Saturday, 6 February 2016

Kanithan Music Review

Movie: Kanithan

Cast: Atharvaa,Catherine Tresa

Director: TN Santhosh

Music director: Sivamani

1.Yappa Chappa-Anirudh Ravichander,Kalpana Ragavendar

The album begins on a high note with this peppy track which is composed on the lines of Surangani song. Sivamani indulges in old-school instrumentation and African elements which make the number an enjoyable one. Additionally, the tangy lyrics and the funky rendition of Anirudh and Kalpana is sure to make the song a chartbuster one. Watch out for the classical violins in the second interlude. Instant winner!

2.Maiyal Maiyal-Haricharan,Swetha Mohan

This number is an interesting duet which has a tinge of classical base to it throughout. The tune oozes with melody and the innovative instrumentation (sitar,veena,guitar strums and flute) elevates the beautiful tune. Both the singers Haricharan and Swetha Mohan complement each other well and croon passionately. A striking number from Sivamani!

3.I Viralgal-MC AK,Adhrija,Ishan

The album veers off to the oft explored genre in Kollywood music - rap with kuthu. The tune is bland and the singers' voices are overshadowed by the overload of rap and blaring music in the background. This number can work only with the visuals.

4.Modern Ponnathan-Karthik,Runa Sivamani,Blaaze

Compared to the previous number, this electronically sequenced song is much better. Especially the female vocals of Runa Sivamani is sultry and the hilarious exchanges between the boys and girls are funny to hear. Sivamani's classical instrumentation amidst the jarring percussion beats is endearing to listen. A passable one.

5.Che Guevara-S.P.Balasubramaniam

High-on-energy drum beats dominate the entire track. This uplifting song will appear in a crucial point in the film. S.P.Balasubramaniam's powerhouse rendition accompanied by Sivamani's radiant percussion and motivational lyrics make the number an energetic one. A strong finale to the album.


Sivamani's sophomore album is also high on blaring percussion beats which overshadow the other aspects of the songs. However, two likeable numbers make the album a decent listen!

Rating: **3/4


Yappa Chappa,Maiyal Maiyal

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