Thursday, 29 January 2015

Valiyavan Music Review

Movie: Valiyavan

Cast: Jai,Andrea Jeremiah

Director: M.Saravanan

Music director: D.Imman


1.Aahaa Kathal Vandu-KG Ranjith

The opening track is a beautiful love melody rendered in the magical voice of KG Ranjith. His voice plays with the tune effortlessly which makes this number an endearing one. And also this scintillating song has been composed on my favorite raga Keeravani (western harmonic minor scale). The tinkling bells in the prelude, quirky trumpet and rich violin in the interludes display Imman's magic of weaving awesome orchestration. Perfect start! 

2.Hello Hello-Papon

This funky number is enjoyable at the beginning when Papon starts in a drunken voice modulation. The dog barks, guitar strums and the rhythm are tailor-made for this track. But the number soon loses steam from the charanam and turns boring after that. It seems that Imman isn't comfortable with composing such numbers. He struggles with the orchestration in the charanams especially. Jarring and unimpressive on the whole.

3.Yelomia-Sunidhi Chauhan

Here comes the ultimate masterpiece of the album. Composed in a laidback manner, this soothing melody is scintillating and makes for a lovely listen on mushy evenings. Sunidhi Chauhan's voice can't get sweeter any more. Though it might have been difficult to croon for this soft number, she does a fabulous job by employing a passionate tone. The accompanying trumpet and guitar strums are elegantly tuned by Imman. Lilting track!

4.Kathal Nallavana-Singdha Chandra,Elfe

Right from the beginning of this track, we might wonder where is it leading us to. There is too much unpleasantness to the tune that it is mundane and jarring on the ears. Imman has tried composing a high level international fusion but fails miserably with a mediocre tune. Though the vocals of Singdha Chandra and Elfe are powerful, they don't leave an impact on us.

5.Eyes On You-Theme

A pulsating theme track from Imman is quiet a surprise. There is so much energy to this tune that one cannot help notice the electronic guitar playing its way through the track. Though short, it would provide as a great background score for the movie.

6.O Baby Come With Me-D.Imman,MLR Karthikeyan

Beginning with funny sounds, this alternative rock is sure to be a hit among urban youth. A global tone sweeps through the entire song and it's like listening to one of the English songs. But the song turns very creative with the fusion of Carnatic instruments and aalaps in the interludes. Listening to the mandolin and sitar provides as a much needed refreshment to the song. D.Imman and MLR Karthikeyan excel in the vocal part. Rocking end!


Though Imman finds difficulty in composing for a modern genre, he pulls it with a few good numbers that stand out in the album.

Rating: **1/2


Aahaa Kathal Vandu,Yelomia,O Baby Come With Me


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Shamitabh Music Review

Movie: Shamitabh

Cast: Dhanush,Amitabh Bachchan,Akshara Hassan

Director: R.Balki

Music director: Ilaiyaraaja


R.Balki's Shamitabh is the talk of the tinsel town nowadays. Not only it has been in news for its quirky title, but also for popular names like Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush and Ilaiyaraaja.

1.Ishq E Phillum-Suraj Jagan

A spiritually tuned song that instantly hooks you on right from the word 'go'. This number puts you on a trance and keeps chanting itself even after you stop playing it. And also this song is a tribute to films and film industry. The interludes have Ilaiyaaraja's classic touches to them. Suraj Jagan's hoarse singing creates a beautiful aura around the track. Sureshot winner from Ilaiyaaraja!

2.Sha Sha Sha Mi Mi Mi-Caralisa Monteiro

The title track is a groovy number that sounds like Ilaiyaaraja's yesteryear dance numbers. The piano notes and the splendid orchestration in the interludes take the song to a higher level. Caralisa Monteiro just plays with her voice and her childish rendition works well. Ilaiyaraaja's love for symphony is undying and it is one of the factors that makes this number an enjoyable one.

3.Piddly-Amitabh Bachchan

Here comes the most funny romantic track of recent times. Coming from Ilaiyaraaja, this one is a complete surprise package. The fusion of different sounds leads to a wonderful orchestration in the prelude and interludes. Ilaiyaaraja gives more emphasis to Amitabh Bachchan's voice which is unusually lovely. Masterpiece of the album!

4.Stereophonic Sannata-Shruthi Hassan

If anyone could remake an evergreen classic with perfect elegance, then it would be definitely Ilaiyaraaja. Right from the opening dubstep beats to the end, this number is an apt outing for a mellowed club number. Though it is a rehash of Ilaiyaraaja's Aasaya Kaathula, it has been composed to suit the modern audiences. Shruthi Hassan's flawless singing gives a freshness to this rocking number. Chartbuster!

5.Thappad-Suraj Jagan,Rap Earl D'Souza

After exhilarating tracks, Ilaiyaraaja hits a low note with this number. This rap track falls two notches below the other songs. Though it would be loved by urban youngsters, it wouldn't impress the casual listeners. Suraj Jagan and Rap Earl D'Souza's deep throat singing too doesn't make an impact. The violin in the second interlude is the only saving factor.

6.Lifebuoy-Suraj Jagan

Suraj Jagan gets another peppy track in this album. The tagline of Lifebuoy ad has been put to perfect use in this funny number. The rhythm is foot-tapping and the song sounds like Madai Thiranthu at some places. Short and sweet.


Ilaiyaaraja delivers a perfect soundtrack for R.Balki. The album is both classic and modern. The songs are endearing to hear and it will grow on you.

Rating: ***


Ishq E Phillum,Piddly,Steorophonic Sannata



Monday, 5 January 2015

Yennai Arindhaal Music Review

Movie: Yennai Arindhaal

Cast: Ajith Kumar,Trisha,Anushka

Director: Gautham Vasudev Menon

Music director: Harris Jayaraj


Gautham Menon joins hands with Harris Jayaraj for the 6th time in this Ajith-Trisha starrer. Lets see whether their magic works this time.

1.Yaen Ennai-Sunitha Sarathy,Kharesma Ravichandran

The album kickstarts with an energetic heroine introduction number. The song is on the lines of Thoodhu Varuma with its eclectic tune construction. The rhythm pattern is easy on the ears and the saxophone section in the interlude deserves a special applause. Both Sunitha Sarathy and Kharesma Ravichandran simultaneously weave magic with their bold singing alternating between low and high notes. Slick and stylish!

2.Mazhai Vara Pogudhae-Karthik,Emcee Jazz

A typical Harris Jayaraj breezy rock style melody that is present in almost all of Gautham Menon's films. And with Karthik crooning this number, it is sure to create waves in the radio stations. Though it has a simple tune, Harris Jayaraj mellows it up with the dulcet guitar strums in the background. An overloaded version of Oru Maalai track.

3.Unakkenna Venum Sollu-Benny Dayal,Mahathi

Definitely pick of the album! A beautifully composed melody with the right balance of emotions. It is surprising to listen to Benny Dayal in a melody song. But his voice is just mesmerizing and he sounds like singing a sweet lullaby in the stanzas. Mahathi's aalaaps  in the interludes are endearing to listen. The beats are simple and Harris does not overdo any aspect of this wonderful song. Exhilarating!

4.Yennai Arindhaal-Devan Ekamabaram,Mark Thomas,Abhishek

The title track is sure to be a delight for Thala fans. With dub step beats and gripping interludes, this song serves to be the best opening song for Ajith. Thamarai's thought provoking lyrics are an added advantage. Harris experiments with different sounds in the track but it is not musically enriching. He could have shortened the length of the number.

5.Adhaaru Adhaaru-Vijay Prakash,Gaana Bala

Here comes a thumping track that is already a hit in all the radio stations. The number begins like Venaam Machan track but soon zooms into its own template. Lyrics by film director Vignesh Sivan are energetic and Vijay Prakash's voice is addictive. Gaana Bala's voice is overshadowed by Vijay Prakash. A chartbuster gaana number!

6.Maya Bazaar-Aalaap Raju,Priya Subramanian,Velmurugan,Krishna Iyer

It is difficult to categorize this track. It has a hard rock bit, a melody bit, a marriage bit and a ballet bit. And it is even more surprising that Harris has tried this number who is known to repeat his own tunes. The remake of Kalyana Samayal Sadham bit is awesome and Velmurugan excels in it. A perfect jugalbandi!

7.Idhayathai Yedho Ondru-Chinmayi

The female version of Unakkenna Venum Sollu is lilting and oozes with melody. Backed up with beautiful piano notes, Chinmayi's baby-ish voice is sweetness personified. Lyrics by Thamarai are excellent and the usage of pan flute in the interlude is innovative. A perfect melody for a tranquil night!


Harris Jayaraj delivers a top class album for Gautham Menon once again. Their combo is one that can never be won over!

Rating: ***1/2


Yaen Ennai,Unakkenna Venum Sollu,Adhaaru Adhaaru,Idhayathai Yedho Ondru




Thursday, 1 January 2015

Aambala Music Review

Movie: Aambala

Cast: Vishal,Hansika Motwani

Director: Sundar C

Music director: Hip Hop Tamizha

Aambala is the next commercial venture by Sundar C after his super-hit horror comedy Aranmanai. Vishal and Hansika Motwani play the lead roles in this movie. Renowned hip hop singers and rappers Hip Hop Tamizha debut as a composer.


1.Aye Aye Aye-Hip Hop Tamizha

A fast paced peppy number loaded with interesting beats and trumpet sounds in the background. Though it sounds much like Pakkam Vanthu from Kaththi, Hip Hop Tamizha feed some of their style in the tune construction. This opener track provides us an overview of what the album has to offer. As usual the rap section by Hip Hop Tamizha stand out in the entire song. Colorful starter!

2.Inbam Pongum Vennila-Hip Hop Tamizha

This number is a remake of the yesteryear classic. Aadhi's version stays true to the original albeit the digitalized sounds. The rhythm section, EDM tones and the Nadhaswaram in the interlude prove that Hip Hop Tamizha are a great duo who can retain an old song in its true form.

3.Madras To Madurai-Kailash Kher,Maria Roe Vincent,Vishnu Priya

It's surprising to listen to Kailash Kher after a long time. Though known for his melodious numbers, he gets a tailor made tune in the form of this song. Maria's rendition makes the number even more livelier. This track is sure to rock the dance floors as well as the charts. It has minimal orchestration, overloaded beats and simple hummable tune. Chartbuster!

4.Pazhagikalaam-Hip Hop Tamizha

Hip Hop Tamizha croon yet another club number that is sure to make its way to pubs and bars. Their gibberish lyrics can easily connect with the yo-yo kind of youngsters. Though it has nothing new to offer, it is instantly addictive and has an universal appeal. Another winner!

5.Vaa Vaa Vaa Vannila-Mohit Chauhan,Amrita Shekar

Here comes the awesome Mohit Chauhan after two hit numbers Po Nee Po and Velicha Poove. He has his way with this number and rules throughout. This track falls in the category of R&B melody with blaring synthesizers in the interlude. Amrita Shekar sounds much like Shruthi Hassan and she is the perfect choice for this rocking love number. Makes for a sunny listen.

6.Yaar Enna Sonnalum-Kutle Khan,Anthony Dasan,Varun

This track is something that can never be categorized. Sometimes it sounds like a folk number and sometimes it sounds like a western number. Hip Hop Tamizha introduce something new in this song but it cannot be traced easily by casual listeners. However the overall ethereal feel of this number can put you in a trance till the end. Anthony Dasan and the other singers do a commendable job.


Hip Hop Tamizha make a grand debut as composers. Though the songs are urban and cheesy, they take time grow on listeners who connect with simple music.

Rating: ***


Aye Aye Aye,Madras To Madurai,Pazhagikalaam




Idam Porul Yaeval Music Review

Movie: Idam Porul Yaeval

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi,Vishnu Vishal,Ishwarya,Nandita

Director: Seenu Ramasamy

Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja


1.Atthuvaana Kaatukku-Yuvan Shankar Raja

A haunting melody opens this rustic album on a pleasant note. The eeriness is brought out by Yuvan's mellowed rendition. The rhythm is upbeat while the piano in the second interlude provides the necessary fragrance to this song. The orchestration has been constructed by Yuvan in an innovative manner. Show stealer!


Up next is a breezy rural duet in Yuvan's signature style. It has an exquisite mix of sounds consisting of whistles,violins,strings,rustic beats and occasional tribal humming. The overall flavor of the song is effervescent. A raw composition that can be listened on a serene travel to a village. Senthildass and Anitha sound like experienced folk singers as they emote well. Pick of the album!

3.Endha Vazhi-Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

The eerie Atthuvaana Kaatukku comes back as a female version. Vaikom Vijayalakshmi weaves magic with her voice and our eyes can well up with tears by just listening to her croon this pathos. The orchestration is modified to give it an overall spectral feel. Spine chilling!

4.Kondaatamae-Sriram Parthasarathy

The tune of this number falls two notches below than the previous tracks. It sounds more S.A.Rajkumar-ish than Yuvan-ish. But it has a carefree underlying mood that makes it for a happy listen. Sriram Parthasarathy provides the classical touches to the song. Though the track requires patience to listen, the laidback way in which it is composed makes up for it.


And here comes that Yuvan track which can be titled the best in the whole lot. An enchanting composition which emanates a retro feel at times. It also sounds like a Malayalam melody especially due to the way in which the lyrics are pronounced. This track has a simple hummable tune and it will instantly hook you on. V.V.Prasanna and Sonia are at their perfect forms in crooning this awesome duet. Beautiful!

6.Vaiyambatti-Anthony Dasan,Priyadarshini

A hillside folk number that is necessary for this movie. With enticing beats, this rural number takes you on a perfect journey to the mountains. The chorus and rhythm section are brilliant. Anthony Dasan is the suitable choice for songs in this genre. Priyadarshini complements him like a pro singer.


Well, Yuvan Shankar Raja was the beginner of a trend in which modern music was fused into rustic tunes. He continues to enthrall with this album even though his recent urban compositions are awry. This soundtrack serves as a much needed break for him!

Rating: ***3/4


Atthuvaana Kaatukku,Eerakkaathae,Endha Vazhi,Kurunthogai



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