Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Purampokku Music Review

Movie: Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai

Cast: Arya,Vijay Sethupathi,Shaam,Karthika Nair

Director: S.P.Jananathan

Music director: Varshan

1.Kalaasi Kalaasi-MLR Karthikeyan,Malathy Lakshman,Thirukumar Thiagarajah,Diwakar

The very first track of Purampokku sets the mood of the entire album. This number is straight out of the 90s gaana collections. Right from the lyrics to the rhythm sound so Deva-ish that one cannot stop smirking while listening to it. This song would surely provide much needed refreshment to the auto rickshaw drivers who love listening to such songs. Even the singers cannot save the number. Unimpressive!

2.Orae Oru Murai-Vijay Prakash,Sunitha Sarathy

Up next is a scintillating melody which too sounds much like the 90s songs. But it provides a whiff of fragrance from the previous sombre number. The tune is simple and much on the lines of a Ilaiyaraaja number. Vijay Prakash and Sunitha Sarathy make the song even more lively with their passionate voices. Pick of the album!

3.Marina Beachula-Diwakar,Mukesh

The album cannot get worse than this. Who does want to listen to gaana songs of 90s these days? They sound so ancient that they cannot even find a place in today's soundtracks. But it is surprising to listen to yet another Deva-ish gaana number in this album. I feel pity that Mukesh and Diwakar's vocals have been wasted over this number!

4.Dhaegam Thaakkum-K.Krishna Kumar,Ramya NSK

This breezy short number begins with mellowed flute and guitar strums. And then, the effervescent voices of Krishna Kumar and Ramya NSK take you in a trance. But it is too short to even comprehend it completely. The string section at the last is wonderfully constructed.

5.Aaja O Re-Abhay Jodhpurkar,Amrithavarshini,Haritha

The final song of this soundtrack is a complete Hindi dance number that is colorful as long as it lasts. Though it is similar to Melala Vedikudhu from Aarambam, it is incredibly short that one can thank God that the album has come to an ending!


Varshan might be the next Deva, but his debut soundtrack provides nothing worthy to listen to. Hope he changes gears with his other albums!

Rating: *1/2


Orea Oru Murai

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Idhu Enna Mayam Music Review

Movie: Idhu Enna Mayam

Cast: Vikram Prabhu,Keerthi Suresh

Director: A.L.Vijay

Music director: G.V.Prakash

1.High Voltage-MC Vickey

The opening track of the album is much similar to Behka from Ghajini. It is high on energy and quirkiness. The strong rap portion by MC Vickey is foot-tapping and it can instantly connect with G.V.Prakash's fans. But it still remains as a sombre outing. Thank god it gets over soon!

2.Iravaaga Nee-G.V.Prakash,Saindhavi

I think G.V.Prakash is obsessed with rain and the jingle in the background. But it gets better with each melodious composition of his. Perhaps this one is the best song of the album. Not because his wife Saindhavi has crooned for it, but for the fresh treatment which he has given to the melody. The tabla rhythm, the classical touches, the ethereal flute and the violin interlude make this number a soothing one. Hit the repeat button!

3.Machi Machi-Udit Narayanan,Devan Ekambaram

High end rock guitar forms the base of this funky song. Udit Narayanan sounds much like in his earlier outing in Alai Paayum Nenjile. But that can be forgiven with the backup chorus doing a good job. The entire song is jarring and it doesn't produce the feeling that it is intended to. You can skip it!


Right from the beginning, this beautiful melody pulls you in a trance. The entire feel of the song provides an heavenly ambiance, coupled with the sweet voices of G.V.Prakash and Harini. Violins in the interlude are once again an icing on the cake in this number too. Scintillating all the way!

5.Suttrum Bhoomi Maele-Shireen Shahana

This number might form as the introduction song for the heroine. The electric guitar and the rhythm arrangement provide a deja vu feel all over. Even Shireen Shahana's vocals are boring after a point. The only saving factor is the first interlude which deserves a special applause.

6.A Walk To Remember-Theme

Whistle sounds dominate this instrumental theme. A brilliant string section takes over which makes it grand. Great theme from G.V.Prakash!


G.V.Prakash delivers an album that is much better than his other outings. Two melodies stand out in the entire soundtrack.

Rating: **3/4


Iravaaga Nee,Irukkirai

Monday, 13 April 2015

36 Vayadhinile Music Review

Movie: 36 Vayadhinile

Cast: Jyothika,Rahman

Director: Rosshan Andrews

Music director: Santhosh Narayanan

1.Happy-Santhosh Narayanan

Awww! This opening track has Santhosh Narayanan's stamp all over it. With his quirky voice and equally quirky lyrics, this number really makes us feel 'happy' when listening to it. Though the jazz tone of the song has now been stereotyped in almost all Santhosh's songs, it will still appeal to his fans with its innovative arrangement.

2.Pogiren-Kalpana Raghavender

This soul-stirring number begins with mellowed piano notes. The first few lines set up the mood for the entire song which has inspirational lyrics throughout. Symphony is at its best while the mildly energetic beats hover along with the sweet voice of Kalpana Raghavender. Makes for a laidback listen!

3.Rasathi-Lalitha Vijayakumar

A hilarious number that would tickle your funny bones. This one enthralls us with its peppiness and foot-tapping rhythm. Blending violin, tabla and acoustic guitar into a single number is something that Santhosh Narayanan creates with inventiveness. Lalitha Vijayakumar's rendition is top class with her modulations standing out. Pick of the album!


This theme is grand in terms of its presentation and orchestration. It gives a sense of liveliness to the listeners.


A lilting theme that begins with scintillating piano notes, then moves on to some brilliant symphony construction. Painful and beautiful with violin section playing along the way.

6.Vidiyal Thedi-Instrumental

Beginning with dulcet guitar strums and blended with delightful symphony, this piece is a bliss to listen to.

7.Kanavugal Sumandhu-Instrumental

Another grand theme that begins in a mellowed note and ends in a blaring way.

8.Kanneer Mozhi-Instrumental

A beautiful attempt by Santhosh Narayanan in inducing an international feel with this magnificent theme.


36 Vayadhinile's soundtrack is one of Santhosh Narayanan's clever attempt in engaging symphonic orchestration. Feel-good soundtrack!

Rating: ***



Kanchana 2 Music Review

Movie: Kanchana 2

Cast: Raghava Lawrence,Taapsee

Director: Raghava Lawrence

Music director: Leon James,Sathya,SS Thaman,Ashwamithra

1.Sandi Muni-Haricharan

The album kickstarts with an energetic adrenalin pumping number that is essential to this horror movie. Beginning with a spiritual chant, this number has got no dull moment after that. Haricharan has sung it with such power that even the back up chorus don't seem of much importance. This number will scorch the screens given that it would be placed in the climax!

2.Vaaya Veera-Shakthisree Gopalan

A lilting romantic solo that will form as a dream song for each and every girl in the upcoming days. This simple number oozes with melody and it is such a blessing to listen to Shakthisree's lovable rendition. Her voice would literally sweep your feet off in this number. Leon James weaves an ordinary tune but makes it extraordinary with the arrangements and the interludes. The violin in the second interlude deserves a special mention. Sureshot winner!

3.Sillatta Pillatta-Jagadeesh Kumar

That mass number in every Lawrence movie is back! But this time the lyrics play a large part in this number. It speaks about the fear of ghosts for the lead character. While nothing is new in the number, one can just listen for the sake of its presence in the album.

4.Motta Paiya-Sooraj Santhosh,Chithra

As soon as the song begins, you would get to know that it is composed by Thaman. His trademark arrangement and digitalization of the male vocals prove his signature style. The recurrent rhythm and the interludes are easy on the ears. This song would appear as a passionate sequence between the  lead pair. Sooraj Santhosh and Chithra have done a commendable job.

5.Moda Moda-Master Sriram Roshan

It is not often you get to listen a complete song crooned by a kid. But this number is a refreshing one in terms of rendition by Master Sriram Roshan. The occasional eerie sounds send a chill through the spine and make this song the perfect one for a paranormal movie. A good attempt by composer Ashwamithra.


Though there are not much multi-composer movies in Kollywood, Kanchana-2 stands as an exception. Being a multi-composer movie, the music is commercially influenced and would work well once the visuals are out.

Rating: **3/4


Sandi Muni,Vaaya Veera

Sunday, 5 April 2015

O Kadhal Kanmani Music Review

Movie: O Kadhal Kanmani

Cast: Dulquer Salman,Nithya Menen

Director: Mani Ratnam

Music director: A.R.Rahman

1.Kaara Attakkaara-Aaryan Dinesh Kanagaratnam,Darshana,Shashaa Tirupathi

The most anticipated album begins with a breezy track in the beautiful voices of Shashaa Tirupathi and Darshana. The number has already been the talk of the town since the teaser's release. The entire song is embellished with some brilliant beats and ecstatic rap portion that is catchy. The dialogue whisper and the occasional lead guitar background provides a whiff of freshness all over. Rahman makes his presence felt right from this opening track!

2.Aye Sinamika-Karthik

What you first notice about this beautiful melodious number is its recurrent guitar strums and the modulated flute tones. Though the number has less lyrics and more music, it manages to strike a chord with the listeners with its orchestration and the backing chorus. Karthik sounds like a love-struck guy and renders the number with elan. On the whole, this lilting melody makes for a sunny listen.

3.Paranthu Sella Vaa-Karthik,Shashaa Tirupathi

Awww!!! The most passionate track of the album is here. Shashaa begins the song with her honey-dipping voice and the number turns even more seductive with Karthik complementing her. The reggae type beats, the occasional humming and the repetitive 'just like that' proves Rahman's funkiness. His attempt to indulge some Carnatic gamakas in Shashaa's part has worked out exceedingly well. You would really want to fly after listening to this breezy track!

4.Mental Manadhil (Male)-A.R.Rahman,Jonita Gandhi

This number is already a chartbuster and now its going to gain even more popularity with the album's release. The easygoing mood of the number with Rahman's carefree singing and Jonita Gandhi's humming makes it for a good listen when you are stressed out with work or if you are out on a long drive. Surely this Mental Manadhil will turn you into a crazy one for many days to come!

5.Naane Varugiren-Shashaa Tirupathi,Sathya Prakash

I was wondering why Carnatic fusion numbers don't receive much popularity as the other numbers nowadays. But this one number is going to prove it wrong. Right from the beginning, this fusion is one heavenly experience and you would find it difficult to come back from the trance. Only Rahman can do such a magic, involving mild Mridangam beats, rhythm change and violin section in the interludes and Shashaa's exhilarating classical rendition. Sathya Prakash scores a perfect ten with his voice and his part reminds of 'Netru mun iravil' section from Snehidhane number.

6.Theera Ulaa-A.R.Rahman,Darshana,Nikita Gandhi

A trendy and youthful number that surely would form as the theme of the movie. The tranquil beats pull the listeners completely into the track. The Carnatic portion by Darshana is the highlight of the entire number. Another awesome fusion of classical section and western instruments. Perfect!

7.Mental Manadhil (Female)-Jonita Gandhi

Now is the time for the girls to have all the fun and turn crazy. Much like the male version, this one has all the elements of peppiness and global feel. Jonita Gandhi's sweet rendition is what differentiates this track from its male counterpart. This version provides a layer of classical dimensional in terms of rendition. Another winner!

8.Malargal Kaettaen-Chithra,A.R.Rahman

Its time to lay back and travel to a  complete Carnatic environment. Let's call this as Rahman's masterpiece in the entire soundtrack. It is so amazing with Chithra's evergreen voice, vintage flute that was prevalent in Rahman's 90s compositions and the recurring Tambura in the background. Vairamuthu's lyrics are inspired from the Sangam era and its refreshing to listen to such lines in this generation. Special mention to Rahman's complete Carnatic attempt towards the end and the swara jathis in the between. Bliss!

9.Maula Wa Sallim-A.R.Ameen

Yes, you read it right! Its A.R.Ameen, none other than the Isaipuyal's own son. He stays true to the line 'Like father, like son'. Just hook on to this number and get drenched in a three minute spiritual rain with the poetic Arabic verses.


Get ready to experience another Alaipayuthey with this amazing, wonderful, musically rich and fantastic A.R.Rahman album. Mani-ARR combo is one such that is true to stay as a gem for many years to come.

Rating: *****


I cannot choose. All the tracks are my picks!

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