Saturday, 29 November 2014

Musical life

Hi friends! This is a poem on music written by me. Please read it and give your feedback. :-) 

Music is a heart touching soul
That must be enjoyed on the whole.
Music is a divine expression of speech
Easy for the musicians to teach.
Music is a beautiful art
Close to everybody’s heart.
Music is the one which makes the world go around.
One must not think that it is a mere sound.
Music is the food of love.
It is as pure as a dove.
Music is the God of Nature
Almost vast like a green pasture.
Music is a celebration of joy,
Never does it annoy.
Music is our best companion
That stays as a world champion.
Music is a doting mother.
Finally ending up as a significant other.
Music is a great masterpiece
Always giving us a sense of peace.
Music is an abode of positivity
And cancels out the negativity.
Music contains enormous entertainment
Without the need of any accompaniment.
Music can be deeply felt.
It makes everyone’s heart melt.
Music is a vast ocean
In which we have to exhibit passion.
Music runs in everyone’s blood
And also it starts a musical flood.
Music leads to inner enlightenment,
Which can cause euphoric excitement.
Music is a divine blessing.
It always keeps us guessing.
Music is used in everyday activity
With the utmost serenity.
Music, in itself, is a language
That is spoken universally.
Music speaks loads of fun and frolic
That could be enjoyed to the core.
Music provides the power to do things
That seem to be impossible.
Music brings back hidden memories
That can be treasured forever.
Music is a spiritual sound
That enthralls us every time we listen to it.
Music is a magical fable
That hypnotizes us when we read it.
Music is a mystical being
That enchants us when we encounter it.
Music is, on the whole, the Supreme Power
Who protects our soul every hour.
-Kavya Janani 

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Friday, 28 November 2014

Harris unleashed!

I am not a great fan of Harris Jayaraj's music. But there are some songs which have stirred my soul. Out of the 200 (approx) songs which he has composed, I love around 60 songs. These numbers have either played a vital part in my life or they are just instantly likeable. Here goes the list in alphabetical order:

1. Aagaya Sooriyanai-Harish Ragavendra,Harini (Samurai)

This number is completely soul stirring with its amazing beats and some power-packed performances by Harish Ragavendra (my uncle) and Harini.

2.Aariya Udhadugal-Hariharan,Swarnalatha (Chellame)

This song carries the same feel of the previous one but with a different rhythm. And you can't miss this one which has the deadly combination Hariharan and Swarnalatha (remember Hai Rama?).

3.Aazhiyile-Haricharan (Dhaam Dhoom)

A sweet melody featuring Jayam Ravi and Kangana Ranaut. The classical touches provided by Haricharan are an added advantage.

4.Adiye Kolluthey-Krish,Benny Dayal,Shruthi Hassan (Varanam Aayiram)

This was a rocking number which scorched the charts and screen for a long time. A chartbuster in the voices of Benny Dayal,Krish and Shruthi Hassan.

5.Anbe En Anbe-Harish Ragavendra (Dhaam Dhoom)

This track was an awesome solo sung by Harish Ragavendra (my uncle). The visual was also a huge hit.

6.Anul Mele-Sudha Raghunathan (Varanam Aayiram)

A beautiful semi classical love song in the voice of Sudha Raghunathan. It spoke about a girl's love for her man.

7.Asku Laska-Vijay Prakash,Chinmayi (Nanban)

An upbeat melody that ruled the charts for a long time. It was rendered by the versatile Vijay Prakash and the melodious Chinmayi.

8.Ava Enna Enna-Karthik,Megha (Varanam Aayiram)

This soup song was a chartbuster in 2008. It had an abundant amount of melody in it even being a soft folk number. Every love failure guy could relate to this song.

9.Chellame-Balram,Bombay Jayashree (Sathyam)

A slow and seductive romantic number that was perfect for a silent night. And when it is Bombay Jayashree behind the mike, you can't stop falling for it.

10.Dhimu Dhimu-Karthik,Chorus (Engeyum Kaadhal)

Dhimu Dhimu was a beautiful sad love song that was rendered wonderfully by Karthik. It was also released in Telugu as Chilipiga from the movie Orange.

11.En Anbe-Sadhana Sargam (Sathyam)

A soft and sweet solo love song. The simple tune made this song an endearing one. Sadhana Sargam was the perfect choice for this song.

12.En Kaadhal Thee-S.P.Balasubrahmanyam,Chorus (Irandam Ulagam)

Though this song was underrated, it was a soul stirring semi classical song in the evergreen voice of SPB. The lyrics were a plus point in this song. Harris had composed a number out of his comfort zone.

13.Enadhuyire-Nikhil Mathew,Chinmayi,Sadhana Sargam (Bheema)

A passionate romantic number that had soft beats and melodious voices like Nikhil Mathew (Super Singer Title Winner), Chinmayi and Sadhana Sargam.

14.Endhan Kan Munney-Aalaap Raju (Nanban)

This was a short number which focused on the pain of an engineering student after his project gets rejected. It was rendered to perfectness by Aalaap Raju.

15.Ennai Saithaale-Hariharan,Shreya Ghoshal (Endrendrum Punnagai)

A heartwarming melody sung by Hariharan and Shreya Ghoshal. The speciality of this number is that it has a Rahman-ish feel.

16.Ennamo Yedho-Aalaap Raju (Ko)

This was one popular melody rock that really rocked the charts! Aalaap Raju's voice took the song to another level.

17.Etho Ondru-Harish Ragavendra,Srilekha Parthasarathy (Lesa Lesa)

A superb melodious song where the tabla ruled throughout the number. Harish Ragavendra and Srilekha's rendition was top class.

18.Hasili Fisiliye-Karthik,Harini (Aadhavan)

Harris composed an upbeat melody song that contained some rap and quirky words. Harini's voice stood out in this track.

19.Kadal Naan Than-Suzanne D'Mello,Sudha Raghunathan,M.K.Balaji (Endrendrum Punnagai)

This number is one of my personal favorites as it put me in a trance right from the beginning. The flute interludes and Sudha Raghunathan's voice deserved a special applause.

20.Kanimozhiye-Karthik,Megha (Irandam Ulagam)

I think Harris would have been in a dreamy world when he composed this song. It was such a beautiful number that one can submerge in its melody.

21.Karu Karu Vizhigalal-Karthik,Naresh Iyer,Krish (Pachaikili Muthucharam)

Boasting of three rocking singers, this number was fast paced yet stirred my soul (much like Adiye Kolluthey).

22.Latcham Calorie-Arjun Menon,Chinmayi (Yaan)

Though this number gave a deja vu feeling, it stirred my soul just because of Chinmayi's voice and the tune arrangement.

23.Lesa Lesa-Anuradha Sriram (Lesa Lesa)

Any lovelorn girl can relate to this song. Anuradha Sriram's high pitched rendition was much talked about.

24.Love Pannu-K.K,Prashanthini (12B)

This cute romantic number was about a guy wooing his girl and finally the girl relents. It was enjoyable and a craze during the millennium.

25.Manjal Veiyil-Hariharan,Krish (Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu)

A fast paced number laced with hard rock guitar strums and beautiful saxophone interlude. Hariharan was the perfect choice for the song.

26.Mannavane En Mannavane-Gopal Rao,Shaktisree Gopalan (Irandam Ulagam)

This number oozed with melody in the honey-dipping voices of Shaktisree Gopalan and Gopal Rao.

27.Mundhinam Parthene-Naresh Iyer,Prashanthini (Varanam Aayiram)

A sweet laidback melody that lingered in the listener's mind for a long time. The saxophone interludes were out of the world!

28.Mudhal Kanave-Harish Ragavendra,Bombay Jayashree (Majunu)

This one is also one of my personal favorites as it has an ethereal touch to it. Awesome singing by Harish and Jayashree.

29.Mudhal Mazhai-Hariharan,Mahathi (Bheema)

Hariharan once again did magic with this melodious number and Mahathi was the icing on top of the cake!

30.Mudhal Mudhalai-Benny Dayal,Yugendran,Srimathumitha,Tippu (Lesa Lesa)

This was an enjoyable dance number that was rendered melodiously by Benny Dayal and Srimathumitha. 

31.Mudhal Naal Indru-K.K,Mahalakshmi Iyer,Shalini (Unnale Unnale)

This carefree number was a huge hit among lovestruck youngsters back in 2007. The guitar strums were an added advantage.

32.Nenje Nenje-Harish Ragavendra,Mahathi (Ayan)

When Harris composes a melody for Surya, then it's sure to be a good one. This one was crooned by Harris' favorite Harish Ragavendra and Mahathi.

33.Nenjil Nenjil-Harish Ragavendra,Chinmayi (Engeyum Kaadhal)

A really soul stirring love ballad with classical touches to it. This number was composed in Charukesi raga.

34.Nenjukkul Peithidum-Hariharan,Devan Ekambaram (Varanam Aayiram)

This melodious love number became a craze among youth in 2008. The repetitive 'Oh Shanthi' line was addictive.

35.Paartha Mudhal Naale-Unni Menon,Bombay Jayashree (Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu)

An awesome melody picturised on Kamal Hassan and Kamalinee Mukherjee. The nadaswaram interlude was simply irresistible.

36.Poove Vaai Pesum-Mahalakshmi Iyer,Harish Ragavendra (12B)

Mahalakshmi Iyer's sweet voice did the magic in this solo love song. The brief appearance of  Harish Ragavendra made it better.

37.Raakkozhi Raakkozhi-Hariharan,Sriram (Irandam Ulagam)

This upbeat number in the voice of Hariharan was a different one from other songs of Harris Jayaraj, though it was underrated.

38.Ragasiya Kanavugal-Hariharan,Madhushree (Bheema)

This traditional love number sounded like a straigh out of Bollywood song especially because of Madhushree.

39.Roja Kadale-Shankar Mahadevan,Chinmayi,Sunidhi Chauhan (Anegan)

This recent number from anegan has caught my attention. Though it is a typical fast paced Harris track, it is sure to be liked by the romantics.

40.Suttum Vizhi-Sriram Parthasarathy,Bombay Jayashree (Ghajini)

Everything was so perfect in this song-the beats,the tune and the singers. It was a chartbuster in 2005.

41.Thee Illai-Naresh Iyer,Mahathi (Engeyum Kaadhal)

A melody in the voice of Mahathi is always pleasant to hear. So was this song too!

42.Thodu Vaanam-Hariharan,Shaktisree Gopalan (Anegan)

Another lilting melody from Anegan which melted my heart. I had repeatedly listened to it and fallen for the lyrics.

43.Unakkul Naane-Bombay Jayashree (Pachaikili Muthucharam)

This seductive number in the effervescent voice of Bombay Jayashree was an instant hit. The wonderful violin interlude is still a ringtone in many mobile phones.

44.Unnale Unnale-Karthik,Harini,Krish (Unnale Unnale)

This beautiful and sweet romantic number was a favorite for all lovestruck listeners during those days.

45.Uyire En Uyire-Karthik,Anuradha Sriram,Bombay Jayashree (Thotti Jeya)

This number with beautiful love lyrics was universally liked by all lovers and it is still being played in their playlists.

46.Uyirile-Srinivas,Mahalakshmi Iyer (Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu)

A typical Harris love song that spoke about second chances of falling in love.

47.Vaan Engum-Aalaap Raju,Harini (Endrendrum Punnagai)

This fast paced enjoyable number manages to warm our hearts with its lyrics and some good singing by Aalaap and Harini.

48.Vaarayo Vaarayo-Unnikrishnan,Chinmayi (Aadhavan)

A tranquil melody which gave a retro feel with its lyrics. And what more! Unnikrishnan and Chinmayi were awesome.

49.Vaigaasi Nilave-Haricharan,Madhushree (Unnale Unnale)

A passionate love song that was rich in orchestration. Haricharan and Madhushree sang their parts well.

50..Vaseegara-Bombay Jayashree (Minnale)

Well, Harris is the king of composing seductive melody songs and of course, all those were crooned by Bombay Jayashree.

51.Venmathi Venmathiye-Roop Kumar Rathod (Minnale)

Lovelorn songs became a craze after this one was released in the year 1999. And Harris struck gold with this album.

52.Venpaniye-Sriram Parthasarathy,Bombay Jayashree (Ko)

Though these type of songs were becoming repetitive in Harris' kitty, they never failed to linger in the minds of listeners.

53.Verenna Verenna-Unnikrishnan,Harini (Minnale)

This song became the perfect romantic number for lovebirds. Unnikrishnan and Harini added even more loveliness to the song.

54.Vinnathaandi Anbe-Vijay Prakash (Irandam Ulagam)

This number was a mystical one with beautiful lyrics. Vijay Prakash brought out the emotions well.

55.Vizhi Moodi-Karthik,Prashanthini (Ayan)

Another chartbuster from Ayan in the evergreen voice of Karthik, with slight splashes of humming by Prashanthini.

56.Yaaro Manathile-Bombay Jayashree,Krish (Dhaam Dhoom)

This number had a sad feeling to it and Bombay Jayashree's voice enhanced the feel even more.

57.Yaaridamum-Ramesh Vinayagam,Harini (Thotti Jeya)

Though this song was not released in the film, it created waves in the radio stations when it was released.




Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Ungli Music Review

Movie: Ungli

Cast: Emraan Hashmi,Kangana Ranaut,Randeep Hooda,Sanjay Dutt

Director: Rensil D'Silva

Music director: Salim-Sulaiman,Sachin-Jigar,Gulraj Singh,Aslam Keyi


It has become a trend of these days to rope in multiple music directors for a soundtrack. Though this works for some albums, let us see whether it has worked in the favor of Ungli.



1.Dance Basanti-Vishal Dadlani,Anushka Manchanda

Composed by Sachin-Jigar, this track gives an energetic opening to the album. The number begins with electronic flute loops and some Punjabi sounds. The blend of Western and desi beats gives a new flavor to this party number. But it sounds all too familiar and we get used to the tediousness emanated by this number. Hope it gets better with Emraan Hashmi and Shraddha Kapoor shaking a leg to it.

2.Pakeezah-Gulraj Singh

A sunny number that is easy on the ears and makes for a good listen when you are in one of your lovey-dovey moods. The guitar strums and the repetitive 'Pakeezah' are instantly addictive. And in addition to all these, there is Gulraj Singh who excels with many dimensions of his rendition. A melting song that would surely win a place in your heart. Sure-shot winner!

3.Aadarniya Ungli-Vishal Dadlani,Neeti Mohan

A fast paced adrenaline rush number that doesn't make our hormones thump to it. It fails to impress right from the word 'go'. Even Vishal Dadlani and Neeti Mohan can't save the song from ending up as a disaster. Though Gulraj Singh made an impressive composition with the previous number, he falls down in to the alley with this one!

4.Auliya-Armaan Malik

Salim-Sulaiman compose this soft spiritual number that is sweet and melodious. But the melody gets derailed as it progresses. Wish it could have been composed even more firmly. The slight piano notes and the mild chorus provide relief in this otherwise average number. Armaan Malik strives to make the track look good with his singing and he manages to win only up to some extent.

5.Ungli Pe Nachalein-Dev Negi,Shipra Ghoyal

Well, I wonder what's this? Is this an already heard number? Or is it a freshly composed one for Ungli? Aslam Keyi has been roped in to compose the promotional song of this movie and he couldn't even do a single bit of justice. Dev Negi and Shipra Ghoyal sound miserable and the overall beats of the number is depressing! Need I say more?


Though Ungli boasts of three composers, it falls short of expectations of many. Maybe director Rensil D'Silva needed such mundane numbers for his movie to make it look commercial!

Rating: **





Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ormayundo Ee Mukham Music Review

Movie: Ormayundo Ee Mukham

Cast: Vineeth Srinivasan,Namitha Pramod

Director: Anvar Sadik

Music director: Shaan Rahman


Ormayundo Ee Mukham is a 2014 musical romantic Malayalam movie directed by Anvar Sadik, starring Vineeth Srinivasan and Namitha Pramod. I heard a lot of positive speculation about the songs. So this is my first music review on a Malayalam film.

1.Aaromale-Shaan Rahman

It is a happy-go-lucky number that portrays the carefree nature of the lead role. The colorful guitar strums bring out the joyous mood of the song. Shaan Rahman croons the number with ease and he is backed up by wonderful orchestration. Starts on a happy note!

2.Chayunnuvo-Shaan Rahman

Being the composer of the album, Shaan Rahman gets to exhibit his skills once again in this typical medium paced number. Though it starts off well with the guitar and some awesome singing by Rahman, it gets tedious as it progresses and fails to impress. Shaan could have made his voice win over the orchestration. It ends up as a blaring track.

3.Doore Doore (M)-Vineeth Srinivasan

Doore Doore begins as a dreamy number that turns even more breezy with Vineeth Srinivasan behind the mike. The minimal orchestration works in the favor of the song as it oozes with melody. Accompanied by slight guitar strums, this track makes for a short tea-time listen. Sweet!

4.Doore Doore (F)-Rinu Razak

An unplugged version of the previous song by Rinu Razak is pleasant to the ears. Shaan brings out the best from Rinu as it is only her voice that stands out accompanied by slight piano notes. It is even more mellifluous than the original and sweeter than any other numbers in the album. Beautiful one!

5.Ee Mizhikalin-Vineeth Srinivasan,Mridula Nair

Shaan never runs out of melodies as he delivers yet another passionate duet that has simple touches of classical music. And it seems that only Vineeth Srinivasan could have done justice to this song. Mridula renders well with her honey-dipping voice. The muted violin and the string sections play a perfect role in this classy number. Chartbuster!

6.Payye Payye-K.S.Harishanker

And here comes my personal favorite. The reason why I term this number like that is it has a Rahman-ish feel and it is more like listening to an out & out Rahman number. The tabla is the predominant instrument used throughout the song which makes this track a unique one. But the real highlight is the flute sections in the interludes. The flautist must be appreciated for his awesome show. The sitar too is used well though its appearance is brief. K.S.Harishanker performs with elan. A bright ending!


Ormayundo Ee Mukham is a musical album that contains melodies predominantly. Except for one track, the other songs will surely linger for a long time in the listener's hearts. Shaan Rahman churns out yet another winner!

Rating: ****


Doore Doore (both versions),Payye Payye,Ee Mizhkalin

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Happy Ending Music Review

Movie: Happy Ending

Cast: Saif Ali Khan,Ileana D'Cruz,Govindha,Kalki Koechlin

Director: Raj Nidimoru and Krishna DK

Music director: Sachin-Jigar


Happy Ending is a 2014 romantic comedy which released on November 21. It has Saif Ali Khan,Govindha,Ileana D'Cruz and Kalki Koechlin in the lead roles. Music is composed by Sachin-Jigar who are on the top notch nowadays.

1.Mileya Mileya-Jigar Saraiya,Rekha Bharadwaj,Priya Andrews

The album opens with a breezy love ballad that is high on the melody quotient. The composition is classy and with Jigar Saraiya yielding the megaphone, it gets even better. Rekha Bharadwaj's effervescent rendition is honey to the ears and Priya Andrews does a commendable job. The number will instantly make you fall in love with it. The instruments violin and guitar are used well. Mellifluous!

2.Paaji Tussi Such A Pussy Cat-Amitabh Bhattacharya

A quirky song that will bring a smile on the lips with the very first listen. The nursery rhyme like composition is abundantly funny and the visuals will make it even more enjoyable. The rhythm change in the second stanza gives a R&B touch to the number for a few moments. The repetitive 'Paaji Tussi Such A Pussy Cat' is addictive and the opera ending changes the track into a versatile one. Amitabh's easygoing rendition is pleasant to hear. Chartbuster!

3.Jaise Mera Tu-Arijit Singh,Priya Saraiya

This one is a charming romantic duet that is sure to find a place in the charts. Though it's a remake of Meher Meher number from Raj & DK's Telugu film D for DOPIDI, it carries a whip of freshness all over. Arijit Singh handles the song well with his endearing voice and Jigar's wife Priya Saraiya captivates us with her flawless singing. Another winner!

4.G Phaad Ke-Divya Kumar,Shefali Alvares

A party number which will make its way to the dance floors. It has a controversial touch to it with its lyrics. But brushing it aside, it is a rocking track that integrates all the elements to end up as a dance song. Divya Kumar and Shefali Alvares are excellent in bringing out the right mood of this celebration number.

5.Khamma Ghani-Papon,Smiti Jain,Vidhi Mehta

I think Sachin-Jigar will never run out of melodies as it is becoming their trademark to churn out memorable songs (remember Jeene laga hoon and Gulabi?). Khamma Ghani is a Rajasthani greeting which is effectively used in this gusty number. Papon sounds like an evergreen singer while Smiti and Vidhi complement him well. The string sections work out well in favor of the song and brings out its richness.

6.Haseena Tu Kameena Main-Siddharth Basrur,Rahul Pandey,Shruthi Pathak

The soundtrack gets its final number which is a flirtatious one. The occasional whistle sounds make it a peppy listen and the saxophone blends with the track perfectly. Shruthi Pathak yields the megaphone with ease as her voice flows freely in addition to Siddharth's nearly ideal singing. Gives a delightful end to the album!


The album of Happy Ending is a breezy one that is sure to strike a chord with hardcore romantics. Sachin-Jigar move a notch higher with this soundtrack and their melodies are innovative & engaging.

Rating: ****


Mileya Mileya,Paaji Tussi Such A Pussy Cat,Jaise Mera Tu,Khamma Ghani

Friday, 21 November 2014

PK Music Review

Movie: PK (2014)

Cast: Aamir Khan,Anushka Sharma

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

Music director: Shantanu Moitra,Ajay-Atul,Ankit Tiwari


Well, if it's a Rajkumar Hirani film, then there is supposed to be high dosage of comedy and some funky music. Boasting of popular names like Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, it is evident that the music of this film has been much awaited for. With three composers on board, let's see whether the music is as funky as it is assumed to be.

1.Tharki Chokro-Swaroop Khan

This is what is called as kickstarting an album! The energy that this Rajasthani folk possesses is unmatchable to any other number in the recent times. Indian Idol contestant Swaroop Khan has his way with this song, blending his voice to add the right amount of zeal to this foot tapping number. Guest composer Ajay-Atul whips in a fresh and colorful track that is sure to be a chartbuster. A great beginning!

2.Love Is Waste Of Time-Sonu Nigam,Shreya Ghoshal

A breezy and funky duet that is groovy and pleasant to the ears at the same time. Backed up by violins and harmonica for each line, this track gets even lovable as it progresses. Sonu Nigam's childish rendition is the icing on the sweet cake and Shreya Ghoshal serves as an extra topping on it. Though you can't fail to notice its similarity with Zoobi Doobi, you can still enjoy this peppy number for its innocence.

3.Nanga Punga Dost-Shreya Ghoshal

Beginning with laidback guitar strums and mellowed violin, this solo number is groovy with quirky lyrics. Shanthanu composes this number in a nursery rhyme like pattern that is instantly likeable. Shreya Ghoshal's voice is slightly modulated to bring in the naughtiness mood of the song. Nevertheless, it is the violin that stands out in this track. Enjoyable!

4.Chaar Kadam-Shaan,Shreya Ghoshal

Here comes a love ballad that has a retro feel to it. It is an haunting melody that will grow on you on the very first listen. The mystical piano touches are an added advantage to the beautiful number. This track is sure to make it to the radio stations and stay on for a longer time. And Shaan! He is amazing in his perfect rendition and Shreya Ghoshal complements him well. A lovely duet for the romantics!

5.Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu-Sonu Nigam

After a series of catchy yet melodious songs, the album switches to a spiritual mode with this number. Sonu Nigam's emotional singing makes the song a situational one. He brings out the sensations of sorrow with his voice and it is his show all the way. Shanthanu Moitra's orchestration is perfect and Swanand Kirkire's lyrics strike a chord with the listeners.

6.Dil Darbar-Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari appears as a guest composer with this number. This number is a soft rock that has touches of Ankit's previous works. It sounds like Galliyan at many places which makes this number to lay two notches below the other numbers. It also gets boring mid way and falls into a mundane template later. Could have been better!

7.PK Dance Theme-Instrumental

The album arrives at a finale with this instrumental piece. Despite being termed as a dance theme, it is a sweet instrumental with crazy string sections that is easy on the ears. Kudos to Shanthanu Moitra!


Shanthanu Moitra's PK is a musically rich album that must not be missed. Though it has shades of 3 Idiots, it is rarely noticeable in this awesome soundtrack.

Rating: ***3/4


Tharki Chokro,Nanga Punga Dost,Chaar Kadam


Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Lingaa Music Review

Movie: Lingaa

Cast: Rajinikanth,Sonakshi Sinha,Anushka Shetty

Director: K.S.Ravikumar

Music director: Dr.A.R.Rahman


The much awaited Lingaa is here with K.S.Ravikumar directing it and Dr.A.R.Rahman composing for it. And what's more! It boasts of Rajinikanth, the name which brings a smile to every movie lover's lips. Let's find out whether the songs have matched up to expectations.

1.Oh Nanba-S.P.Balasubrahmanyam,Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam

Yes, this is Rajinikanth's intro song! Does it even sound like that? The answer is surprisingly no. A.R.Rahman has composed just a passable song that is far from the previous intro songs that he has tuned for Rajini's appearance. The only noticeable thing in the number is the evergreen voice of S.P.Balasubrahmanyam. Otherwise, this track is much unlikely that it comes from A.R.Rahman. Not a good start!

2.En Mannava-Srinivas,Aditi Paul

An old fashioned duet that is perfect for a periodic film like this. But when seen as an individual number, it has just got an average tune and it makes us wonder whether we are really listening to A.R.Rahman. Though it is likeable by melody lovers, it won't be liked universally. It is refreshing to listen to Srinivas after a long time. Aditi Paul is melodious in her rendition though she has to get her pronunciation corrected.

3.Indiane Vaa-Dr.A.R.Rahman

A thumping track that comes as a much relief to the otherwise plain album. It is a patriotic number that builds up energy with each passing minute. And it gets even better with A.R.Rahman's voice and the backing up chorus. The orchestration is perfect with the right sounds at the right places. But still the album doesn't gain momentum!

4.Mona Gasolina-Mano,Neeti Mohan,Tanvi Shah

Wow! Thank god! Here comes the extraordinary Rahman track at last. This number is sure to rock the charts and it will be ruling all the radio stations within a few days. Right from the prelude till the last, this six minute rocking number speaks about Rahman's ability to compose out of the box. Mano is just exuberant with his power packed vocals and Neeti Mohan sounds like a veteran. The instrumentation in the interlude and the desi feel in the charanams are oh-so Rahmanish that will make us to listen to the track on loop. A chartbuster for sure!

5.Unmai Orunaal Vellum-Haricharan

Well, am I listening to A.R.Rahman? Once again we wonder as the number sounds more like a S.A.Rajkumar tune rather than Rahman. There were number of pathos composed by Rahman for Rajinikanth. They were all awesome. But with this, he has run out of tunes. Even Haricharan can't save the song from ending up as a failure. Boring end!


Where is A.R.Rahman? I need to know. After an outstanding album like I, it is pathetic to see him come up with an average album. That too for Rajinikanth, especially after fantastic albums like Padayappa,Sivaji and Enthiran. Hoping for a comeback of my God Rahman!

Rating: **3/4


Mona Gasolina

Kayal Music Review

Movie: Kayal

Cast: Chandran,Anandhi

Director: Prabhu Solomon

Music director: D.Imman



1. Paravaya Parakurom-Haricharan

A carefree song begins this much awaited album. It is completely Haricharan's show as he gets a tailor made tune for him. This song adds yet another feather in his already filled cap. The violin interludes are stunning as with every D.Imman's song. A pleasant start!

2.Yengirinthu Vandhaayo-Shreya Ghoshal

Beginning with a flute prelude, this melodious number is one of the picks of the album. Shreya Ghoshal and D.Imman are synonyms to each other. The former is a lucky charm for the latter's albums. Shreya emotes well and it's unlikely to find a flaw with her singing. The rustic feel of the song takes it to another level. And here too the interludes play a huge part in the mellifluous flow of the number. Soulful!

3.Yen Aala Paakaporen-KG Ranjith,Shreya Ghoshal

The hit combo is back with a bang after the phenomenal success of Sollitaaley from Kumki. And they weave magic with each line. They are the only saving factors in the otherwise ordinary tune. Imman gets repetitive with his template. Nevertheless this one is refreshing to listen for a lovey-dovey evening.

4.Koodave Varamaathiri-Alphons Joseph

It's a short pathos number crooned to excellence by Alphons Joseph. He does another Aaromale, albeit this is a rustic one. This song seems to be a situational one rather than a complete track.

5.Unna Ippo Paakanum-Haricharan,Vandana Srinivasan

This one is another pick of the album! A perfect rustic duet that is a must listen for everyone. And what's more, it is rendered by the versatile Haricharan. Complementing him is Vandana Srinivasan's honey-dipping voice. The tune sounds Ilaiyaraja-ish and that is it's beauty. The interludes deserve a special mention as they are composed to a perfect ten. Hit the repeat button!

6.Yenga Pulla Iruka-Balram,Shreya Ghoshal

Another excellent track which is on the lines of Onnum puriyala and Verasa pogaiyile. Though the progress of the tune is slow, it is the magnificent orchestration which will take you by surprise. And Balram is just wow! He has a haunting voice that is sure to give goosebumps for the listeners. Shreya Ghoshal's bit in the interlude peps up the number. Exhilarating!

7.Deeyalo Deeyalo-Gopu

It is typical of Imman to include a pure folk number in his album as with his previous tie up with Prabhu Solomon in Mynaa and Kumki. With a prelude that integrates instruments like kanjira and tambourine, this number is a foot tapping one. Imman's usage of a repetitive toy sound in between the lines is visible from his Soi soi days. Singer Gopu adds even more rustic flavor to the song. A good ending!


D.Imman delivers yet another hit album for Prabhu Solomon. Though there are shades of his previous works, the soundtrack ends up as a wholesome entertainer. It would get even better if Imman composes out of his template.

Rating: ***


Yengirinthu Vandhaayo,Unna Ippo Paakanum,Yenga Pulla Iruka

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