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Nanbenda Music Review

Movie: Nanbenda

Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin,Nayanthara

Director: Jagadish

Music director: Harris Jayaraj


1.Enai Marubadi Marubadi-Vijay Prakash,Megha

Beginning with lilting piano tones, this opening track of the album is a melodious one. Vijay Prakash's flawless singing rules the entire song. Though the beats give us a deja vu feeling, the number is pleasant on the ears. The interludes are peppy and Megha's humming serves as an icing on the cake. Good start!

2.Oorellam Unnai Kandu-Unnikrishnan,Bombay Jayashree

A surprising Carnatic melody that is sure to instantly hook you on at the first listen. Beautifully rendered in the voices of classical singers Unnikrishnan and Bombay Jayashree. The fusion of western beats and classical chorus make this number even more interesting. The classical interludes also blend perfectly with this song. The word 'Nayandhara' in the second line sounds similar to 'Nayanthara' which is quiet innovative. Pick of the album!

3.Nee Sunno New Moonu-Richard,Andrea Jeremiah,Mili Nair

After some melodious numbers, here comes Harris Jayaraj's signature western track. Though it seems cliched, Andrea's voice provides refreshment. Richard sounds energetic and the interludes equally complement his voice. Thanglish lyrics and fast paced guitar strums make this number even more urban.

4.Neeraambal Poove-Arjun Menon,MC Vickey

This short western melody is sweet to listen. Arjun Menon gets yet another hit number after Latcham Calorie. MC Vickey's rap portion is commendable and the rhythm is easy to relate to. Lyrics by Thamarai are poetic.

5.Dappankuthu Mettula-Gaana Bala,Ujjayinee Roy

A fusion number which stays true to its starting line. It has both dappankuthu and western beats. But it sounds too similar to Aathangara Orathil from Yaan. Gaana Bala's vocals are effectively used while its refreshing to listen to Ujjayinee's voice after a long time. Stereotyped track!

6.Thaene Thaene Sendhanae-Haricharan,Pravin Saivi

Finally, the album comes to an ending with yet another soulful melodious number. Only Harris Jayaraj can mask a pathos number with his innovative tune construction. We wouldn't know that it is a sad song until we listen deeply to the lyrics (remember Ava Enna,Yaaro Yaaro and Thodu Vaanam). Exhilirating!


Harris Jayaraj delivers yet another pleasant album for Udhayanidhi after Oru Kal Oru Kannadi and Idhu Kathirvelan Kaadhal. Though the numbers have repeated tunes, they will become chartbusters just for their simplicity.

Rating: ***


Oorellam Unnai Kandu,Thaene Thaene Sendhaene




Thursday, 25 December 2014

Vai Raja Vai Music Review

Movie: Vai Raja Vai

Cast: Gautham Karthik,Priya Anand,Taapsee Pannu

Director: Aishwarya R.Dhanush

Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja 

Aishwarya R.Dhanush's second venture Vai Raja Vai is touted be an action thriller. Starring Gautham Karthik and Priya Anand in the lead roles, it has music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja.

1.Vandha Kadha-Gaana Bala

Beginning with screeching violin section, this number turns out to be a dappankuthu number. With the repetitive 'Vai raja vai' quipping in at intervals, the song is a typical Yuvan folk number. Though it's tad boring, Gaana Bala's vocals save it up to some extent.

2.Pachai Vanna-Yuvan Shankar Raja

A scintillating melody in  the voice of Yuvan is always pleasant to listen. Though the song is loaded with EDM, Yuvan manages to make the vocals stand out. Having a simple hummable tune, this song would make it to the charts. Lovable track!

3.Pookkamal-Tanvi Shah,Yuvan Shankar Raja

This fast paced number is on the lines of Yedho Oru Mayakkam mainly because of Yuvan's favorite Tanvi Shah's rendition. It fails to impress right from the beginning. Yuvan's occasional quips too sound stereotyped. Overloaded with EDM, this number sadly doesn't have a saving factor. 

4.Naam Vazhndhidum-Yuvan Shankar Raja,Hip Hop Tamizha

Motivational songs by Yuvan have worked well in the past. But when a joke is told repeatedly, nobody laughs at it. The audience always expect something new from the clown. The same is the case with listeners too. We have already listened to too many Nimirndhu Nil and Edhirthu Nil. Not anymore please! Even if it is complemented by Hip Hop Tamizha.

5.Move Your Body-Ilaiyaraja

A signature track from Yuvan. It has all the elements for a rocking party number. Though it is similar to Poo Mudhal Pen Varai, Ilaiyaraja's voice makes this number a bit refreshing. Dhanush's lyircs are more youth friendly. This song is a chartbuster material but has nothing new to offer.


Its high time Yuvan got back on his track. He is a great composer who ruled our playlists a few years ago. But he has been derailing himself by signing in as a composer for commercial movies.

Rating: **


Pachai Vanna

Friday, 19 December 2014

Kaaki Sattai (2015) Music Review

Movie: Kaaki Sattai (2015)

Cast: Sivakarthikeyan,Sri Divya

Director: R.S.Durai Senthilkumar

Music director: Anirudh Ravichander

1.Kaaki Sattai-Vishal Dadlani

The title song of Kaaki Sattai begins on a rocking note. Vishal Dadlani's coarse voice, the high digitized blazers and the backing chorus are perfect. The hard rock guitar section peps up the number even more. The police siren and walkie-talkie have been put to good use. Highly energetic!

2.Kadhal Kan Kattudhe-Anirudh Ravichander,Shakthisree Gopalan

Definitely the pick of the album! As soon as Shakthisree begins with her honey-dipping voice along with the dulcet guitar strums, the song pulls you in a romantic trance. The number in itself is a fusion of mild folk and western which is a new genre in Kollywood music industry. Anirudh's part is passionate as he sings as if a cupid has struck him. The flute section in the latter part of the song exhibits Anirudh's knack of composing catchy melodies. Chartbuster love duet!

3.The Trooper Theme-Anirudh Ravichander

This very short theme is a varied mix of rap, DJ, electronica and dub-step. It's good as long as it lasts but doesn't match up to Anirudh's previous themes.

4.I'm So Cool-Anirudh Ravichander,Sivakarthikeyan 

A modern day guy wooing a girl song. This number is on the lines of Aathi Enna Nee, though the lyrics here are quirky and in Thanglish. The childish flute loops adds to the fun quotient of the song. What brings a smile on our face is Sivakarthikeyan's occasional gimmicks! Anirudh's English part is refreshing to listen. Another winner!

5.Kaaki Sattai Theme-Anirudh Ravichander

Hard rock guitar coupled with chenda melam gives a delighful feel to this theme. Though fast paced, the saxophone plays a vital part in giving this theme a wholesomeness.

6.Kattikida-Anthony Dasan,Manasi,Anitha

Another Darling Dambakku on the way. Though not as catchy as the former, this number has its own moments like Anthony Dasan's rustic rendition, the beautiful violin interlude and Manasi's energetic voice. This track could turn as a perfect dance number in the reality shows. Anirudh leaves his trademark in this folk song.

7.Shake That-Anirudh Ravichander

And here comes Anirudh's oft repeated type of track in almost all his albums. What stands out in this number is the repetitive 'Shake That'. A hip-hop song in typical Anirudh way is something not new to us. But even then this track would strike a chord with his fans in a good way.


Anirudh continues successfully from where he had left in Kaththi. This album is also another winner from him containing all elements of music.

Rating: ***1/2


Kaaki Sattai,Kadhal Kan Kattudhe,I'm So Cool

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Darling (2014) Music Review

Movie: Darling

Cast: G.V.Prakash Kumar,Nikki Galrani

Director: Sam Anton

Music director: G.V.Prakash Kumar


Darling is an upcoming Tamil horror film starring G.V.Prakash Kumar, showcasing his acting skills. Kannada actress Nikki Galrani debuts with this movie. Let's see whether G.V.Prakash's songs strike a chord with the audience.

1.Vandha Mala-Arun Raja Kamaraji,Gaana Bala,Karunaas

The title track is funny and quirky all the way. The paced up beats and the catchy lyrics stand out in this enjoyable track. If this number is going to be a montage song, then it is sure to scorch the screens. Gaana Bala's romance with such songs continue with this one. Rap in the interlude is an added advantage. Rocking!

2.Unnale-Shankar Mahadevan,Shreya Ghoshal

Obviously, the pick of the album! A haunting melody with love oozing from each and every corner. The unplugged beginning and the slow start of the rhythm are just perfect for this mellifluous number. Shankar Mahadevan and Shreya Ghoshal are soulful in their rendition. The ghostly chorus, the humming and the string section in the interludes pep up the sombre mood of the song. Hit the repeat button!

3.Sattena Idi Mazhai-G.V.Prakash Kumar,Megha

And here comes the usual track of G.V.Prakash which joins the bandwagon of R&B numbers composed by him. Though the song has a carefree attitude and makes for a free listen, it is tiring to listen to such oft repeated songs from G.V. That too in his own voice! It will fail to impress you even if you give it a second listen. Boring all the way!

4.Un Vizhigalil-Harini

A 6/8 beat melody that is pleasant on the ears. Harini just sways her way through this sweet love song. Her airy rendition gives a mystical touch to the number. The flute play and the guitar strums in the interlude are instantly addictive. A lovey-dovey number perfect for a laidback mushy evening!

5.Anbe Anbe-G.V.Prakash Kumar

G.V.Prakash makes up slightly for the blunder in Sattena Idi Mazhai song. But as I said, he makes up just a little. This is yet another G.V solo that sparkles only in bits and pieces. It maybe liked some and hated by some. And only G.V could give such songs which can spark different kinds of reactions.

6.The Dead Are Back-Theme

The album arrives for its finale with this haunting theme. The piano, chorus and humming make it all the ghostly. This could form as a great background score for the entire movie.


I am not a fan of G.V's music as he repeats his own template for each and every album. And his tryst with his own style continues even in this album. He has nothing innovative to offer except a couple of good songs.

Rating: **3/4


Unnale,Un Vizhigalil


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