Sunday, 29 November 2015

Thanga Magan Music Review

Movie: Thanga Magan

Cast: Dhanush,Samantha,Amy Jackson

Director: Velraj

Music director: Anirudh Ravichander

1.Oh Oh (The First Love of Tamizh)-Dhanush,Nikhita Gandhi,Anirudh

A breezy soft rock track opens this romantic album. The exuberant guitar strums are predominant throughout the number. Dhanush's vocals are effervescent and he sounds much like Yuvan. Though Nikhita's sultry rendition is pleasant to listen to, her voice is overshadowed by the orchestration and the upbeat rhythm.  The entire song has a global feel to it, especially the symphony arrangement in the interlude pulls it off well. Highly engaging!

2.Enna Solla (The New Life of Tamizh)-Shweta Mohan,Anirudh

There is that one melody in every Anirudh album that would instantly hook on the listeners and stick to them forever. This is one such number. Anirudh weaves the most easily accessible tune and lends it with beautiful touches of Kanjira. The modulated flute section along with the jubilant strings in the interlude have his stamp on it. But it is Shweta Mohan who steals the entire show. Her baby-like voice sounds sweet and she emotes well, provided the lyrics are heart-touching. Hit the repeat button!

3.Tak Bak (The Tak Bak of Tamizh)-Anirudh

Here comes the funniest and the most enjoyable track of the album. With some fabulous trumpets, horns and string sections, this song is sure to go down well with the urban youngsters. Anirudh excels in his modulated rendition. Though there is no changeover in the tune, it can be enjoyed as long as it lasts. Might do well along with the visuals.

4.Jodi Nilave-Dhanush,Shweta Mohan,Anirudh

Shweta Mohan gets another winner in the form of this Ilaiyaraaja-ish melody. Her haunting voice takes the listeners through various emotions. The melting piano base and the chord progression remind of Anirudh's works in VIP. But the comparison ends there, as the song is scintillating and stirs the soul with its pleasantness. Dhanush too does a wonderful job in crooning his part with passion. Melodiously addictive!


Anirudh does magic once again after Naanum Rowdy Dhaan. This short feel-good album is replete with melodies, sans the stereotyped Anirudh's commercial songs.

Rating: ****


Oh Oh,Enna Solla,Jodi Nilave

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Baawari-Meghdhanush Track Review

'Baawari' is a soulful composition by Ahmedabad based Experimental Rock/Pop band Meghdhanush. This music video depicts love in its various forms, how the society perceives it and the pain of longing to be with someone. The video is conceptualized, scripted, directed and edited by National Award winning team Videowala. Here is the video of the scintillating song:

The song begins on a melodious note and soon veers into a soft rock style. Karan Patel and Jainam Modi open this track with their mellifluous vocals and dulcet guitar strums. Then the popular Bollywood singer Divya Kumar yields the megaphone. His honey-dipping voice oozes with passion and he skillfully emotes the pain of yearning for someone we love. Dhaivat Jani, the percussionist, deserves a special applause for his amazing work on the drums. The tune arrangement is instantly addictive and the lyrics will surely melt the hearts of the listeners.

The stunning locales in the video are a product of a splendid cinematography by Swathy Deepak which adds color to the visuals. Choreography by Revanta Sarabhai is exuberant and a definite treat for the audience's eyes. The actors Pooja Purohit, Akshay Patel and Harshal Vyas have performed exceptionally well. Their dance movements are energetic and buoyant while their acting displays the various dimensions of pain.

On the whole, 'Baawari' is a heartrending number from Meghdhanush that is effervescent and will surely linger in the minds of the listeners for a long time. Kudos to the band for delivering such an emotional track!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Inji Iduppazhagi Music Review

Movie: Inji Iduppazhagi

Cast: Anushka Shetty,Arya,Urvashi,Sonal Chauhan

Director: Prakash Kovelamudi

Music director: MM Keeravani

1.Size Zero-Neeti Mohan,Prakash Raj,Noel Sean,Rahul

Coolness is spread all over this vibrant opening track. With foot-tapping beats, this Banjo loaded number is an instant winner. The radiant chorus, quirky lyrics and Neeti Mohan's effervescent singing makes this track likeable. Prakash Raj's gimmicks along with Noel Sean and Rahul add a colorful dimension to this number. A happy track!

2.Mella Mella-Shweta Pandit

A soft rock melody is up next in the album. Keeravani composes the tune as scintillating as possible. It is evident with the beats, violin sections, symphonic arrangement and pan flute sounds. Shweta Pandit's honey-dipping voice is pleasant on the ears. This soulful song is sure to be a hit among music lovers!

3.Size Sexy-NSK Ramya

Yet another fun-filled song in the ebullient vocals of NSK Ramya. She excels with her modulated nasal singing which adds a feather to her cap. Once again the Banjo plays a major part in this track. Though this song has confused rhythm arrangement initially, its humorous streak is retained through the lyrics and the quirky chorus.

4.Cycle-Adithya,Kanika,Noel Sean,Ranjith

After a bunch of entertaining numbers, the album takes a twist with this inspirational song which has motivational lyrics. Ranjith's empowering vocals coupled with the high on energy beats make this track sound like a party number. The dynamic guitar strums gives a trance-like feel to the song. Will do better with the visuals.

5.Kannaalam-Damini,Mohana Bhogaraju,Palak Muchhal

It's the time for the girls to unleash their traditional dance with this happy wedding number. The desi rhythm welcomes us along with the earthy vocals of Damini and Mohana Bhogaraju. When the song is constantly going on an energetic pace, it turns melodious with Palak Muchhal's soothing romantic section. Keeravani indulges varied instruments like Santoor, thavil and flute in the interludes. Enjoyable as well as scintillating!

6.Mella Mella (Reprise)-Kaala Bhairava

This reprise version of the most pleasant track of the album has the same pattern of rhythm and orchestration arrangement. The tinkle bell sounds and the interesting interludes add even more softness to the track. However, the choice of singer could have been better since Kaala Bhairava's Tamil pronunciation goes haywire at a few places. Nevertheless, the soulful feel is retained in this one too!


MM Keeravani's album is funny yet endearing to listen. He weaves a modern soundtrack that might have a few chartbusters.

Rating: ***3/4


Size Zero,Mella Mella,Kannaalam,Mella Mella (Reprise)

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pasanga 2 (Haiku) Music Review

Movie: Pasanga 2 (Haiku)

Cast: Kavin,Nayana,Abhiman,Karthik Kumar,Bindu Madhavi

Director: Pandiraj

Music director: Arrol Corelli

1.Chota Bheema-A.L.Srikanth,Yazhini

A happy children's track opens this album. This feisty number is replete with fun-filled instruments like the loopy trumpets, dialog gimmicks in the prelude and an upbeat rhythm pattern. The voices of the children Yazhini and A.L.Srikanth are raw and earthy, taking us back to childhood memories. With words like 'Chotta Bheema' and 'Dora', this song is sure to go down well with the children.

2.Kaattukulla Kannakkatti-Anand Halve

This track is a situational one which may play during an adventurous sequence, where the children might go for treasure hunting through jungles and caves. It has a 80s feel to it with the Jazz rhythm and jocular piano notes. Impressive lyrics by Yugabharathi coupled with the radiant vocals of Anand Halve make this track enjoyable.

3.Pookkalai Killi Vandhu-Yazin Nizar

A soothing melody that takes the listeners on a walk through an emotional lane. The soulful lyrics are endearing to listen to. Arrol Corelli indulges dulcet guitar strums, mellowed rhythm pattern and interludes that are scintillating all the way. Yazin Nizar's voice oozes with melody and passion. Plug on the headphones on a serene night and listen to this number. It will surely mesmerize you!

4.Tham Tham-Anand Halve

Yet another fun-filled track. I can say that this is the best of the lot. Arrol Corelli's symphonic arrangement will instantly hook on the listeners. The harmonica, violins, whistles and saxophone in the interludes blend well with the theme of the song. Anand Halve's mellifluous voice provides the much needed melodious touch to the tune. A feel-good one this is!

5.Pasanga 2 Theme-Instrumental

Grand piano notes open this theme track exclusively. Then the exuberant violin takes over. It's arrangement is sure to melt your heart. Though it is purely a situational one, it has all the ingredients to be a perfect 4 minute instrumental. Arrol Corelli cooks up a theme that will be listened repeatedly!


Arrol Corelli delivers a pleasant album that stays true to the theme of the movie. He proves that he is yet another promising composer to look out for!

Rating: ***1/2


Pookkalai Killi Vandhu,Tham Tham,Pasanga 2 Theme

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Vedalam Music Review

Movie: Vedalam

Cast: Ajith,Shruthi Hassan,Lakshmi Menon

Director: Siva

Music director: Anirudh Ravichander

1.Veera Vinayaka-Anirudh,Vishal Dadlani

A devotional type intro number arrives hot for all Ajith fans. Anirudh weaves an ordinary tune and peps it up with powerful rhythm, screeching electric guitar strums and an energetic chord progression. Both the singers Anirudh and Vishal Dadlani are fierce in their rendition. A typical masala number from Anirudh.

2.Don't You Mess With Me-Shruthi Hassan,Shakthisree Gopalan

This is gonna be a track which is going to be a massive hit with the pubs and discotheques. This girlie hip-hop number is replete with a trance-like tune, Rn'B interludes and a global atmosphere all over. Shruthi Hassan renders like a pro and she sounds like an international singer while Shakthisree Gopalan does a commendable job within her limited space. Turn up the volume and enjoy!

3.Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhe-Ravishankar

Anirudh churns out an exhilarating fusion that is captivating right from the beginning. He blends rock and classical elements and the end product is something ethereal. The innovative Veena section accompanied by ample guitar strums in the interlude stands out. Ravishankar delivers this pathos with such passion that it is endearing to listen to him. Purely situational!

4.The Theri Theme-Instrumental

A mass theme is up next. Anirudh indulges house-mix beats, a melange of blaring sounds (read noise) and the repetitive 'Theri' phrase to make it suitable for probably one of Ajith's stunt sequences.

5.Aaluma Doluma-Anirudh,Baadshah

Here comes the next commercial anthem of the youngsters which brings the album to a fitting finale. Though it might appeal instantly to the front-benchers, we can only sadly cringe at Anirudh being stereotyped with such kind of songs. However, it is mandatory to have such a track in a Ajith's movie and Anirudh does just that. It will surely make you roll up your collars and dance like a maniac.


After an awesome, innovative and musically rich album Naanum Rowdy Dhaan, Anirudh goes back to composing in his bland repetitive templates. Since it is a Ajith's film, we can forgive him!

Rating: **1/2


Don't You Mess With Me,Uyir Nadhi Kalangudhe

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