Sunday, 7 February 2016

Darling 2 Music Review

Movie: Darling 2

Cast: Kaliyarasan,Rameez Raja,Maya,Kaali Venkat,Arjunan

Director: Sathish Chandrasekaran

Music director: Radhan

1.Machi Vaa Da Ne Dhan Friendu-Ramee

A funky friendship song opens this soundtrack. Though there is a deja vu while listening to this number, it has become a trend to have such high-on-energy and techno tracks in urban movies. With occasional dialogues and Ramee's coarse vocals, this one is a passable track from Radhan.

2.Olarava Olarava-Varun Parandhaman,Muthamil,Ramee

Getting a hangover from the previous number, this one is a techno laden kuthu number that has become a rage nowadays. Radhan's simple tune is instantly likeable and it would surely go down well with the youngsters. The rap sections elevate the aura of the sultry number.

3.Ni Sa Gari Sa-Naresh Iyer,Anweshaa Dutta

At the very first listen, one would be saying 'Wow!' With Hindustani classical base, Radhan composes a mesmerizing melody that is exquisite and addictive. The repetitive aalaap 'Ni Sa Gari Sa' is sure to get on to your nerves. Anweshaa Dutta's honey-dipping voice and Naresh Iyer's effervescent vocals along with the tabla and accordion make the number an enchanting one. Hit the repeat button!

4.Kaatril-Nikitha Gandhi

And here comes that eerie number which is perfect for this horror movie. The spooky chorus, spine-chilling humming, haunting piano notes and wind sounds in the beginning set the mood for the rest of the number. However, it is Nikitha Gandhi's whispery rendition that will stir your soul. As the haunting number progresses, it will really send a chill down your spine!

5.Theme Song-Ramee

Sounding like a rip-off of the previous number, this one is constructed in male voice Ramee with extra hard rock sections and techno loops which provide it a zombie-feel. Though it is lesser than 2 minutes, it will spook you to the core.


Radhan delivers a scrumptious genre-specific album with funky instrumentation!

Rating: ***  (3/5)


Ni Sa Gari Sa,Kaatril

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