this chartbuster wedding song from the Malayalam version. And the surprise is that it is equally fantastic and colorful in this version too. There is no change in the tune, even the same ensemble of singers croon the number. The only difference is the lyrics which is penned to perfection by Pazhani Bharati. Get to enjoy a sumptuous wedding feast with this track!

5.En Vizhiyin Kanavu-Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy,Gopi Sunder

Gopi Sunder has taken the right decision to reuse the Malayalam tune for the most soul-stirring number of the album. Filled with live plucked guitar strums, this unplugged melody is honey to the ears as long as it lasts. Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy's whispery rendition is the icing on the cake which permeates the serenity of the tune and she is amply supported by Gopi Sunder. Just close your eyes and revel in this one!

6.I Want To Fly-Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy

Sung sensuously by Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy, this montage song sequence is brilliantly composed by Gopi Sunder. With lilting piano notes, this short number is engaging and the English lyrics are passionate. A fitting finale to the soundtrack.


Award winning composer Gopi Sunder delivers a feel-good album with Bangalore Naatkal. The soundtrack is enthralling with its heartwarming and fresh melodies.

Rating: ***3/4


Naan Maatti Konden,Aaga Motham Ennai,Thodakkam Mangalyam,En Vizhiyin Kanavu

Friday, 29 January 2016

Sethupathi Music Review

Movie: Sethupathi

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi,Remya Nambeesan

Director: S.U.Arun Kumar

Music director: Nivas K Prasanna

1.Mazhai Thooralam-Nivas K Prasanna

Nivas K Prasanna composes and croons a soulful pathos that is sure to be a tear-jerker when played on the screens. Nivas' emotion laden rendition and the motivational lyrics are the major plus points of the mellifluous track. The symphonic arrangement accompanied by a dulcet chorus and acoustic guitar sections add to the forlorn mood of the song. Heartrending opening!

2.Konji Pesida Venaam-KS Chitra,Sriram Parthasarathy

Beginning with playful electronic loops, this duet reminds of the love songs of early 2000s. Especially it is Chitra's evergreen voice that takes you back on a nostalgic sojourn. It is very refreshing to listen to Sriram Parthasarathy after a long time. Despite the retro feel, this song works big time due to its simplistic tune and the modern arrangements. 

3.Hey Mama-Anirudh Ravichander

Going by the lyrics, it is evident that this number is the introduction song for Vijay Sethupathi. Overloaded with rock progression, rap and police siren sounds, this song serves as the perfect one for a cop. Anirudh rocks the number with his powerhouse singing.

4.Hawa Hawa-Karthik,Saindhavi

This carefree love ballad reflects the romantic side of a tough cop. The tune is a charming one, punctuated with cheesy lyrics that complement the laidback mood of the song. Karthik's soft rendition is apt for this number and Saindhavi's childlike voice is pleasing to the ears. This love track makes for an enjoyable listen on a lovey-dovey evening!

5.Thaen Kootil-V.M.Mahalingam

Mellowed piano notes welcome the listeners to yet another situational pathos. The unplugged factor of the song is elevated by the earthy vocals of V.M.Mahalingam whose robust voice can drive the listeners to tears. Serves as a good ending to the album.


Though Nivas K Prasanna's sophomore album might not be as exceptional as his first one, it still engages the listeners with a couple of likeable melodies and a powerful introduction song.

Rating: ***


Mazhai Thooralam,Hawa Hawa

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fitoor Music Review

Movie: Fitoor

Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur,Katrina Kaif,Tabu,Aditi Rao Hydari,Rahul Bhatt,Akshay Oberoi,Lara Dutta

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Music director: Amit Trivedi

1.Yeh Fitoor Mera-Arijit Singh

A waltzy love ballad is what Amit Trivedi serves us in the opening. He progresses the beautiful tune in a gradual manner with excellent strings and guitar orchestration. He retains his signature style of soft rock in this one too. Arijit Singh constructs his voice in accordance to the ethereal tune, though he sounds stereotyped. Typically Amit-ish!

2.Pashmina-Amit Trivedi,Komail Shayan

Here comes a slow poison that will get on to your nerves with repeated listening. Filled with dollops of violins, strings and middle-eastern flute sounds, Pashmina spells heaven right from the beginning. Amit Trivedi enchants by lending his voice to the soul-stirring tune. The rhythm pattern has a slight resemblance to Paighaam Laya Sawan from Lakeer. Comparisons apart, this one is a gem that is poetic all the way!

3.Haminastu-Zeb Bangash

Beginning on poetic Persian lines "Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto" which literally translates to "If there is ever a heaven on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here". Amit Trivedi weaves a magical tune with his ebullient assortment of strings, peppered with Persian flavors. However, it is Zeb Bangash's earthy rendition that will make you crave for looping the number. The Santoor section towards the end is a brilliant stroke brought in by Amit. A Persian classic!

4.Hone Do Batiyan-Nandini Srikar,Zeb Bangash

Stringed instruments like mandolin and rabab dominate this amazing soft rock fusion. Amit ropes in two eminent singers to croon this free-flowing number. Nandini Srikar's classical vocals are interspersed with Zeb's raw voice which makes the overall output an alluring Kashmiri folk melody. Amit deserves a special applause for his excellent orchestration and chord progression. Pleasant listen!

5.Tere Liye-Jubin Nautiyal,Sunidhi Chauhan

Once again Amit brings in a mystical combination of string based orchestration (Chennai String Orchestra). The symphonic progression of the melody topped with Jubin Nautiyal's effervescent vocals makes the number an engaging listen. Sunidhi Chauhan showcases her singing prowess to the pinnacle, bringing out her melodious dimension beautifully. Another evergreen winner!

6.Ranga Re (Hindi)-Amit Trivedi,Sunidhi Chauhan

After a string of soulful melodious numbers, here comes a digitally sequenced track. However, Amit retains the melody in this one too, with the help of Sunidhi Chauhan, who oscillates between soothing tones and soprano notes. Amit joins her later with a Pashmina kind of rendition and does a fabulous job. Passionate composition!

7.Ranga Re (English)-Caralisa Monteiro,Amit Trivedi

The previous number appears in a English version too. There is no changeover in the tune or the orchestration, except for Caralisa Monteiro crooning in her enthralling voice. The album could have done without this track too, which I found as the only weak track in an otherwise marvelous soundtrack.


Amit Trivedi's second collaboration with Abhishek Kapoor has resulted in a magnificent soundtrack that is sure to break all the records and stay on the charts for a long time!

Rating: ****3/4


No picks. Just go for it! You will have a definite musical treat.

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