Saturday, 20 February 2016

Pokkiri Raja Music Review

Movie: Pokkiri Raja

Cast: Jiiva,Sibiraj,Hansika Motwani

Director: Ramprakash Rayappa

Music director: D.Imman


Imman's screeching vocals makes this strident song an instant winner. Though Imman plays safe within his template, the arrangement of bass guitar riffs, steady rhythm pattern and the accompanying chorus make the number a completely groovy one. Enjoyable package!

2.Rain Rain Go Go-Varun Parandhaman,Neeti Mohan

An awesome romantic melody is up next. Imman composes a soothing tune and tops it with dulcet guitar strums, background violins and an interesting thisra nadai rhythm pattern. The violins interspersed with tap dance beats in the second interlude lends a different aura to the song. Though Varun Parandhaman's rendition is mellifluous, it is Neeti Mohan's effervescent vocals which evoke the feel of passion in the number. With the occasional rain-splattering sounds, this number makes the perfect listen on a rainy day!

3.Bubbly Bubbly-Papon,Maria Ride Vincent,D.Imman

This fun love number is peppy all along the way, yet it has a mediocre feel to it. The tune is typecast, but it is saved by the funky vocals of Papon and Maria Ride Vincent, the radiant chorus in the second interlude and some cheesy harmonica segments in the background. This song might do well with colorful visuals.

4.Waltzing Whistle-Theme (Whistle by Swetha Suresh)

Here comes a haunting whistle theme which has a retro feel to it. Swetha Suresh's whistle sounds lovely along with the peppy violins and an ebullient string section. Much like its name, it is really a waltzy theme that can be played on all ballrooms!

5.Taaru Taara-Divya Kumar

This blaring number joins the bandwagon of songs where folk meets hip-hop. Imman once again composes a tune within his template and presents a bland arrangement which does not connect the listeners. Even Divya Kumar's throaty rendition cannot save the track from being skipped. Only the instrumental frenzy in the between stands out.

6.Athuvutta (Reprise Version)-Vishal Dadlani,MC Rude,D.Imman

Much like the original version, this one is also a feisty stentorian number. This time it is Vishal Dadlani who yields the megaphone with his fruity vocals, while MC Rude excels in his rap portion. However, the whole arrangement is not quite catchy as the original one and sounds more jarring.


After an amazing soundtrack Miruthan, this outing from Imman is plainly above average with just a couple of impressive songs. Hope he bounces back with an interesting album!

Rating: **3/4


Athuvutta,Rain Rain Go Go,Waltzing Whistle

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