Friday, 14 August 2015

All Is Well Music Review

Movie: All Is Well

Cast: Abishek Bachchan,Rishi Kapoor,Asin Thottumkal,Supriya Pathak

Director: Umesh Shukla

Music director: Amaal Malik,Himesh Reshmaiyya,Mithoon,Meet Bros Anjjan

1.Chaar Shanivaar-Vishal Dadlani,Armaan Malik,Badshah

Based on South Indian dappankuthu beats, this energetic number is the first offering of the album by composer Amaal Malik. Though it has too much shades of many previous party numbers in Bollywood, it would still go down well with the masses. Vishal Dadlani and Armaan Malik have rendered fabulously while the rap section by Badshah is good. Start the party!

2.Baaton Ko Teri-Arijit Singh

Himesh Reshmaiyya composes this melodious number which speaks about the pain of separation. It has a soothing combination of piano and guitar in the first interlude. The tune arrangement reminds of a 90s melody. Arijit Singh, who puts his soul into the rendition, is definitely the hero of the song. The simplicity of the tune makes this number easily the best in the album!

3.Nachan Farrate-Kanika Kapoor,Meet Bros Anjjan

When the entire Bollywood industry is booming with dance numbers, how can All Is Well be left out? Despite having an ordinary tune, Kanika Kapoor brings out her best with it. Meet Bros Anjjan are also equally good in their rendition. This number would surely get popular with Sonakshi Sinha scorching the screens with her moves.

4.Mere Humsafar-Mithoon,Tulsi Kumar

This number composed by Mithoon is a rehash of a popular melodious duet of the 90s Ae Mere Humsafar. The original one had a happy shade to it while this one has a touch of pathos all over. Similarities apart, if this song had been a new one, it would have surely rocked the charts. With the accompaniment of mellowed piano notes and the not-so-perfect rendition by Mithoon and Tulsi Kumar, this number would appeal after a few listens.

5.Tu Milade-Ankit Tiwari

Well, this number is Himesh Reshmaiyya's forte as it has his stamp all over it. Unlike the previous numbers, this one provides a refreshing change to the the entire album. Upbeat rhythm, blaring hard rock guitar strums and an addictive tune makes this number an ultimate winner. Ankit Tiwari once again proves that he is the best when it comes to melody rock songs. Excellent!

6.YOLO-Sreerama Chandra

In the upcoming days, this number would surely be played in all parties. It is a Punjabi pop track composed by Himesh Reshmaiyya. It is groovy as well as has an international touch to it. Indian Idol 5 winner Sreerama Chandra amazingly croons this number with the Punjabi modulation. Though not absolutely excellent, it makes for a good listen.


Multi-composer album All Is Well is a mixed bag of sounds with a few hits and a few misses.

Rating: ***


Chaar Shanivaar,Baaton Ko Teri,Tu Milade

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Brothers Music Review

Movie: Brothers

Cast: Akshay Kumar,Sidharth Malhotra,Kareena Kapoor,Jacqueline Fernandez

Director: Karan Malhotra

Music director: Ajay-Atul

1.Mera Naam Mary-Chinmayi Sripada

Rehashing their own composition Nach Le from Marathi movie Jatra, Ajay-Atul deliver a high on energy mass number. The prelude sounds like the tune of the Tamil song Naan Adicha from Vettaikaaran, but the comparison stops there. With beats that make you forget everything and just dance, Chinmayi's sultry & powerful rendition which provides a touch of sweetness to the song and lively trumpet sections, this song has everything to become the chartbuster of this year!

2.Sapna Jahan-Sonu Nigam,Neeti Mohan

On a serene night with complete silence around you, plug in to this number and get lost in a world of passionate love. This song is mellifluously addictive as well as heartwarming to listen to. It indulges in the honey-dipping voices of Sonu Nigam and Neeti Mohan, soul-stirring tabla beats, mindblowing piano notes and flute section in the second interlude. It has an undercurrent classical energy flowing throughout. Despite being slow, it is musically rich!

3.Gaaye Ja (Female)-Shreya Ghoshal

Ajay-Atul come up with their signature melody in this track. As soon as the track begins, we get pulled into an haunting trance. Especially we would find ourselves dwelling in the mystical and divine voice of Shreya Ghoshal. Composed in an unplugged manner with only an excellent string section and mellowed piano notes as accompaniment, this melodious situational track is sure to tug at your heartstrings. Inspiring and elegant!

4.Brothers Anthem-Vishal Dadlani

The high-throated soprano singing by Vishal Dadlani opens this track with a thump. The entire song is replete with racy beats, lively string section and powerful chorus. Watch out for the brilliant percussion session towards the end. Ajay-Atul have proved their versatility by giving an ordinary tune their touch of composition. Perfect anthem for the movie.

5.Gaaye Ja (Male)-Mohammed Irfan

Equally haunting as the female version, this track has Mohammed Irfan yielding the megaphone with his magical voice. Though there is no difference in this from the previous version, it has an overload of pathos to it. And yeah, the track is composed in one of my favorite ragas Keeravani. Fitting finale for the album!


Though touted to be an action movie, this album is replete with melodies. Ajay-Atul prove that they are the best of the lot when it comes to composing slow melody songs. I still deeply love their Jeev Dangala from Jogva Marathi movie.

Rating: ****


Mera Naam Mary,Gaaye Ja (Female),Sapna Jahan,Gaaye Ja (Male)

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Yatchan Music Review

Movie: Yatchan

Cast: Arya,Kreshna,Deepa Sannidhi,Swathi Reddy

Director: Vishnuvardhan

Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

1.Konjalaai-Yuvan Shankar Raja,Tanvi Shah

A trendy duet kickstarts this album. Yuvan Shankar Raja weaves an exhilarating tune along with digital sequencing, effective dubstep beats, brilliant piano notes and synthesizers. The entire song has a trance-like overcast which is Yuvan's signature style of composing. Tanvi Shah brings her melodious side to the fore in this number. Amazing opening!

2.Innum Enna-Yuvan Shankar Raja

Yuvan returns with a resplendent Jazz melody that intricately blends a wonderful violin solo, soul-stirring piano notes and a lively rhythm. He proves that he is the best choice when it comes to crooning romantic solos. Despite being short, this track is sure to create quiet an impact with the listeners. Another winner!

3.Parapara-Ranjith,Vijay Yesudhas

A vibrant track is up next in the album. Only Yuvan can fuse various modern elements of music to create a beautiful soundscape for even ordinary tunes. Though this number is similar to his previous numbers (remember Adada Arrambame and Bossu Bossu?), the innovative nadaswaram sections and hip-hop beats make it exceptionally good. Chartbuster!

4.Champion-Rabbit Mac,Sheezay from Psycho Unit

Yuvan fuses international pop with the new-age Indian rap. With quirky lyrics in the rap section, this number is sure to go down well with youngsters who are into this genre. Rabbit Mac and Sheezay excel with their powerful vocals.

5.Kaakaponnu-Anthony Daasan,Yuvan Shankar Raja,Priyadarshini

Finally the album arrives to a fitting finale with this cool fusion of folk and hip-hop. Yuvan experiments by blending desi beats with electronic guitar strums and the raw vocals of Anthony Daasan and Priyadarshini's occasional riffs provide an enjoyable listen. A sleeper party number that would grow on you after few listens.


Yuvan Shankar Raja is back in form with this well crafted commercial soundtrack. Vishnu-Yuvan combo rocks once again!

Rating: ***3/4


Konjalaai,Innum Enna,Parapara

Friday, 7 August 2015

Paayum Puli Music Review

Movie: Paayum Puli

Cast: Vishal,Kajal Agarwal,Harish Uthaman,Samuthirakani

Director: Suseenthiran

Music director: D.Imman

1.Puli Puli Paayum Puli-Malgudi Subha

It is very refreshing to listen to the energetic Malgudi Subha crooning this vibrant title track. I am sure that this number would scorch the screens with the mass hero Vishal's entry. With thumping beats, divinely chants, Sitar sounds and hard rock guitar strums, this song is going to rock the music charts!


Beginning on a lively note, this number will take the listeners to the core of a rural village. Blending Carnatic notes with a folk tune is something which Imman can do easily. And he excels with this perfect fusion of folk, classical, western beats and rocking guitar strums. Diwakar's melodious voice is sure to linger on the minds of the listeners for a long time. A treat for Imman's fans!

3.Naa Soodana Mogini-Jyothi Nooran

A hot item song is up next in the album. Though it is composed in Imman's typical template, it will surely go down well with the front-benchers. Jyothi Nooran's sultry vocals is the only factor that is worth applauding in the track. The occasional Telugu lyrics, underlying guitar strums and a foot-tapping rhythm peps up the spiciness of the number.

4.Yaar Inda Muyalkutty-Armaan Malik

This mesmerizing melody is instantly addictive right from the beginning. Only Imman can weave magic with such melodious tunes (remember Verasa Pogaiyile and Aaha Kaadhal Enna?). Right from the word 'go', this song oozes with melody and Armaan Malik's honey-dipping voice takes the number even to higher notches. It has an Ilaiyaraaja-ish touch with the beautiful trumpet section and a wonderful rhythm pattern. Hit the repeat button!

5.Silukku Marame-Divya Kumar,Sharanya Gopinath,Shashaa Tirupati

A peppy trumpet prelude welcomes you to this fun-filled romantic number. Once again Imman composes the song with the base of folk, with supreme touches of Carnatic notes. The English lyrics in the first interlude is a brilliant move by him. As the charanam progresses, the tune gets even better. Divya Kumar and Shashaa Tirupati excel with their heartrending vocals which effuse genuine classical tones. Watch out for the violin in the second interlude. Perfect ending to the album!


After a debacle in VSOP, Imman makes a strong comeback with this album which has the right mix of melody and peppiness!

Rating: ***3/4


Marudakkari,Yaar Inda Muyalkutty,Silukku Marame

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Puli Music Review

Movie: Puli

Cast: Vijay,Shruthi Hassan,Sridevi,Hansika Motwani,Sudeep,Nandita

Director: Chimbu Devan

Music director: Devi Sri Prasad

1.Yaendi Yaendi-Vijay,Shruthi Hassan

The album opens with a sweet romantic duet, completely based on the recurrent guitar strums. With slight ghatam beats, folkish structure and an elaborate string section, this number is a sureshot winner. Vijay's modulated rendition peps up the mood while Shruthi Hassan croons like a lovestruck lady. A special applause for the Ilaiyaraaja-ish flute section in the second interlude. DSP strikes the bull's eye with the very first number!

2.Jingiliya-Javed Ali,Pooja AV

How can a Vijay movie be without a theri mass number? The traditional folk instruments bring out the best out of a bland tune. Javed Ali and Pooja AV are just ordinary in terms of rendition, though they have tried to sound powerful. Despite the fizz, there is nothing new in this number. Strictly for front-benchers and light music troupes!

3.Sottavaala-Shankar Mahadevan,MM Manasi

Yet another folk number with DSP's stock tune. Though it may act as a slow poison on the listeners, the banal arrangement makes the song weak. Even Shankar Mahadevan and MM Manasi cannot salvage the number from falling flat. The only dominant factor of the song is the interesting usage of nadaswaram and thavil.

4.Mannavanae Mannavanae-Chinmayi,Anita,MLR Karthikeyan,Sooraj Santhosh

A situational number that strictly sticks to the genre of the movie. Powerful beats, grand trumpet sections that remind of a bygone era and magnificent tune arrangement make this number the next best after Yaendi Yaendi. Fantastical lyrics by Vairamuthu are an added advantage. Chinmayi does a fabulous job throughout while Anita, MLR Karthikeyan and Sooraj Santhosh commendably support her. A dynamic track!


This title track is perhaps the weakest intro song for Vijay. It might go down well with the front-benchers, but it isn't that much catchy to turn into a chartbuster. DSP uses his stereotyped template which gets boring. Mano and Priyadharshini have done their parts well, despite a tepid tune.

6.Manidha Manidha-Tipu

Finally DSP tries his hand at an inspiring number, hoping to strike an emotional chord with the listeners. But he manages to do that only up to some extent. The orchestration is grand, mandolin in the second interlude is innovative and the tune arrangement is also good. Tipu's vocals are the only factor that save this number from ending up as a dud.


Sadly, this doesn't sound like a Vijay movie soundtrack. DSP, who has given superhit albums for the hero, delivers an average album that might soon fizzle out.

Rating: **


Yaendi Yaendi,Mannavane Mannavane

Monday, 3 August 2015

Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga (VSOP) Music Review

Movie: Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga (VSOP)

Cast: Arya,Santhanam,Tamannaah

Director: Rajesh

Music director: D.Imman

1.Vasuvum Saravananum-Kailash Kher,Sooraj Santhosh

A fun filled opening track for Rajesh's yet another comedy film VSOP. What is interesting in this number is that Imman has opted for the usage of electric guitar strums, rock beats and a racy rhythm instead of his usual folk flavor. The lyrics speak about the friendship between the lead characters Vasu and Saravanan. Soon to be a chartbuster!

2.Sona Sona-Armaan Malik,Varun Parandhaman,Maria Roe Vincent

Imman's obsession with the electric guitar is obvious in this peppy track. The catchy tune arrangement makes the song a carefree listen. Armaan Malik and Varun Parandhaman weave magic with their powerful vocals while Maria Roe Vincent's part towards the end is well rendered. The saxophone in the second interlude brings a refreshing change in the track. Though there is nothing new to brag about this number, it would do better with visuals.

3.Lucka Mattikkichi-Dholak Gana Jagan,Senthildass,Palaniammal

Be ready for an enjoyable ride with this Imman's signature folk track. Throughout the song, we can only notice Dholak Gana Jagan's raw rendition and the repetitive rhythm which makes the song foot-tapping. Though this song might turn into the next biggest chartbuster, we can only feel sorry for Imman who gets stereotyped with each number of this kind.

4.Adada Onnum Solladha-Benny Dayal,Shakthisree Gopalan

Finally here comes a serene romantic ballad that is pleasant on the ears, unlike the previous numbers. Though Imman induces folk touches to this number with the rhythm pattern, it is unnoticeable with the mellifluous tune, interesting interludes and soothing vocals of Benny Dayal and Shakthisree Gopalan. Soft and breezy!

5.Naa Romba Busy-Santhosh Hariharan,Neeti Mohan,Sharanya Gopinath

An out and out theri mass number with tanglish lyrics and funky rhythm. Imman indulges some rap sections and classical touches. The final product is an enigmatic number that doesn't quiet strike a chord with the listeners. Even popular singers like Santhosh Hariharan, Neeti Mohan and Sharanya Gopinath cannot save this track.


VSOP isn't Imman's best. It is a debacle for the composer who has given musically rich soundtracks.

Rating: **3/4


Vasuvum Saravananum,Adada Onnum Solladha

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Thani Oruvan Music Review

Movie: Thani Oruvan

Cast: Jayam Ravi,Nayanthara,Arvind Swamy

Director: M.Raja

Music director: 'Hip Hop Tamizha' Aadhi

1.Thani Oruvan-Bobo Sashi

Beginning on an energetic rap section by 'Hip Hop Tamizha' Aadhi, this title track is catchy and instantly likeable. With lively beats, grand orchestration and Bobo Sashi's sultry vocals, this number is sure to rock the charts!

2.Kannala Kannala-Kaushik Krish,Padmalatha

This track takes of with a bright melange of Shehnai and grand piano notes in the prelude. Ghatam beats take over the number, fusing modern beats as the song progresses. The simple tune arrangement makes this number even more accessible. Kaushik Krish's effervescent vocals are a treat to listen while Padmalatha's fruity voice adds spice to the number. Watch out for the magnificent flute piece in the second interlude!

3.Kadhal Cricket-Kharesma Ravichandran

Be ready for a dynamic ride with this super cool funky number. After Yaen Ennai from Yennai Arindhaal, this is another feather on Kharesma Ravichandran's cap as she croons with her colorfully modulated voice. Quirky lyrics, upbeat rhythm and violin sections make this pop track an enjoyable one!

4.Theemai Dhaan Vellum-Arvind Swamy,Hip Hop Tamizha

Smashing and groundbreaking dialog rendition by Arvind Swamy makes this track remarkable. Hip Hop Tamizha's rap section accompaniment add energy to this sparkling number. It is sure to go down well with the youngsters.

5.Aasai Peraasai-Jayam Ravi

Now this is Jayam Ravi's turn to give it back to Arvind Swamy. His inspiring dialoguesare sure to create a storm.


'Hip Hop Tamizha' Aadhi delivers an excellent genre specific album. The numbers in this soundtrack are perfect chartbuster material.

Rating: ***1/2


Thani Oruvan,Kannala Kannala,Kadhal Cricket

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Maya Music Review

Movie: Maya

Cast: Aari,Nayanthara

Director: Ashwin Saravanan

Music director: Ron Ethan Yohaan

1.Aayiram Aayiram-Chinmayi Sripada

The tinkling bells in the prelude sets the eerie mood for this haunting number. It gets even better when Chinmayi croons it with her modulated voice which adds spookiness to the number. The fast paced beats, gothic orchestration and exuberant guitar strums give the listeners a heart-thumping experience!

2.Naanae Varuven-Swetha Mohan

The magic of this song lies in its unplugged mode which perfectly captivates the listeners. The tune arrangement flows in its own way and the accompanied piano notes provide a serene atmosphere. Swetha Mohan's lullaby voice can be listened to any number of times just for its sweetness. Though listeners may not give this number a second listen, it sticks to the theme of this movie!

3.Thoonga Kangal-Shakthisree Gopalan

When Shakthisree begins 'Thoonga kangal' in her raw and unadulterated vocals, we know that we are in for a treat. This is yet another haunting number indulging in a romantic tone. The heavenly acoustic guitar strums and mellowed rhythm makes it a soothing listen. Richly addictive!

4.Always A Woman-Theme

This is a beautiful instrumental piece replete with mild piano notes, grand symphony and angelic chorus. It forms as a perfect background score for the movie!

5.Hope & Despair-Theme

Beginning with racy piano notes, this instrumental is a grand journey through a magnificent symphony and some traces of Thoonga Kangal here and there.

6.Dark Hours-Theme

With numerous highs and lows throughout the score, this instrumental is an innovative one which gives goosebumps at many places due to its eerie setting.


Ron Ethan Yohaan delivers a calm and haunting album pertaining to the theme of the movie!

Rating: ***


Aayiram Aayiram,Thoonga Kangal,Always A Woman-Theme

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