Friday, 19 February 2016

Rhythm (2016) Music Review

Movie: Rhythm

Cast: Adeel Chaudhry,Rinil Routh

Director: Vivek Kumar

Music director: Adeel Chaudhry,Suresh Peters,Salman Ahmed

1.Do You Wanna Dance With Me-Sunidhi Chauhan,Suresh Peters

An out and out club number welcomes you. This one is a blend of bhangra beats and western elements which provides it an old-school feel, despite being in a coming-of-age film. Sunidhi Chauhan's voice is such a classic for this number and she is aptly supported by Suresh Peters. Bollywood is replete with gross party numbers these days, but this one is a mellowed one which doesn't cross the limits and stays enjoyable in its comfort zone. Tap your feet to the engaging beats!

2.Yaaro-Sunidhi Chauhan,Salman Ahmed

Much like the previous number, Yaaro is also a dance song which could serve as the right choice for DJs in the pubs. Sunidhi Chauhan is in top form with her effervescent voice while Salman Ahmed joins her towards the end with his sultry rendition. Though the number is fast-paced, one cannot miss the string of melody accompanying it throughout.

3.Ankhon Se Ojhal-Adeel Chaudhry

Here comes a melody that is sure to tug at your heartstrings as it progresses. Filled with dulcet guitar strums, mellowed rhythm arrangement and a trance-like aura, this song is a beautifully composed one. Especially Adeel Chaudhry's voice is honey-dipping and reminds of Atif Aslam and Arijit Singh. Despite being simple in terms of tune, this track is sure to leave a lasting impression!

4.Kaise Boloon-Salman Ahmed

Beginning with a euphoric shout of 'I am in love', this number veers off into a speedy love track. The entire arrangement of the song might have worked well in the early 2000s. But it feels deviated from the rest of the soundtrack, especially Salman Ahmed's sequenced rendition sounds out of place. Though it might reflect Pakistani music, it takes time to grown on the casual listeners.

5.Yeh Nasha-K.K,Natalie Di Luccio

As soon as K.K begins 'Yeh Nasha...', you'd find yourself on a breezy ride. His enthralling voice is heavenly to listen, if you plug on to your headphones on a serene night. Natalie Di Luccio has much lesser part to play, as she mouths just a few lines in English. A brilliant fusion of rock and melody is what this trance-like number offers the listeners. Elegant composition!

6.Ankhon Se Ojhal (Sad)-Adheel Chaudhry

Similar to the original, this one is also poignant and soothing to listen to. The complete unplugged environment works in favor of the heartrending melody. All lovelorn people out there would feel an instant connect with this magical pathos. Short and sweet!

7.Fattey Chuck-Naveed Zafar

Almost every Bollywood soundtrack has a full-fledged Punjabi number these days. And Rhythm is also not spared. Replete with foot-tapping bhangra beats, a few interspersed western elements and Naveed Zafar's nasal rendition, this one is a complete type-casted Punjabi course meal.

8.Do You Wanna Dance With Me (English)-Natalie Di Luccio,Suresh Peters,Harshdeep Kaur

The fantastic party track returns in an English version. When compared, this one is much better than the original in terms of the DJ arrangement and Natalie Di Luccio's flawless and energetic rendition. Harshdeep Kaur's supplementary rendition adds color to the enjoyable number. Chartbuster material!


Rhythm is a mixed bag of melodies and fast-paced numbers. Though this one has the potential to end up as a chartbuster soundtrack, the low hype and hoopla surrounding the movie doesn't provide enough exposure to the songs.

Rating: ***1/2   (3.5 /5)


Do You Wanna Dance With Me (both versions),Ankhon Se Ojhal (both versions),Yeh Nasha

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