Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fitoor Music Review

Movie: Fitoor

Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur,Katrina Kaif,Tabu,Aditi Rao Hydari,Rahul Bhatt,Akshay Oberoi,Lara Dutta

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Music director: Amit Trivedi

1.Yeh Fitoor Mera-Arijit Singh

A waltzy love ballad is what Amit Trivedi serves us in the opening. He progresses the beautiful tune in a gradual manner with excellent strings and guitar orchestration. He retains his signature style of soft rock in this one too. Arijit Singh constructs his voice in accordance to the ethereal tune, though he sounds stereotyped. Typically Amit-ish!

2.Pashmina-Amit Trivedi,Komail Shayan

Here comes a slow poison that will get on to your nerves with repeated listening. Filled with dollops of violins, strings and middle-eastern flute sounds, Pashmina spells heaven right from the beginning. Amit Trivedi enchants by lending his voice to the soul-stirring tune. The rhythm pattern has a slight resemblance to Paighaam Laya Sawan from Lakeer. Comparisons apart, this one is a gem that is poetic all the way!

3.Haminastu-Zeb Bangash

Beginning on poetic Persian lines "Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto" which literally translates to "If there is ever a heaven on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here". Amit Trivedi weaves a magical tune with his ebullient assortment of strings, peppered with Persian flavors. However, it is Zeb Bangash's earthy rendition that will make you crave for looping the number. The Santoor section towards the end is a brilliant stroke brought in by Amit. A Persian classic!

4.Hone Do Batiyan-Nandini Srikar,Zeb Bangash

Stringed instruments like mandolin and rabab dominate this amazing soft rock fusion. Amit ropes in two eminent singers to croon this free-flowing number. Nandini Srikar's classical vocals are interspersed with Zeb's raw voice which makes the overall output an alluring Kashmiri folk melody. Amit deserves a special applause for his excellent orchestration and chord progression. Pleasant listen!

5.Tere Liye-Jubin Nautiyal,Sunidhi Chauhan

Once again Amit brings in a mystical combination of string based orchestration (Chennai String Orchestra). The symphonic progression of the melody topped with Jubin Nautiyal's effervescent vocals makes the number an engaging listen. Sunidhi Chauhan showcases her singing prowess to the pinnacle, bringing out her melodious dimension beautifully. Another evergreen winner!

6.Ranga Re (Hindi)-Amit Trivedi,Sunidhi Chauhan

After a string of soulful melodious numbers, here comes a digitally sequenced track. However, Amit retains the melody in this one too, with the help of Sunidhi Chauhan, who oscillates between soothing tones and soprano notes. Amit joins her later with a Pashmina kind of rendition and does a fabulous job. Passionate composition!

7.Ranga Re (English)-Caralisa Monteiro,Amit Trivedi

The previous number appears in a English version too. There is no changeover in the tune or the orchestration, except for Caralisa Monteiro crooning in her enthralling voice. The album could have done without this track too, which I found as the only weak track in an otherwise marvelous soundtrack.


Amit Trivedi's second collaboration with Abhishek Kapoor has resulted in a magnificent soundtrack that is sure to break all the records and stay on the charts for a long time!

Rating: ****3/4


No picks. Just go for it! You will have a definite musical treat.

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