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Loveshhuda Music Review

Movie: Loveshhuda

Cast: Girish Kumar,Navneet Kaur Dhillon,Naveen Kasturia

Director: Vaibhav Mishra

Music director: Mithoon,Parichay

1.Mar Jaayen-Atif Aslam

The album opens with a classic melody that has Mithoon's stamp all over it. Thankfully, Arijit Singh is spared here and it is Atif Aslam who yields the megaphone. His velvety voice flows passionately along with the scintillating tune. Mithoon's trademark guitar strums add spice to the melody, while the minimal rhythm pattern works largely in favor of the song. Enticing begin!

2.Peene Ki Tamanna-Vishal Dadlani,Parichay

After a pleasing melody, here comes a jarring high-on-energy number with nonsensical lyrics that highlights the merits of drinking. An upbeat party song with the usual dance floor elements. Vishal Dadlani's voice is overshadowed by the blaring background music. Though nothing unusual, it will definitely scorch the screens.

3.Dono Ke Dono-Neha Kakkar,Parichay

Yet another dance number makes its way into the soundtrack. Similar to the previous one, this too has high-on-energy beats and screeching orchestration in the background. The only difference between the two numbers is that this one is a romantic one with modern cheesy love lyrics. The lead singers do a commendable job, despite their voices being suppressed by the instrumentation.

4.Chitta Kukkad-Neha Kakkar,Gippy Grewal

Composer Parichay comes up with yet another peppy number. But this track has a heavy Punjabi flavor to it. Also the singers Gippy Grewal and Neha Kakkar render their lines in their nasal voice which peps up the Punjabiness even more. But the tune isn't catchy and it doesn't easily appeal to the listeners even after repeated listens.

5.Total Talli-Parichay,Teesha Nigam

Listeners tend to get exhausted when it is yet another party number in the album. Even Parichay's idea of adopting A.R.Rahman's Ramta Jogi tune for the Total Talli phrase sounds awkward. Once again, the number is spoiled by blaring music and bland rendition by the singers.

6.Mar Jaayen (Reprise)-Atif Aslam

The melodious number returns in the form of a heartrending reprise. Mithoon indulges in some enchanting violin sections which increases the mellifluous aura of the song. Atif Aslam's voice is even more subtle in this version as the entire arrangement is unplugged. Beautiful!

7.Mar Jaayen (EDM Remix)-Atif Aslam

Seriously, the most soul-stirring number of this album is completely spoiled by this EDM Remix. There is nothing to brag about the arrangement here. This version is unnecessary and might even irritate the listeners after the first few lines.

8.Peene Ki Tamanna (EDM Remix)-Vishal Dadlani,Parichay

Already the original sounds like an EDM one, so this version doesn't make any difference. Listeners cannot find a single likeable aspect in this one.

9.Dono Ke Dono (Chill Trap Remix)-Parichay,Neha Kakkar

The chilled out romantic number returns in a Chill Trap remix. But surprisingly, this version sounds better than the original one up to some extent.

10.Total Talli (Trap Remix)-Parichay,Teesha Nigam,Joe Louis

I wonder why Parichay has brought in too many remixes for this album. The songs might not even appear in the film. And this number too is bland like the original version.

11.Chitta Kukkad (Male)-Gippy Grewal,Neha Kakkar

Well, the original version was confusing and this one too confuses the listener with its puzzling tune arrangement. And also, despite mentioned as a Male number, we get to hear Neha Kakkar's voice.


Loveshhuda's album targets only the party animals with its numerous party tracks and remixes of them. Only a single melody uplifts the mood of the soundtrack.

Rating: **


Mar Jaayen,Mar Jaayen (Reprise)

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