Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Vizhithiru Music Review

Movie: Vizhithiru

Cast: Krishna Kulasekaran,Vidharth,Venkat Prabhu,Abhinaya,Sara Arjun,Dhansika

Director: Meera Kathiravan

Music director: Sathyan Mahalingam

1.Stay Awake-C.Sathya,Sathyan Mahalingam,SS Thaman,Tha Prophecy,Sharmila

A spot on club number opens the album in a spicy manner. Using the phrase 'Stay Awake' (English meaning for Vizhithiru), this number is a mellowed party song that indulges the usage of ghatam beats and modern sounds. The ensemble voices of C.Sathya,Sathyan Mahalingam,SS Thaman,Tha Prophecy and Sharmila render a new dimension to the entire youthful number. Grand!

2.Vellai Irave-G.V.Prakash,Ramya NSK

An out and out westernized duet is up next in the album. Beginning with ebullient guitar strums and fruity chorus, Ramya NSK takes over with her highly accented vocals. The saxophone interlude adds to the crispiness of the number. G.V.Prakash's effervescent rendition is something pleasant to listen for. While the song is not instantly addictive, it might appeal to select listeners after a few listens.


When T.Rajendar croons a number, it is sure to be a downright kuthu song. Accompanying him is the equally talented vocals of Priyadharshini. But there is no changeover in the rhythm which makes it a tedious listen. Just for the sake of having a whiff of freshness to the tune, T.Rajendar shouts to have a change in the rhythm. You can enjoy this number if you are in a mood to listen to a plain folk song.

4.Aazhi Alai (Female)-Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

This is a heartrending solo with a gripping orchestration. The track falls into the category of songs listened during a rainy day or during the monsoon season. With no accompanying beats, it excels in all aspects of music composition. Soulfully rendered by Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, this short number is sure to strike a chord with the listeners!

5.Pon Vidhi-Santhosh Narayanan

It is time to unleash some quirkiness with this fun-filled number. The backup rhythm is formed by a melange of different vocal sounds which is an innovative thought by the composer. Santhosh Narayanan's singing is fabulous while the lively chorus complement him well. The haunting choir in the second interlude provides some power to the number.

6.Aazhi Alai (Male)-Alphonse

With the same orchestration, the mesmerizing melody returns in the vocals of Alphonse. His soprano notes are pitch perfect and effuse the right emotions needed for the number. The composer successfully retains the aura of the song intact in this one!

7.Kolai Vaall-Sri Charan,Sunandhan,Vijay Antony

Efficient dubstep beats and hip-hop fuse together in this mildly energetic number. The strained singing by the singers make it even more engaging. The rap sections and dynamic interludes take the listeners on a grand ride. It gets even more interesting with desi beats towards the end.


Though the singer-turned-composer Sathyan Mahalingam delivers a super cool album, the songs take time to grow on the listeners.

Rating: ***


Stay Awake,Aazhi Alai (Female),Aazhi Alai (Male)

Friday, 17 July 2015

Bangistan Music Review

Movie: Bangistan

Cast: Riteish Deshmukh,Pulkit Samrat,Jacqueline Fernandez

Director: Karan Anshuman

Music director: Ram Sampath

1.Ishq Karenge-Sona Mohapatra,Abhishek Nailwal,Shadab Faridi

An upbeat qawwali number opens this album of Delhi Belly and Fukrey fame Ram Sampath. This dance number is highly energetic, with the right dose of funkiness to it. Sona Mohapatra excels with her sultry vocals while Abhishek Nailwal and Shadab Faridi complement her well. While this track joins the bandwagon of chartbusters, the tune is just an average one.

2.Hogi Kranti-Ram Sampath,Abhishek Nailwal

This is the most funniest song of recent times. It's the terrorist version of 'Hum honge kaamyab'. The lyrics provoke genuine guffaws while Ram Sampath's and Abhishek Nailwal's carefree singing makes it for a breezy listen. If a patriotic number can have a hilarious version, then this number is the pinnacle of it. Enjoyable!

3.Saturday Night-Aditi Singh Sharma,Benny Dayal,Neeraj Shridhar,Janusz Krucinski

Everything about this party number is stereotyped. Right from the European flavor, the energetic beats and the powerful vocals of Aditi Singh Sharma, Benny Dayal, Neeraj Shridhar and Janusz Krucinski sound bland. But this song would surely make its way to the party floors just for the sake of it.

4.Maula-Ram Sampath,Rituraj Mohanty

After some peppy numbers, Ram Sampath comes up with a soulful situational number. With mellowed beats and mesmerizing vocals of Rituraj Mohanty & Ram Sampath, this number is sure to grow on the listeners after a few listens. This track excels despite having minimal orchestration. Mellifluously inspirational!

5.Meri Zidd-Ram Sampath,Siddharth Basrur

The beginning of this number is downright deceptive. When you think that you are in for a melodious treat, Ram Sampath surprises you with a spot on hard rock track. The frenzied guitar strums and raw vocals of Siddharth Basrur are top class, while Ram Sampath does a commendable job with his vocals. Rocking!

6.Is Duniya Se Ladna Hai-Suraj Jagan,Abhishek Nailwal

More South-Indianish in terms of tune, this number is yet another situational one in the movie. Easily accessible lyrics, foot-tapping beats and hoarse voices of Suraj Jagan and Abhishek Nailwal make this number an engaging listen. But you might not want to listen to this song after the first listen.

7.Ishq Karenge (EDM Version)-Sona Mohapatra,Abhishek Nailwal,Shadab Faridi

This is an overloaded version of the popular Ishq Karenge number. EDM sequencing is the only distinguishable factor of this number which is otherwise unnecessary for the soundtrack.


Ram Sampath delivers a funky soundtrack for this humorous movie. Though the songs aren't innovative, they can be listened for enjoyment.

Rating: ***


Hogi Kranti,Maula,Meri Zidd

Thursday, 16 July 2015

Pugazh Music Review

Movie: Pugazh

Cast: Jai,Surabhi,Karunas,RJ Balaji

Director: Manimaran

Music director: Vivek-Mervin

1.Naanga Podiyan-Anirudh Ravichander,Diwakar

Hop on to the dance floor with this feisty and colorful number! Sung by the ever cool Anirudh Ravichander along with Diwakar and a lively chorus, this number is theri mass. With the typical trumpet sections for a folk song and electronic guitar strums as base, this track would soon turn as a chartbuster!

2.Neeyae-Arijit Singh,Mervin Solomon

Bollywood singing sensation Arijit Singh debuts in Kollywood with this mesmerizing melody. His vocals emanate an overdose of sweetness to the number. Scintillating guitar strums, mild violin sections, piano notes, foot-tapping rhythm, flute interlude and passionate lyrics make this number a breezy listen!

3.Podu Podu-MC Ak,MC Rude,Mervin Solomon,RJ Balaji,Vivek Siva

Opening with a popular catchphrase 'Hara Hara Mahadevaki', this number is a youthful party number, overloaded with a blend of dubstep beats and hip-hop. Rap sections by MC Ak and MC Rude are top class while RJ Balaji's occasional gimmicks provide the icing on the cake. This highly sequenced number is sure to become the next anthem of urban youngsters.

4.Vizhigalil Vizhundhavalo-Hariharan,Chithra,Vivek Siva

Inspite of having racy undercurrent throughout the song, this soul-stirring romantic ballad is sure to instantly addict the listeners. Thavil section and tabla beats meet modern rhythm sequencing, which is an innovative move by Vivek-Mervin. The digitalized mandolin section in the interlude is blissful to listen while the vocals of evergreen singers Hariharan and Chithra makes this track a heavenly one. You only wish you had more of this number after the first listen. Hit the repeat button!

5.Sharpu Gangu-Mervin Solomon,Vivek Siva

Roll your tongue, flip your collar and dance to your heart's content by playing this party number on loop. Though it is a rehash of the Naanga Podiyan number, additional beats, trendy synthesizers and quirky lyrics make this number an enjoyable one. A fitting finale to the colorful album.


After a successful debut Vadacurry, Vivek-Mervin come up with yet another catchy album that has a mix of melodies and peppy numbers.

Rating: ***1/2


Naanga Podiyan,Neeyae,Vizhigalil Vizhundhavalo

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Avam Music Review

Movie: Avam

Cast: Gaurav,Kavya Shetty

Director: Vijay Vilvakrish

Music director: Sundaramurthy KS

1.Thevaiya-MC Vickey

Spot on synthesizers, dubstep beats and the scatting rendition by MC Vickey makes this number a thematic one rather than a complete song. Though listeners will have a hard time in connecting with it, it is sure to excel along with the visuals.

2.Yaen Yennai-Shweta Mohan

With just the accompaniment of guitar strums, this breezy solo captures the listeners on the very first listen. Shweta Mohan's whispery rendition increases the romantic flavor of the song. The laidback tune and mild tabla beats make the number a noteworthy one!

3.Kaarirulae-Kamal Hassan

For a music aficionado, this song will sound as the work of an evergreen composer. With beautiful orchestration, double-bass drums, rock guitar strums and mellifluous violins amidst the raspy strings, this number is a definite gem in the album. This is Kamal Hassan's pinnacle of awesome renditions, I must say. The way in which the legend croons is something that cannot be explained in plain words. An out-of-the-world composition by Sundaramurthy KS!

4.Sana Sana-Sathya Prakash,Suchith Suresan

Compared to the previous numbers, this one scores two notches lower due to a cliched tune. The song paints an enjoyable mood with thumping beats, minimal orchestration and some easygoing rendition by Sathya Prakash and Suchith Suresan. But it fails to deliver what it has to.

5.Avam The Theme-Instrumental

A mindblowing fusion of classical veena and hard rock guitar strums. Sundaramurthy employs his innovative skills with this excellent piece of instrumental. Racy as well as pleasant to listen!


Avam is a contemporary soundtrack and it may not be instantly liked by casual listeners. But it proves the musical excellence of a debut composer!

Rating: ***1/2


Yaen Yennai,Kaarirulae,Avam The Theme

Friday, 10 July 2015

Urumeen Music Review

Movie: Urumeen

Cast: Bobby Simha,Kalaiyarasan,Reshmi Menon,Sandra Amy

Director: Sakthivel Perumalsamy

Music director: Achu Rajamani

1.Baby Baby-Antony Daasan

This is a coming-of-the-age quirky track with gibberish and youth-friendly lyrics. It has all ingredients to turn into a peppy anthem for the youngsters. Anthony Daasan excels with his rustic vocals while the accompaniment of guitar strums all over makes the number a lively one. That said, a more innovative tune arrangement could have made the number even more engaging.

2.Hey Umayaal-Vijay Yesudhas

Here comes a breezy love number that is sure to turn into the next romantic hit of this season. With an amazing melodious tune, a blend of mandolin and guitar strums and simple rhythm, this track will make your heart beats race with passion and love. Vijay Yesudhas croons with elan, making his voice the cherry on top of the cake!

3.Siru Nadai-Karthik

If you had loved Achu's En Uyire from Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathiley, you'd surely love this number too. It is divine to listen to this classically inclined love solo with an addictive violin interlude along with Karthik's honey-dipping voice. The mild beats place more emphasis on the vocals and other orchestration which is sure to captivate the listeners!

4.Yaadhum Oorae-Guna,Rohan Prakash,Kamalaja

Beginning with a popular phrase in Tamil language, this number is the experimental one of the album. Achu indulges some upbeat percussion sections and electrifying crescendos. The sultry vocals of Guna and Rohan Prakash are top class while Kamalaja's mellowed humming provides an effervescent atmosphere.

5.Siru Nadai (Reprise Version)-Roshini Suresh

Now is the time for the female counterpart to unleash her passion with this reprise version of the melodious Siru Nadai. Veena interludes bring out Achu's musical versatility in composing a same number into two beautiful versions. Roshini Suresh's vocals are so sweet that one can listen to her on repeat mode. Overloaded with love!

6.Hey Umayaal (Unplugged Version)-Achu,Kavya Ajith

Finger taps and Kavya Ajith's suppressed humming open this final track. Though it is a rehash of a previous number, it doesn't sound like one with Achu's brilliance in composing it in a different way. He yields the megaphone with ease while the mild piano notes flow with ease. Beautiful!


From the composer of the exuberant Maalai Pozhuthin Mayakathiley, comes another gem which is a musical shower.

Rating: ***3/4


Hey Umayaal,Siru Nadai,Siru Nadai (Reprise Version),Hey Umayaal (Unplugged Version)

Monday, 6 July 2015

Orange Mittai Music Review

Movie: Orange Mittai

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi,Ramesh Tilak,Aashritha

Director: Biju Viswanath

Music director: Justin Prabhakaran

1.Straight Ah Poyee-Vijay Sethupathi

A catchy number that is sure to be a hit among Vijay Sethupathi fans. Being crooned by himself, this song is colorful and funky. The occasional dialogues in between, digitalized trumpet loops and rock guitar sections make this number even more lively. But the listeners cannot expect anything new out of the tune. A passable one.

2.Theeraadhae Aasaigal-Karthik

An exhilarating composition that oozes with melody, accompanied by hard rock guitar strums. It has been a long time since we have listened to refreshing inspirational songs. This song proves to be an epitome of such numbers with excellent violin and flute sections in the interlude. Karthik's melodious voice tells us that he would continue to rule the music industry with his vocals. Mellifluous!

3.Orae Oru Oorula-Vijay Sethupathi

Yet another funky number in the voice of Vijay Sethupathi. You can find traces of the previous number like the playful trumpet section, narration with punch dialogues and guitar strums. Otherwise it is an out and out enjoyable track that would become a chartbuster soon.

4.Payanangal Thodarudhae-Naresh Iyer,Padmalatha

A meditative song that has soul-stirring factor in high quantities. Justin Prabhakaran weaves a heavenly tune that will take the listeners into a trance. The entire aura of the song is one which can be experienced during serene nights. String sections, mellowed guitar strums and mild tabla beats add to the beauty of this scintillating melody. Effervescent vocals of Naresh Iyer and Padmalatha is the icing on the cake. Must listen!


A good short soundtrack from Justin Prabhakaran. He has a long way to go!

Rating: ***


Theeraadhae Aasaigal,Payanangal Thodarudhae

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Papanasam Music Review

Movie: Papanasam

Cast: Kamal Hassan,Gautami Tadimalla

Director: Jeethu Joseph

Music director: M.Ghibran

1.Yeya En Kottikkaaraa-Sundar Narayan Rao,Malavika Anilkumar

A heartwarming song with simple elements that engages the listener on the very first listen. Ghibran weaves a euphoric arrangement with Ghatam beats, symphonic sounds, Kanjira sections and flute loops. Malavika Anilkumar's relaxed singing complements well with Sundar Narayanan's soprano notes. The lyrics which speak about undying love and family bonding increases the feel-good factor. A definite treat!

2.Vinaa Vinaa-Hariharan

When Ghibran teams up with the evergreen Hariharan, it is sure to be one heaven of a number. The singer's vocals are unadulterated and he creates the entire pathos mood of the song just with his rendition. Ghibran's excellence is visible in his string sections which paint a gloomy shade. The prelude and interludes are haunting, with the second interlude having hard rock accompaniment. Pure magic!

3.Papanasam Theme-Instrumental

Ghibran's love for strings continue with this exuberant theme. Violins, enthralling symphony and laidback piano notes generate a beautiful atmosphere.

4.Kill For Life-Instrumental

An eerie prelude invites the listeners to an addictive sequencing of symphony and magnificent string sections. Excellent situational theme!

5.The Bond Of Family-Instrumental

This one indulges Yeya En Kottikkaaraa in a tranquil manner, accompanied with Ghibran's signature string orchestration.

6.A Sinking Car-Instrumental

Another mindblowing situational theme which creates an atmosphere of suspense and thrill. The melange of sounds are something new to listen for.

7.The Police Investigation-Instrumental

Consisting of a Hollywood type soundscape, this theme is sure to enchant the listeners with Ghibran's extraordinary symphonic arrangement. The progression of notes to crescendo towards the end is brilliant!

8.This Is Me-Suyambulingam - Instrumental

The album arrives to a grand finale with this highly engaging piece of instrumental, replenished with majestic orchestration.


With just two vocal tracks and the rest being instrumentals, Ghibran delivers a mystical soundtrack that is sure to be in his quintessential list.

Rating: ***3/4


Yeya En Kottikkaaraa,Vinaa Vinaa,Kill For Life,The Police Investigation

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