Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tamasha Music Review

Movie: Tamasha

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor,Deepika Padukone

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Music director: A.R.Rahman

1.Matargashti-Mohit Chauhan

This carefree number spreads happiness and warmness all over. It's already been doing rounds in all the radio stations and the promo has received lakhs of views. A.R.Rahman once again ropes in the brilliant Mohit Chauhan to croon this fun-filled track. His voice oozes with playfulness and takes a changeover to semi-classical towards the end of the song. The foot-tapping rhythm, radiant chorus and harmonica sections are composed in Rahman's unique style. Sureshot chartbuster! Another Masakali!

2.Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai-Mika Singh,Nakash Aziz

Composed on the lines of Katiya Karun from Rockstar, Rahman forays into creating an out and out Punjabi track, replete with traditional Punjabi instruments, bhangra beats and violin solo in the second interlude. Mika Singh excels with his bright voice that takes the Punjabi flavor to a greater level with his semi-classical notes while Nakash Aziz aptly accompanies him. The crescendo towards the end of the song deserves a special applause. Thoroughly enjoyable!

3.Tum Saath Ho-Alka Yagnik,Arijit Singh

Beginning on lilting piano notes, this soulful melody is truly a bliss for its entire duration. Though the tune sounds familiar, Rahman's indulgence of the Hindustani raga Desh makes this number an heavenly one. The flute drops pep up the romantic aura of the track. And it is refreshing to listen to Alka Yagnik's evergreen voice after a long hiatus. Arijit Singh perfectly matches her with his lovely rendition. A divine duet!

4.Wat Wat Wat-Arijit Singh,Sashwat Singh

Rahman splurges out of his style of composition and delivers a purely local number that is sure to get instantly addictive and a hit with the masses. It has wackiness overloaded with a combo of Punjabi and Bhojpuri flavor. The Shehnai loops stand out while the peppy rhythm pattern will make you dance and the repetitive 'Wat Wat Wat' chant is compelling. Sashwat Singh is promising throughout and Arijit Singh breaks his stereotype by rendering this song. Another winner!

5.Chali Kahani-Sukhwinder Singh,Haricharan,Haripriya

It is very hard to categorize this number as it sounds like a symphony at times, semi-classical at a few places and melodious for a short span. Nevertheless, it is such an amazing number that we can only awe at Rahman's versatility. Powerful orchestration, usage of varied instruments and a storytelling tune pattern make this number unique from the rest. Sukhwinder Singh's powerful vocals is sure to stun the listeners while Haricharan makes an awesome debut with his Hindi pronunciation being flawless. Haripriya's childish rendition is cute. Rahman indulges his trademark Pan flute in the prelude and interludes which spells magic!

6.Safarnama-Lucky Ali

A fresh spiritual track is up next for the listeners. With exquisite guitar strums and mellowed rhythm, this number is perfect to listen while travelling on a highway. Though there is no changeover in the tune, the simplicity of it is sure to enchant you. Furthermore, there is Lucky Ali's ethereal vocals and the divine harmonica accompaniment to take you on a 04:11 minutes of musical sojourn.

7.Parade De La Bastille (Instrumental)-A.R.Rahman

As soon as this instrumental begins, one might think that it might be a Sufi outing with Rahman's devotional chant. But soon the track gets a sprinkle of European flavor all over with a melange of sounds welcoming you to a world of happiness. The lively chorus section from Matargashti is retained here. The assorted arrangement of instruments and brilliant chord progression makes this piece an engaging listen!

8.Wat Wat Wat (Vengeance Mix)-Arijit Singh,Sashwat Singh

The coolest party number of the season is here. It is unlike Rahman to remix numbers in his own album. But he takes a chance and proves that he too can weave magic by revamping his own composition. The screeching acoustic section, dubstep beats and the vocals of the lead singers will surely make this track a must-play in all pubs and bars.

9.Tu Koi Aur Hai-A.R.Rahman,Alma Ferovic,Arjun Chandy

The musical journey comes to an end with a dreamy number that is mandatory in all of Rahman's albums. He yields the megaphone in this one and his effervescent vocals pulls you into a trance. The additional vocals of Alma Ferovic and Arjun Chandy create an eerie atmosphere. Though experimental and might take a few listens to get used to, it is mesmerizing and soul-stirring.


A.R.Rahman-Imtiaz Ali-Irshad Kamil is a terrific combo, I say. It started with Rockstar, traveled through Highway, continues with Tamasha and it would never end. Rahman's urban outing is fresh, innovative and unlike the soundtracks of recent times!

Rating: ****1/2


Matargashti,Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai,Tum Saath Ho,Wat Wat Wat,Chali Kahani,Parade De La Bastille

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Mellisai Music Review

Movie: Mellisai

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi,Gayathrie

Director: Ranjit Jeyakodi

Music director: Sam C.S

1.Vellai Kanavu-Hariharan,Harini

When you see names like Hariharan and Harini, it is sure to be a melodious number. True to that, this track begins with a scintillating flute section interspersed with lively guitar strums. The tune arrangement is ultimately romantic and the evergreen voices of the lead singers are honey to the ears. The slight touch of Banjo in the background is an innovative thought by Sam C.S. Interesting interludes make this number even more mellifluous!

2.Lola-Maria Kavitha Thomas

This dark number has a whiff of A.R.Rahman to it. Maria Kavitha Thomas' nasal rendition with clear pronunciation and stretching the 'Lola' word makes the entire song an amazing listen. Eerie harmonics in the charanam, lead guitar strums and a lounge-like rhythm pattern are some of the unique touches which the composer provides. Haunting and addictive!

3.Parakkiren Naan-Maria Kavitha Thomas,Srinivas

Beginning on a waltzy note, this soft melody takes on a different route with the beautiful violin section accompanied by the tabla beats. Once again, Maria Kavitha Thomas strikes with her haunting voice while Srinivas renders with elan. Sam C.S engages a melange of sounds like strings, piano notes, pan flute and darbuka percussion. Though the song might take sometime to grow on the listener, it is an out-of-the-box attempt by the composer!

4.Mazhaikulle-Haricharan,Shreya Ghoshal

Did I hear Iddarammayilatho's violin section in the prelude? Inspired by it, a short and sweet violin solo welcomes you to this mellifluous number. As usual, Shreya Ghoshal enchants you with her honey-dipping voice while Haricharan's peppy vocals will surprise you. The warm guitar strums and dubstep beats take the number to greater heights.

5.Take Me Higher-JK,Maria Kavitha Thomas,Suchith Suresan

This is the English version of Parakkiren Naan. Yes, you might be surprised to find a full-fledged English track in a Tamil album. Despite being a fresh attempt, Sam C.S retains the tune and rhythm arrangement from the original version which brings down the entire song and makes it a tad boring.

6.Mellisai (Theme)-Instrumental

Chennai Orchestra take on the symphonic orchestration of this instrumental. A brilliant chord progression along with scintillating piano notes, eerie violin & chorus, mellowed female humming and powerful string section make this theme a thrilling one!

7.Lola (II)-Andrea Jeremiah

It is Andrea Jeremiah's show all the way in this version of the only racy number of the album. This version has a different pattern of hard rock guitar strums and house mix beats. Andrea's seductive voice oozes with sensuality.


This soundtrack has an extra dosage of melodies, staying true to the movie's title Mellisai. Each and every song is a different attempt by debut composer Sam C.S.

Rating: ***3/4


Vellai Kanavu,Lola,Parakkiren Naan,Mellisai (Theme)

Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam Music Review

Movie: Maalai Nerathu Mayakkam

Cast: Balakrishna Kola,Wamiqa Gabbi

Director: Gitanjali Selvaraghavan

Music director: Amrit


The album opens with a pucca gaana track which has an heard-before tune. At places, it sounds like the latter part of Hey Baby from Raja Rani movie due to the quirky lyrics on marriage. Despite the bland tune arrangement and repetitive beats, Amrit's voice is fun to listen. It might appeal to the front-benchers.

2.Mora Saiyya (Yeno Mounam)-Vijay Prakash,Shakthisree Gopalan

This trance-like melody is enchanting right from the beginning. Vijay Prakash's versatile voice perfectly syncs with the clapping sounds and bell sounds. Then begins a divine chorus chanting 'Mora Saiyya' which has some earthy guitar strums in the background. Shakthisree Gopalan's crystal-clear voice is pleasant on the ears. The scintillating sitar section in the second interlude adds beauty to the entire number. Exquisite lovey-dovey duet!

3.Mokka Piece-Benny Dayal

A hard rock number is up next in the soundtrack. With an overload of EDM elements, this number is sure to go down well with the urban category of youngsters. Benny Dayal's gravelly voice sounds well while the rhythm pattern is foot-tapping. But soon the song becomes monotonous with no changeover in the beats or the tune.

4.Maalai Nerathu Mayakkama-Amrit

Dulcet guitar strums begin this dreamy number which is in par with the theme of the movie. An overdose of passion and romance is evident in this number, with Amrit crooning in an heavenly manner. The accompanying piano notes make this track even more soft and soul-stirring. This is one such song where you can plug on your headphones, hold hands with your partner and travel through a 04.41 minute musical sojourn!

5.Ennodu-Amrit,Mili Nair

Amrit composes a peppy romantic number that has a tune inspired from many Bollywood songs. Mild guitar strums and speedy beats make this track enjoyable to listen to. Mili Nair excels with her fruity voice while Amrit adds cheesiness with his part taking a changeover to folk rhythm. However, the entire aura of the song reminds of a few songs from the 90s period.

6.Two Opposites-Theme

As soon as this instrumental begins, it reminds you of the BGM scores from Selvaraghavan's Irandam Ulagam movie. The comparison is agreeable since this movie is directed by his wife. Comparison apart, this theme is perfectly composed by Amrit, concentrating on the romantic angle. Endearing on the first listen!

7.The Return Of Love-Theme

Yet another love theme which has the title track blended along with it. But it is very short to interpret it completely.


Amrit delivers a commendable album for his debut attempt. It is a mixed bag where every listener has something to choose.

Rating: ***


Mora Saiyya (Yeno Mounam),Maalai Nerathu Mayakkama,Two Opposites

Friday, 16 October 2015

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Music Review

Movie: Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Cast: Salman Khan,Sonam Kapoor,Neil Nitin Mukesh

Director: Sooraj R.Barjatya

Music director: Himesh Reshammiya

1.Prem Leela-Aman Trikha,Vineet Singh

The celebratory mood of the movie reflects on the very first track. With jubilant trumpets in the prelude, this number has energetic beats that will surely make you forget everything and dance to the tune. Though there is nothing new to brag about, Aman Trikha and Vineet Singh swipe up the ordinary tune to greater heights with their exuberant vocals. This song is sure to scorch the screens with some excellent dance moves from Salman Khan.

2.Prem Ratan Dhan Payo-Palak Muchhal

A strong flavor of the 90s hits you as soon as this track begins. Being the title track, this one excels in terms of the choice of singer and some amazing dhol beats that will make you tap your feet. Palak Muchhal adds an extra dollop of sweetness with her honey-dipping voice. The prelude sung by her is exquisite before the routine tune sets in. Amidst having an aura of 90s, Himesh Reshammiya introduces a few guitar strums in the second interlude. Melodious as well as enjoyable!

3.Jalte Diye-Harshdeep Kaur,Anweshaa,Vineet Singh,Shabab Sabri

This is probably the best song of the entire album. One cannot miss the haunting atmosphere which this song creates right from its beginning. The number begins like a ghazal with the melodious Harshdeep Kaur behind the mike. But the real show begins when Anweshaa takes over with her ever-sweet voice. The fact that she sounds like Shreya Ghoshal is an added advantage to her. Equally amazing is Vineet Singh's rendition who croons his lines with ease. It is difficult to find such semi-classically brilliant and rich numbers nowadays. Must-listen! Hit the repeat button!

4.Aaj Unse Milna Hai-Shaan

An overdose of 90s is evident in this number. Songs like this one have been prevalent in Sooraj Barjatya's movies for two decades. This song brings an Hum Aapke Hai Kaun feel along with it, especially due to the lovable lyrics and tune arrangement. It is refreshing to listen to Shaan after a long hiatus. He is the perfect choice for this emotional number. Might appeal to a few listeners. 

5.Jab Tum Chaho-Mohammed Irfan,Palak Muchhal,Darshan Raval

Himesh Reshammiya composes yet another peppy track and adds color to the festive mood of the album. Since it is mandatory to have as many songs in a Barjatya's movie, I hope that this number would appear as a filler to a family gathering where the lead pair get to romance secretly. Palak Muchhal sounds excellent while Mohammed Irfan does a commendable job. But I wonder why did the director opt for a repetitive 90s flavor in a modern traditional movie?

6.Halo Re-Aman Trikha

In this track, the focus is on Radha-Krishna's love story. Yet again it is a high on energy number, despite the beats being mellowed throughout. It is only Aman Trikha's rendition that stands out in the entire track. The ebullient chorus, dhol beats and the barely visible piano notes sound innovative, but soon it gets monotonous with the tune being repetitive. 

7.Tod Tadaiyya-Neeraj Sridhar,Neeti Mohan

After a few traditionally sounding songs, here comes a number that sounds a bit urban. But one cannot miss the old-school feel which Himesh Reshammiya delivers. This number is also a rehash of his Balma from Khiladi 786. Some of the notable moments from this track are the 'ouch' and 'haan' sounds and tabla beats. Neeraj Sridhar renders his part well while Neeti Mohan's screechy rendition seems out of place at times.

8.Bachpan Kahan-Himesh Reshammiya

A feel-good number is up next in the album. The simple tune which sounds like a kindergarten rhyme is what makes this song work. Furthermore, the brilliant orchestration, pleasant piano notes and Himesh Reshammiya mellifluous rendition weave magic throughout. This track brings back the good old days of 90s slow Indipop. Though this song might not go down well with a few listeners, the lullaby feel which it provides is something not to be missed!

9.Murli Ki Taanon Si-Shaan

Pathos version of happy numbers have always worked in the past. And so does it now too. Though this sad version of Aaj Unse Milna is dolefully short, Shaan peps up the tune with his effervescent voice.

10.Aaj Unse Kehna Hai-Palak Muchhal,Shaan,Aishwarya Majumdar

Aaj Unse Milna Hai returns with yet another version. This time the ground is open for the girls to croon and swoon. But this one is lot better than the original version with Palak and Aishwarya's lovely voices and the inclusion of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo towards the end. Though it is short, it's sweet!


Himesh Reshammiya delivers a pucca traditional album for Sooraj Barjatya. Though one might cringe about the 90s touch all over, it is what makes the soundtrack elegant and beautiful!

Rating: ***


Prem Ratan Dhan Payo,Jalte Diye,Bachpan Kahan,Aaj Unse Kehna Hai

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Ko 2 Music Review

Movie: Ko 2

Cast: Bobby Simhaa,Nikki Galrani,Prakash Raj

Director: Sarath

Music director: Leon James

1.Kohila-Leon James,Neeti Mohan

A trendy as well as a soothing duet opens this album in a jubilant manner. Lively piano section in the prelude and the innovative Sitar fusion in the first interlude are some of Leon James' unique touches. The combination of his silky voice and Neeti Mohan's effervescent vocals is a delight to listen. The repetitive 'Kohila' chant is addictive while the rhythm pattern hooks you on. Overall a warm melody to please your senses!

2.Vidaadha-Leon James,Vishal Dadlani

Leon James forays into the Jazz genre with this ultimately stylish number. If someone can do justice to the entire song, it is only Vishal Dadlani. His guttural singing is endearing while Leon James complements him well. The rhythm arrangement is a fusion of Jazz, desi beats and dubstep. Once again the composer experiments with the orchestration.

3.Kannamma-Inno Genga,Chinmayi

The prelude of this song sounds global with the amazing piano notes and English lyrics. While Inno Genga's modulated accent is excellent to listen, it might not go down well with a few listeners. The track turns into a racy one from the first interlude and then Chinmayi takes over with her evergreen voice. Though it might be difficult to get a connect with the number, the engaging beats and the trance-like atmosphere will make you to return to the track.

4.Unnai Maatrinaal-Harish Sivaramakrishnan,Sragam Choir

This song was released as a single and a tribute to late Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam. After a few breezy listens, this number provides a refreshing change to the entire soundtrack. Harish Sivaramakrishnan sounds energetic with his powerful vocals while the Sragam Choir deliver the much needed classical touches to this inspirational number. The nadaswaram section in the prelude and interlude is an innovative thought by Leon James. Perfect track for this political thriller!

5.Kannamma (Reprise)-Salim Merchant

When it is a reprise number, the first thing that strikes your mind will be the piano notes. And this number is no exception. Beginning with scintillating piano notes, Salim Merchant takes you through a beautiful melodious journey. His Tamil pronunciation is flawless and it doesn't seem like his debut. This reprise version is peaceful, serene and better than the original version. Watch out for the brilliant violin solo in the interlude. Soul-stirring!

6.Ko 2 Theme-Instrumental

This short theme is an exuberant cacophony of instruments like Sitar, guitar strums and Hip-hop beats. It is addictive on the very first listen and will blend with the movie perfectly. 


Leon James is another promising composer to look out for in this industry. He experiments with different sounds and orchestration.

Rating: ***1/2


Kohila,Unnai Maatrinaal,Kannamma (Reprise)

Sunday, 11 October 2015

10 Endradhukulla Music Review

Movie: 10 Endrathukulla

Cast: Vikram,Samantha Ruth Prabhu,Pasupathy,Jackie Shroff

Director: Vijay Milton

Music director: D.Imman

1.Vroom Vroom-Santhosh Hariharan

With a movie that has a classy and glitzy look all over, Imman must deliver a song that is outright energetic. But sadly he fails to do so, composing a bland tune and making it appear as a racy track. Though this high voltage number has its moments like the references to Virat Kohli, Kamal Hassan & James Bond, thumping guitar riffs and Santhosh's endearing vocals, the tune arrangement bogs it down. Might appeal with the visuals.

2.Aanalum Indha-Sathya Prakash

A soft folk melody is up next in the album. This one comes as a surprise since the film is of the urban genre. Imman indulges in his exquisite melody template and weaves a tune that is scintillating throughout. Violin sections, mild flute sounds and Hindi verses in the interludes pep up the mellifluous tune. Sathya Prakash is the king here as he blows your mind away with his honey-dipping voice. The beauty of the song lies in the Ilaiyaraaja-ish touch which Imman provides. Chartbuster!

3.Pathu Endradhukulla (Male)-Vishal Dadlani,Emcee Jesz

The title track is a speedy number that is laced with hard rock elements of the 80s and 90s. Vishal Dadlani's grungy vocals and Emcee Jesz hoarse rap portions stand out, while one can identify Hip-hop rhythm arrangement too. The frenzied electronic guitar strums make the track an instant chartbuster. This number is sure to scorch the screens.

4.Gaana Gaana-Anand Aravindakshan,Shreya Ghoshal

This song is an innovative fusion by Imman. Beginning with the sultry vocals of Anand Aravindakshan in a jazzy mode, the song transforms into a full-fledged folk. Imman's creativity is top class here as he introduces Rumba, symphony and some Middle East flavor throughout the song. Shreya Ghoshal sounds very interesting with her melodious vocals. This is the most experimented track by Imman till date!

5.Pathu Endradhukulla (Female)-Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

The title track returns, this time in the raw and earthy voice of Vaikom Vijayalakshmi. Imman does a brilliant job by roping in her as the vocalist, since she excels with her modulated singing and scathing sounds. The rhythm pattern also goes for a change. Here it is house mix beats and Hip-hop taps. Once again Imman delivers a number out of his comfort soundscape!

6.Mysterious Travel-Instrumental

A cacophony of sounds welcomes you and pulls you into an addictive trance on the very first listen. This theme is overladen with Djembe beats, haunting flute sections, Middle east rhythm and eerie strings that pleases you right from the beginning. It is unlike what Imman has composed before!


Except the first track, everything else works in the favor of Imman. He delivers an urban album by experimenting with different genres and sounds.

Rating: ***3/4


Aanalum Indha,Pathu Endradhukulla (Female),Gaana Gaana,Mysterious Travel

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Thoongavanam Music Review

Movie: Thoongavanam

Cast: Kamal Hassan,Trisha,Prakash Raj,Kishore

Director: Rajesh M.Selva

Music director: M.Ghibran

1.Neeye Unakku Raja-Kamal Hassan,Yazin Nizar,Aishvarrya

Ghibran indulges a new genre of music named 'glitch music' in this movie which clearly reflects in this number. The groovy beats, screeching acoustic section, growling sounds and the digital sequencing provide a haunting atmosphere. Right from the word go, Kamal Hassan's voice is top class with his raspy singing being remarkable while Aishvarrya's metallic singing is the cherry on the cake. Ghibran composes an addictive number that is sure to climb the charts soon. A sureshot winner!


With just a single track, Ghibran proves his mettle of composing for a noir crime thriller. His exquisite soundscape does the magic once again!

Rating: Since there is only a single track, I am not going to rate this album.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Music Review

Movie: Naanum Rowdy Dhaan

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi,Nayanthara,Parthiban

Director: Vignesh Shivan

Music director: Anirudh Ravichander

1.Thangamey-Anirudh Ravichander

A super cool solo number by Anirudh Ravichander opens this urban soundtrack. The young composer fuses a simple tune with excellent guitar orchestration and rock elements. The entire song has an overall sunny feel to it. Additionally the ecstatic violin solos by Anantha Krishnan stand out and provide a touch of naturalness to the optimistic progression. Anirudh rocks with an amazing start!

2.Neeyum Naanum-Anirudh Ravichander,Neeti Mohan

Anirudh churns out a scintillating melody that is sure to blow your mind away on the first listen. The Sarangi instrument plays a major part in this number, while the soft piano notes and the foot-tapping rhythm adds beauty to it. Neeti Mohan is the show-stealer with her honey-dipping voice sounding really sweet at many places while Anirudh's part too strikes a chord. Lovey-dovey all the way!

3.Naanum Rowdy Dhaan-Benny Dayal

The title track is lively, jubilant and enjoyable right from the word go. Vignesh Shivan's lyrics are quirky and modern, while Benny Dayal's peppy rendition elevates the mood of the track. Anirudh has the skill to weave a simple tune and add complexity to it by giving it a Jazzy feel. The vibrant chorus is an added advantage.

4.Yennai Maatrum Kadhale-Sid Sriram,Anirudh Ravichander

Personally I feel that this number reminds of the days when Yuvan Shankar Raja used to rule the music industry with trance-like melodies. Once again Anirudh experiments with his orchestration while Sid Sriram's soprano singing takes it to the next level. The fusion of the title track towards the end is an innovative thought by the composer. A fantastic composition!

5.Kannaane Kanne-Sean Roldan

This final song proves that Anirudh can also compose amazingly like Santhosh Narayanan. The latter's style of composition is evident throughout the number. Furthermore, Anirudh brings in a middle East flavor to the tune and fuses it with innovative folksy notes. Sean Roldan's strained vocals are a major plus to the number. Unconventional one this is!


After many albums which were abundant with repetitive tunes, Anirudh comes up with a groundbreaking album that is sure to top the charts and stay in the playlists for its refreshing feel and creativity!

Rating: ****


Thangamey,Neeyum Naanum,Yennai Maatrum Kadhale,Kannaane Kanne

Sunday, 4 October 2015

Shaandaar Music Review

Movie: Shaandaar

Cast: Shahid Kapoor,Alia Bhatt

Director: Vikas Bahl

Music director: Amit Trivedi

1.Shaam Shaandaar-Amit Trivedi

High energy techno beats, exhilarating acoustic arrangement and Amit Trivedi's optimistic vocals kickstart the title track of this album. This song has all the elements to become an instant hit with all the party-goers out there. Amit's composition is catchy and is sure to become a chartbuster!

2.Gulaabo-Vishal Dadlani,Anushka Mani

Here comes an upbeat track in Amit Trivedi's signature style. The coolness quotient of this number is retained till the end of the song and the funky usage of trumpets deserves a special mention. Vishal Dadlani has his way with the tune while Anushka Mani puts up rather an amazing show. Pucca Amit-ish peppy track!

3.Nazdeekiyaan-Nikhil Paul George,Neeti Mohan

How can a destination wedding movie be without a romantic duet? This scintillating ballad delivers the perfect mushy factor to the album. Neeti Mohan's suppressed singing along with Nikhil Paul George's strained vocals work in the favor of the song. A beautiful dreamy number from Amit!

4.Senti Wali Mental-Arijit Singh,Amit Trivedi,Swanand Kirkire,Neeti Mohan

Though this quirky number has shades of Amit's previous compositions, it is going to be the backbone of all the 'sangeet' ceremonies to come. With minimal orchestration and solely depending on the vocals, this fun-filled track takes you on an enjoyable ride. Arijit Singh does a commendable job while Neeti Mohan's rendition has classical touches. Traditionally modern!

5.Raitaa Phailgaya-Divya Kumar

There is that one mandatory disco song in every Bollywood album nowadays. This number caters well to the pulsating needs of the youngsters. Divya Kumar elevates the track with his contemporary voice while lyrics by Amitabh Bhattacharya are a definite hit.


When it is an Amit Trivedi's album, it is sure to be rocking. And it does just that. Simply Shaandaar!

Rating: ****


Shaam Shaandaar,Gulaabo,Nazdeekiyaan,Senti Wali Mental

Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum Music Review

Movie: Tamilselvanum Thaniyar Anjalum Music Review

Cast: Jai,Yami Gautham

Director: Premsai

Music director: Karthik

1.Maya O Maya-Karthik

The opening track of this movie appears like a warm sunshine streak on a morning. The feel-good factor of this lovable song is abundant with Karthik crooning as well as composing it passionately. The rhythm arrangement provides a vibrant ambiance that will definitely hook on the listeners. A Karthik-sh winner on the way!

2.Venmegangal-Karthik,Megha,Sricharan Kasturirangan

Karthik comes up with yet another breezy number that spews radiance in every line. The Reggae style of composition works well in favor of the hummable tune. The guitar strums add a flavor of rock to the brilliant orchestration. Lyrics by Madan Karky speak about the color 'white' and the metaphors associated with it. Rap by Sricharan in the second interlude is the icing on the cake!

3.Kalakku-Baba Sehgal,Deepak,Karthik

A trance like party number is up next in the album. This one brings an innovative mix of singers like the powerful Baba Sehgal and the melodious Karthik. The number too is a fusion of a mystical atmosphere and high voltage guitar strums. This track will score well once the visuals are out.


Singer turned composer Karthik comes up with a short and sweet album for Premsai's movie. 

Rating: ***1/2


Maya O Maya,Venmegangal

Eetti Music Review

Movie: Eetti

Cast: Adharvaa,Sri Divya

Director: Ravi Arasu

Music director: G.V.Prakash


With lively telephone rings in the prelude, this groovy number by G.V.Prakash is refreshing than other fast-paced songs by the composer. Interesting usage of flute and nadaswaram in the interludes makes this track a fusion of classical elements and peppy beats. Hariharasudhan does a fabulous job with his enthusiastic singing. A brilliant start!

2.Un Swaasam-G.V.Prakash,Maya,MC Vickey

One can say that G.V.Prakash is back in his form after listening to this number. This one is a breezy westernized melody that instantly hooks on to you on the very first listen. It is G.V.Prakash's effervescent vocals that provides the song an out-of-the-world feel. I wonder why isn't the voice of Maya not used often. Music directors, please take notice of this brilliant singer! Rap by MC Vickey in the first prelude adds spice to the song. Go for it!

3.Naan Pudicha Mosakkuttiye-G.V.Prakash,Shakthisree Gopalan

The album takes a different turn with this light folk duet. G.V.Prakash once again weaves magic with his innovative usage of instruments. The entire number is filled with dollops of thavil, nadaswaram and harmonium. G.V.Prakash and Shakthisree Gopalan create an aura of quintessential melody with their engaging vocals. Watch out for the vintage flute section by G.V.P in the second interlude.

4.Oru Thuli-Siddharth Mahadevan

An inspirational track is up next in the album. Though it is reminiscent of many such numbers, it provides temporary gush of energy with its electronic guitar riffs and racy rhythm. Siddharth Mahadevan's voice is powerful as well as catchy. Once again G.V.Prakash strikes with his signature flute section in the interlude.

5.Kuiyyo Muiyyo-KG Ranjith,Vandhana Srinivasan,Maalavika Sundar

The album turns to a fun-filled romantic number. What stands out in this number is the digital sequencing of various sounds. The harmonica throughout the song is something that deserves a special mention here. The singers KG Ranjith, Vandhana Srinivasan and Maalavika Sundar render their portions in a mellowed manner which makes the track an interesting one!

6.A Leap Of Faith-Instrumental

A thumping theme brings this soundtrack to a fitting finale. The guitar riffs and the sequencing are well tuned by G.V.Prakash.


Finally, G.V.Prakash wakes up from a deep slumber and delivers an engaging album that contains a few chartbusters. Hope he continues to do so!

Rating: ***3/4


Panjumittai,Un Swaasam,Kuiyyo Muiyyo

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