Friday, 29 May 2015

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Music Review

Movie: Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Cast: Emraan Hashmi,Vidya Balan,Rajkumar Rao

Director: Mohit Suri

Music director: Mithoon,Jeet Ganguly,Ami Mishra

1.Hamari Adhuri Kahani-Arijit Singh

Violin solos dominate this mesmerizing title track. With the accompaniment of mellowed piano tones, this number is sure to blow your mind away. Arijit Singh is the soul of this song as he croons perfectly as a love-struck guy. The flute in the interludes and the sound of water droplets provide the right melange of brilliant orchestration. Though it isn't another Tum Hi Ho, this number has its own way of lingering in our minds!


Up next is also a soothing melody that is quiet different in style of composition. Mithoon composes this number with such a passion that everything sounds perfect. Mild beats, violin section in the second interlude and dulcet guitar strums work well in favor of the song. Papon's voice elevates the tune to a higher level. Though you may not get familiar with this number in the first listen, it will surely grow on you with repeated listens. 

3.Yeh Kaisi Jagah-Deepali Sathe

An addictive track that will stir your soul on the very first listen. The effervescent feel that this melodious number provides is enough for the listeners to remain in a trance for the complete 4:37 minutes. Jeet Ganguly creatively induces classical elements in this number. Deepali Sathe sounds like an evergreen singer of the 90s while Zubeen Garg's aalaaps in the interlude are mindblowing. Pure magic! Haunting! Hit the repeat button!

4.Hasi-Ami Mishra

Composer Ami Mishra debuts with this song. The number has a global feel to it that will make you fall in love with it. If you have been a fan of songs that has Emraan Hashmi swooning over on screen, then you would surely love this one. The lyrics speak about undying love and the lead guitar in the interludes are simply amazing. This track will act as a slow poison on the listeners!

5.Hasi (Female)-Shreya Ghoshal

Here is the next Sun Raha Hai Na. Right from the orchestration, the rhythm and the flute arrangement are much similar to the super-hit number from Aashiqui 2. Not to forget, Shreya Ghoshal is the lifeline of this song. Her honey-dipping voice will be the prime reason for this number to turn into a chartbuster. Lovely!

6.Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Encore)-Jeet Ganguly

This version is a straightforward rip off of the original version. The only difference is the vocals. Here Jeet Ganguly sounds more laidback and sings by investing his soul into it. Otherwise, there is nothing new in this track.


Mohit Suri's previous films Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain topped the list of my 'Top ten' albums. Hamari Adhuri Kahani will also find a place in my list due to the soulful melodies that the album contains. Given the names of Mithoon and Jeet Ganguly, this mellifluous soundtrack will top the charts for a long time.

Rating: ****


Hamari Adhuri Kahani,Yeh Kaisi Jagah,Hasi (Both versions)

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kaaval Music Review

Movie: Kaaval

Cast: Vemal,Samuthirakani,Amirtha

Director: R.Nagendran

Music director: G.V.Prakash

1.Sakka Podu-Tipu,Santhosh Hariharan

A typical intro song for the hero and his gang of friends. We have heard much similar songs like this one, that too especially in G.V.Prakash's music. Two talented singers Tipu and Santhosh Hariharan render the number with the required amount of energy. The synthesizer and guitar usage are well defined in this song.

2.Aadu Annatha-Velmurugan,Maalvika Manoj,Santhosh Hariharan

Pure folk is up next in this album. The number begins on an addictive violin solo but soon it follows the stereotyped template of all folk songs. The rhythm is easily relatable. Even the vocals of Velmurugan, Maalvika Manoj and Santhosh Hariharan are stereotyped as they can easily get off with songs in this genre. Only Maalvika's voice stands out.

3.Un Kannukullara-G.V.Prakash,Priya Hemesh

I just cannot figure out the fetish of G.V.Prakash for folk songs. It sounds much similar to the previous number, the only difference being the vocals. This number too follows the same rhythm template with some additional humming in the interludes. There is nothing new in this number. Skip this one!

4.Natta Nadu Iravule-Sanjana Divaker Kalmanje,Dharan Kumar

A slow and haunting pathos that is beautifully composed. The best part of this song is Sanjana Divaker Kalmanje's rendition. She emotes well with her voice bringing the sense of mild pain in love. The entire number solely depends on the piano notes and an exquisite violin section in the interlude. Best of the lot!

5.Aavaaram Poovukkum-Megha

This number is the surprise package of the entire album. It is a tribal song that is on the lines of Aasaiya Kaathula in terms of rhythm. Megha's rustic rendition is addictive and she croons with ease. With minimal orchestration, G.V.Prakash manages to make this number a likeable one. The flute and guitar in the interludes transport the listeners to a real aboriginal place. Another winner!

6.Kaaval Theme-Instrumental

A short theme that creates the right atmosphere required by the movie. We have heard much better themes from G.V.Prakash. It's time to take a break.


Well, this album is yet another debacle for G.V.Prakash. He must try to think out of his own templates and create tunes that are innovative. This is nowhere near to his recent hit Kaaka Muttai!

Rating: **


Natta Nadu Iravula,Aavaaram Poovukkum

Monday, 25 May 2015

Dil Dhadakne Do Music Review

Movie: Dil Dhadakne Do

Cast: Anil Kapoor,Shefali Shah,Anushka Sharma,Ranveer Singh,Priyanka Chopra,Farhan Akhtar

Director: Zoya Akhtar

Music director: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

1.Dil Dhadakne Do-Priyanka Chopra,Farhan Akhtar

An upbeat track kickstarts this cool urban soundtrack. Being the title song, SEL have taken care to add the right amount of hard rock and keep the listeners glued to their earphones. Priyanka Chopra's exuberant singing matches with Farhan Akhtar's raw vocals. This number is a complete 3:48 minutes of feast to the years!

2.Pehli Baar-Sukriti Kakar,Siddharth Mahadevan

Yet another rock track but this time SEL have made it into a duet. This number is sure to provide breeziness if you are out on a long road trip with your beloved. Though Sukriti Kakar's rendition is effervescent, it is Siddharth Mahadevan's vocals that stand out. There is nothing new in the tune composition but you can enjoy the number just for its simplicity.

3.Gallan Goodiyan-Yashita Sharma,Manish Kumar Tipu,Farhan Akhtar,Shankar Mahadevan,Sukhwinder Singh

A typical Punjabi number is next in this album. This number will surely be a chartbuster just for its Bhangra flavor and the repetitive tune arrangement. The host of singers do a good job in pepping up the number to higher notches. Each and every singer shares equal megaphone space in this track. Enjoyable!

4.Girls Like To Swing-Sunidhi Chauhan,Chorus

The trend of jazz numbers is catching up in Bollywood. This number might be the pinnacle of it as it is completely a fast paced jazz numbet that will make you swing your body. Sunidhi Chauhan croons like a pro jazz singer. She can get away with any kind of song in any kind of genre.

5.Phir Bhi Yeh Zindagi-Farhan Akhtar,Vishal Dadlani,Divya Kumar,Alyssa Mendosa

After some peppy numbers, it is time to lay back and listen to a soothing melody. SEL have finally composed their signature track with this one. The rhythm of the track is breezy and the vocals by an ensemble bunch of singers calm the senses. This number is surely the best of the lot! Expect a lot of emotions in its visuals.


When Bollywood is booming with long soundtracks, SEL have stuck to just 5 songs and delivered a rocking album.

Rating: ***1/4


Dil Dhadakne Do,Gallan Goodiyan,Phir Bhi Yeh Zindagi

Kaaka Muttai Music Review

Movie: Kaaka Muttai

Cast: Ramesh,Vignesh,Iyshwarya Ramesh

Director: M.Manikandan

Music director: G.V.Prakash Kumar

1.Sel Sel-Sathya Prakash

A feel-good number that is splashed with enormous amounts of mellowed beats and an instantly likeable rhythm. This melodious number has got all the right elements to become a chartbuster because of the aura that surrounds the simple tune. G.V.Prakash induces some brilliant interludes with the Sitar and Shehnai. It is refreshing to listen to Sathya Prakash's lively rendition and his Hindustani modulations. The lyrics elegantly trace the life of the boys in slums. Overall, this number is magic personified!

2.Maanjaave Kaanjachu-Gaana Bala,Srihari

This number picks up from where Oda Oda Oda Dhooram Koraiyale left. The tune construction and the rhythm arrangement are similar much like the former number. The only difference is the vocals of Gaana Bala and Srihari. Especially it is surprising to listen to Gaana Bala changing his gears with this number and his voice is difficult to identify. The violin section in the second interlude scores higher than other aspects of the song.

3.Karuppu Karuppu-G.V.Prakash

A dynamic fusion of our own Dappankuthu beats and Western Hip hop that pulls the listeners into a trance. This number turns out to be one of the remarkable compositions of G.V.Prakash in terms of tuning and vocals. Though the rhythm never gains momentum, this song will be surely enjoyed by listeners who appreciate innovative compositions. This track is a meeting of the East and West!

4.Edhai Ninaithom-G.V.Prakash

Sombre mood is the dominant factor of this number. G.V.Prakash croons with such passion in his voice so that the listeners don't easily deviate from the slow pace of the song. The track works with just the accompaniment of dulcet guitar strums. A perfect unplugged number for serene evenings spent in solitude.


After some lacklustre albums, G.V.Prakash makes a strong comeback with this feel-good album. This will be one of his finest works in his music career.

Ratings: ****


Sel Sel,Karuppu Karuppu

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Masss Music Review

Movie: Masss

Cast: Suriya,Nayanthara,Pranitha

Director: Venkat Prabhu

Music director: Yuvan Shankar Raja

1.Therikkudhu Masss-Shankar Mahadevan,Ranjith,Yuvan Shankar Raja

Masss album opens with a purely mass song that will surely make you hit the dance floor. This party number is entirely filled with electrifying sounds that have been composed by Yuvan on a lively note. Shankar Mahadevan effuses craziness with his voice and Ranjith adds the right dose of peppiness. The surprise element of this number is the church choir in the second interlude. Chartbuster!

2.Naan Aval Illai-Karthik,Chinmayi

An effervescent melody that is quiet different from Yuvan's earlier melodious compositions. The rhythm is of dubstep pattern which is foot-tapping and blends perfectly with Karthik's mellifluous voice. Though Chinmayi's portion is less, she spews elegancy with each line she croons. The song is sure to put the listeners into a heavenly trance. Interesting duet!

3.Poochandi-Yuvan Shankar Raja,A.V.Pooja

This energetic number is an eclectic mix of Hip hop, desi beats, melody and EDM. Yuvan's rendition is filled with amusement and he manages to grip his listeners with his innovative tune construction. Pooja's melodious rendition is top class. The occasional flute loops are the icing on the cake. The entire number seems to be composed as a song to attract children. It spooks you as well as entertains you!

4.Con Man Theme-Instrumental

This thematic version of Therikudhu Masss is dynamic and has solid content to keep the listeners engaged. Yuvan takes you on a trip filled with Bhangra beats, dubstep and Hip hop with this grand theme.

5.Piravi-Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

A creepy number that will surely send chills down your spine if you listen to it on a serene night. Especially with the haunting chorus and the equally eerie vocals of Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, this number would linger in your minds if you are a fanatic of ghostly songs. The lyrics speak of death and the departure of soul which makes the track even more haunting.

6.Masss Theme-Instrumental

Up next is an eerie theme that sticks true to the movie's genre. With the occasional banshee screams, the strong orchestration and the lead guitar strums, this theme is definitely a ringtone material. 

7.Therikkudhu Masss (Gasa Gasa Mix)-Shankar Mahadevan,Ranjith,Yuvan Shankar Raja

This is an overloaded rehash of the original version mixed by Premgi Amaran. The number spells 'party party party' right from the word go. A complete pub track!


Phew! Finally, Yuvan Shankar Raja wakes up from his long slumber and delivers a cool & trendy urban album that is sure to top the charts.

Rating: ***3/4


Therikkudhu Masss,Naan Aval Illai,Poochandi,Masss Theme


Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tanu Weds Manu Returns Music Review

Movie: Tanu Weds Manu Returns

Cast: R.Madhavan,Kangana Ranaut

Director: Anand L.Rai

Music director: Krsna Solo,Tanishk-Vayu


1.Banno-Brijesh Sandilya,Swati Sharma

A perfect starting to this rollicking album comes in the form of Banno. An out and out Punjabi wedding song that will soon be played in almost all the weddings or at least in the sangeet ceremony. The major attracting factor of this energetic bhangra number is the singers Brijesh Sadhilya and Swati Sharma who are at their lively best. Chartbuster!

2.Move On-Sunidhi Chauhan

You would have never heard such a rocking song for a post breakup situation. What makes this song an enjoyable one is Sunidhi's dynamic rendition. She has her way with the tune which otherwise would have been a plain one. The rhythm is simple and repetitive from the beginning. Though there is nothing new, it will surely top the charts for Sunidhi!

3.Mat Ja Re-Ankit Tiwari

I would call this as a pathos that is laced with traces of Sufism. Though it has been a long time since tracks like this have been composed, this one provides a refreshing listen. Especially it is another chartbuster for Ankit Tiwari. The violin in the second interlude is very soulful. Heart-rendering!

4.Ghani Bawri-Jyoti Nooran

Yet another rollicking Punjabi song that effuses the feel of a pucca Indian wedding. Everything is perfect in this song when listened with the mood for some enjoyment. Jyoti Nooran does a fabulous job with her sultry vocals along with the vibrant chorus.

5.Old School Girl-Anmol Malik

A mix of jazz and blues track finds a place in this pure commercial masala soundtrack. Though it is a situational one, what is more surprising is the track is completely in English. If you need a song to waltz around on your own, you can pick this number and dance. A special mention to Anmol Malik who is just awesome with ther voice!

6.Old School Girl (Haryanvi Version)-Kalpana Gandharv

This version of the previous track is more beautiful than the original. Kalpana Gandharv is the best find for crooning this number in the Indianized English modulation. Must listen!

7.Ho Gaya Hai Pyar-Dev Negi

Best of the lot. This mellifluos track is what elevates the album to the top notch. It oozes with melody right from the beginning and the rhythm will make you immerse completely in the number. In addition to that is Dev Negi's honey-dipping voice and the lovely guitar & tabla sections. Addictive!

8.O Sathi Mere-Sonu Nigam

Yet another melodious outing in the voice of the evergreen Sonu Nigam. The mild rhythm, flute and guitar arrangement provide the rustic feel of Haryana. The number sounds more like a lullaby with its mindblowing chorus along with Sonu's divine voice. Overall, this track is what A.R.Rahman might have offered to such an album. Classic gem!

9.Ghani Bawri (Remix)-Jyoti Nooran

This overloaded version of the enjoyable song is more racy and sparkling. It will surely hit the dance floors soon.


The soundtrack of this movie's prequel wasn't much noticeable. But this album is just rocking in terms of the compositions. Surprising!

Rating: ***3/4


Banno,Mat Ja Re,Old School Girl (Haryanvi Version),Ho Gaya Hai Pyar,O Sathi Re


Ishqedarriyaan Music Review

Movie: Ishqedarriyaan

Cast: Mahaakshay Chakraborty,Evelyn Sharma

Director: V.K.Prakash

Music director: Jeet Ganguly,Jaidev Kumar,Bilal Saeed


 1.Judaa-Arijit Singh

The album opens with a soul-stirring composition with lyrics that speak of heartbreak. Accompanied only by mellowed piano notes, the song moves in an unplugged manner while delivering a sense of pain with the mild rhythm that plays at the 'judaa' line. It is rendered soulfully by none other than the recent romantic sensation Arijit Singh. A sureshot chartbuster from the Punjabi composer Jaidev Kumar!

2.Ishqedarriyaan-Ankit Tiwari

Composed by Jeet Ganguly, this title track would have been another Galliyan if it would not have been for the rhythm arrangement. Ankit Tiwari croons with such passion in his voice that he gets better with each song of his. The hard rock interludes are instantly addictive and the lyrics are easily relatable. Another chartbuster!

3.Das Dae-Mohit Chauhan

A complete Punjabi melody song that hooks you on with its simple tune. You'll completely love this one if you had been a fan of Punjabi melody songs. Mohit Chauhan sings with elan and his mellifluous voice leaves us wanting for more. The song is likeable even though there are only minimal instruments used.

4.Mohabbat Yeh-Bilal Saeed

Up next is another romantic melody that is sure to leave its footprints in the hearts of the listeners. The song excels with a tune that is catchy as well as relatable. Bilal Saeed's voice flows in a soothing tone and the interludes are well orchestrated with brilliant string sections. Lovely!

5.Georgia Se Jalandhar-Master Saleem

After four melodious songs, here comes a peppy number that is partly bhangra and partly a club number. The song offers nothing new and it sounds like some beach song from the early 2000s. The only likeable factor of the song is its singer Master Saleem whose vocals are energetic.

6.Mohabbat Yeh (Reprise Version)-Asees Kaur

The reprise version of that mellifluous number is more foot-tapping than the original version. With brilliant guitar strums, this number is elevated more by Asees Kaur's hoarse rendition. This song would sure turn out to be a popular one to be crooned in singing reality shows.


With some beautiful melodious compositions, Ishqedarriyaan stands out as a winner amidst many big budget soundtracks. Each composer gets two songs to compose and they excel in each one of them.

Rating: ***1/2


Judaa,Ishqedarriyaan,Mohabbat Yeh



Monday, 11 May 2015

Bombay Velvet Music Review

Movie: Bombay Velvet

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor,Anushka Sharma

Director: Anurag Kashyap

Music director: Amit Trivedi

1.Aam Hindustani-Shefali Alvares

The opening number of this retro soundtrack begins with a potpourri of instruments in a circus type music. This song is a celebration all along the way with clarinets, trumpets, mellowed piano notes and horns. It perfectly reflects the jazz feel of the 60s. Shefali Alvares' playful rendition is a sure treat to the ears. She sounds perfect in the 'Pyaar mein thenga' line. Enjoyable!

2.Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 2)-Neeti Mohan

An upbeat romantic club number that sounds like a perfect waltz of the 60s. The heroine of this song is none other than the sweet-sounding Neeti Mohan. Her modulations like laughing, hiccuping and scathing will make you to listen to this number repeatedly. This one hooks you on instantly in the very first listen. What is more prominent in this number is the occasional xylophone sounds that elevates the beauty of this song. A complete gem!

3.Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 3)-Shefali Alvares

Beginning with elegant horns, this number is same as the previous version. The only difference is Shefali Alvares' rendition. Unlike Neeti Mohan, she appends more peppiness to the number.

4.Ka Kha Ga-Neeti Mohan

Awww! The beginning trumpet of this number is much similar to 'Arere arere kya hua'. But soon the number rockets off to a mellowed waltz piece that spews out a calm feeling to the listeners. It is once again Neeti Mohan's show in this number too. Whether it's the low notes or the seductive emotion, she croons in such a passionate manner that one would want to listen to her non-stop. Here too she scats like an experienced singer and excels in the 'Ka kha ga' line. Classic!

5.Dhadaam Dhadaam-Neeti Mohan

Up next is a soft jazz number that is sure to blow your minds away. Let it be the dreamy violin beginning, the saxophone sounds that trot along, the dulcet guitar strums, the waltz rhythm or Neeti Mohan's suprano notes, this number excels in all the categories. If you love slow jazz songs of the 60s, you would surely fall in love with this one.

6.Naak Pe Gussa-Neeti Mohan

Amit Trivedi offers yet another waltz number that is more playful than the previous numbers. It's the time for Neeti Mohan to rule the music industry with her flawless voice. She proves her mettle with this wonderfully constructed number. This is a perfect love song for all the girls to swoon over their man. Neeti Mohan all the way!

7.Sylvia-Neeti Mohan

After slow jazz and waltz numbers, it's time to tap your feet to some celebratory music. The beginning of this track sounds like tones plucked straight out of a Laurel & Hardy movie. This number brilliantly reproaches the famous Nanavati-Sylvia-Ahuja case that rocked the headlines in the 60s. Neeti Mohan's energetic rendition is top class.


Now it's the time for the male counterpart to yield the megaphone for a slow jazz number that oozes with melody right from the word go. Papon's soothing rendition is a delight to the listeners as he reaches the high notes with elan. The alongside trumpets and piano notes are an added advantage to this seductive number. Passionate!

9.Shut Up-Shefali Alvares

Beginning with magnificent band like orchestration, this peppy number has Shefali Alvares crooning in a mischievous nature. Though the song promises to be a foot-tapping jazz number, it is marred by the blaring instruments which swallows Shefali's voice towards the end. Weakest track of the album!

10.Behroopia-Mohit Chauhan,Neeti Mohan

And here comes that romantic ballad that you have been waiting for. A breezy duet that is sure to sweep your feet away, especially if you listen along with your beloved. The effervescent feel of this number is provided by the slow rhythm, dulcet trumpet and flute drops. Mohit Chauhan's voice is euphonious and Neeti Mohan is at her passionate best. Soul-stirring track!

11.The Bombay Velvet Theme-Instrumental

Amit Trivedi proves that he is the right choice for this soundtrack with this breathtaking instrumental. It is a magical theme track that is completely filled with haunting lead guitar strums, oboe and horns.  Mindblowing!


This one will surely turn out to be a situational theme music. Once again the oboe plays a major part here along with brilliant orchestration.

13.Tommy Gun-Instrumental

Drums adorn this entire instrumental in various rhythms along with majestic trumpets and horns. Wonderful show!

14.Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 1)-Shalmali Kholgade

Of all the versions, this is the most flirtatious and enjoyable one. Mickey McCleary has constructed the number in such a addictive manner that he makes sure it tops the three versions. Shalmali Kholgade croons like a pro with her voice throwing surprises at times. Perfect for a madly lovestruck listener!


Amit Trivedi once again proves that he is the master of innovative compositions. The soundtrack requires a retro rehash all over and he provides more than that! Though it is a contemporary album, it will grow on the casual listeners after repeated hearings.

Rating: ****


Aam Hindustani,Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 2),Ka Kha Ga,Naak Pe Gussa,Darbaan,Behroopia,The Bombay Velvet Theme,Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Vesion 1)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Vaa Deal Music Review

Movie: Vaa Deal

Cast: Arun Vijay,Karthika Nair

Director: Shiva Gnanam

Music director: S.S.Thaman

1.Vaa Deal-Suchith Suresan,Sooraj Santhosh,Senthildass,Sam.P.Keerthan,Megha

Thaman composes a rocking opening track in his signature style. The combined voices of the singers provide an energetic tone that is sure to linger in our minds for a long time. This number is sure to be a hit among the youngsters soon and it may also become a chartbuster. The icing on the cake is Megha's humming in the interlude. Powerful!

2.Paesi Paesi-Haricharan,Chorus

Beginning with female chorus, this hummable number is a foot-tapping melody that is on the lines of Thuli Thuli from Paiya. And coincidentally, this one is also crooned by the versatile singer Haricharan. The flute in the interlude is well woven, making the number a pleasant one. Breezy!

3.Andharu Andharu-Velmurugan

A typical mass song that is mostly found in almost all commercial albums of Thaman. Though there is nothing new in this number, Velmurugan's rendition will make you throw away all your worries and dance to the beats. This number is sure to scorch the screens with its visuals.

4.Sound Of Deal-Instrumental

A folk instrumental that spells 'commercial' right from the word 'go'. Strictly for the first benchers!

5.The Deal Theme Song-Instrumental

Contrary to the previous theme, this one is a stylish theme that provides the right mood for the movie.


This short soundtrack from Thaman is a delight to his fans. Though the songs are stereotyped, they are chartbuster materials.

Rating: ***


Vaa deal,Paesi Paesi

Rudramadevi Music Review

Movie: Rudramadevi

Cast: Anushka Shetty,Rana Daggubati,Allu Arjun

Director: Gunasekhar

Music director: Ilaiyaraaja

1.Matthagajame-S.P.Balasubrahmanyam,Chithra,Kailash Kher,Chorus

This grand track opens the album in a majestic way. Beginning with magnificent orchestration, the number spells grandness in each and every note. With an ensemble cast of singers like Kailash Kher, S.P.B and Chithra, this number is a perfect opening track for this historical movie. The occasional flute in between the lines is the icing on the cake. The chorus provide the much needed mystical feel of the song. Brilliant!

2.Auna Neevena-Hariharan,Sadhana Sargam

A dreamy composition by Ilaiyaaraja which spells magic throughout. When he selects evergreen singers like Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam, the track is sure to leave you spellbound. And that's what exactly this mellifluous number does. It sounds more ethereal with Ilaiyaaraja's vintage orchestration. The arrangement of having the rhythm beginning at a later stage is an innovative thought. Soul-stirring and mushy!

3.Choosukovo Teesukovo-Baba Sehgal,Chithra

Do you want to reminisce to those days when Ilaiyaaraja composed even item songs in his unique style? This number is one such that stays true to his signature style of composition. And one cannot shy away from the fact that this number is crooned by none other than our sweet Chithra. It is very difficult to identify her voice as she has rendered in a never-before seductive tone. Baba Sehgal's voice adds more peppiness to this number. Enjoyable!

4.Punnami Puvvai-Shreya Ghoshal,Chorus

The number begins with some brilliant orchestration and chorus. Then it moves on to sound like one of yesteryear melodious compositions. Though it is slow in terms of rhythm and might test the patience of  few listeners, it can be still listened for Shreya Ghoshal's honey-dipping voice and the change in the notes in the charanams. Contemporary!


The album dips down to a few notches lower with this particular track. That's because songs of this type have already been tried and tested in the Telugu devotional industry. But the track will surely leave you inspired if you are one of those who love intense devotional songs.

6.Anthapuramlo-Chithra,Sadhana Sargam,Chinmayi,Chorus

Here comes a girly number that is playful and cheerful in nature. This song will surely do better once the visuals are out. With three beautiful singers like Chithra, Sadhana Sargam and Chinmayi, this number is nothing less than magical. The overlapping of their voices is a very creative idea by Ilaiyaaraja. And once again the orchestration deserves a special mention here.


Ilaiyaaraja delivers an outstanding album that is replete with brilliant orchestration, melody and historical sounds. Though it cannot be enjoyed by all types of listeners, it can surely strike a chord with those who love contemporary music.

Rating: ***3/4


Auna Neevena,Choosukovo Teesukovo,Punnami Puvvai

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