Saturday, 30 January 2016

Bangalore Naatkal Music Review

Movie: Bangalore Naatkal

Cast: Arya,Sri Divya,Bobby Simha,Rana Daggubati,Parvathy,Raai Laxmi,Samantha Ruth Prabhu

Director: Bommarillu Bhaskar

Music director: Gopi Sunder

1.Naan Maatti Konden-Karthik

Beginning with ebullient guitar strums, this breezy solo sung by Karthik is fresh and engaging right from the start. It is a tailor-made number for Karthik who croons with elan. Gopi Sunder composes a likeable tune which flows easily along with Madhan Karky's heartwarming lyrics. The interesting string progression in the background adds beauty to the track. A charming song!

2.Para Parappa Oru Ooru-Ranjith

After a soulful melody, the album changes gears with this hardcore rock number. This track is all about the city Bangalore and how the lead characters enjoy roaming around. Gopi Sunder indulges a steady progression of rock along with groovy drum beats and screeching guitar strums. Ranjith thoroughly enjoys himself while rendering his lines as it is evident from his voice.

3.Aaga Motham Ennai-Gopi Sunder

Yet another fresh and breezy number makes its way into the album. This track is peppered with interesting interludes which has a combo of violin and mandolin. The drumming in the background peps up the lovable tune and Gopi Sunder does justice with his velvety rendition. The entire song has a countryside feel which makes it utterly enjoyable. Lovely one!

4.Thodakkam Mangalyam-Vijay Yesudhas,Sachin Warrier,Divya S.Menon

Gopi Sunder retains this chartbuster wedding song from the Malayalam version. And the surprise is that it is equally fantastic and colorful in this version too. There is no change in the tune, even the same ensemble of singers croon the number. The only difference is the lyrics which is penned to perfection by Pazhani Bharati. Get to enjoy a sumptuous wedding feast with this track!

5.En Vizhiyin Kanavu-Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy,Gopi Sunder

Gopi Sunder has taken the right decision to reuse the Malayalam tune for the most soul-stirring number of the album. Filled with live plucked guitar strums, this unplugged melody is honey to the ears as long as it lasts. Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy's whispery rendition is the icing on the cake which permeates the serenity of the tune and she is amply supported by Gopi Sunder. Just close your eyes and revel in this one!

6.I Want To Fly-Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy

Sung sensuously by Anna Katharina Valayil Chandy, this montage song sequence is brilliantly composed by Gopi Sunder. With lilting piano notes, this short number is engaging and the English lyrics are passionate. A fitting finale to the soundtrack.


Award winning composer Gopi Sunder delivers a feel-good album with Bangalore Naatkal. The soundtrack is enthralling with its heartwarming and fresh melodies.

Rating: ***3/4


Naan Maatti Konden,Aaga Motham Ennai,Thodakkam Mangalyam,En Vizhiyin Kanavu

Friday, 29 January 2016

Sethupathi Music Review

Movie: Sethupathi

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi,Remya Nambeesan

Director: S.U.Arun Kumar

Music director: Nivas K Prasanna

1.Mazhai Thooralam-Nivas K Prasanna

Nivas K Prasanna composes and croons a soulful pathos that is sure to be a tear-jerker when played on the screens. Nivas' emotion laden rendition and the motivational lyrics are the major plus points of the mellifluous track. The symphonic arrangement accompanied by a dulcet chorus and acoustic guitar sections add to the forlorn mood of the song. Heartrending opening!

2.Konji Pesida Venaam-KS Chitra,Sriram Parthasarathy

Beginning with playful electronic loops, this duet reminds of the love songs of early 2000s. Especially it is Chitra's evergreen voice that takes you back on a nostalgic sojourn. It is very refreshing to listen to Sriram Parthasarathy after a long time. Despite the retro feel, this song works big time due to its simplistic tune and the modern arrangements. 

3.Hey Mama-Anirudh Ravichander

Going by the lyrics, it is evident that this number is the introduction song for Vijay Sethupathi. Overloaded with rock progression, rap and police siren sounds, this song serves as the perfect one for a cop. Anirudh rocks the number with his powerhouse singing.

4.Hawa Hawa-Karthik,Saindhavi

This carefree love ballad reflects the romantic side of a tough cop. The tune is a charming one, punctuated with cheesy lyrics that complement the laidback mood of the song. Karthik's soft rendition is apt for this number and Saindhavi's childlike voice is pleasing to the ears. This love track makes for an enjoyable listen on a lovey-dovey evening!

5.Thaen Kootil-V.M.Mahalingam

Mellowed piano notes welcome the listeners to yet another situational pathos. The unplugged factor of the song is elevated by the earthy vocals of V.M.Mahalingam whose robust voice can drive the listeners to tears. Serves as a good ending to the album.


Though Nivas K Prasanna's sophomore album might not be as exceptional as his first one, it still engages the listeners with a couple of likeable melodies and a powerful introduction song.

Rating: ***


Mazhai Thooralam,Hawa Hawa

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Fitoor Music Review

Movie: Fitoor

Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur,Katrina Kaif,Tabu,Aditi Rao Hydari,Rahul Bhatt,Akshay Oberoi,Lara Dutta

Director: Abhishek Kapoor

Music director: Amit Trivedi

1.Yeh Fitoor Mera-Arijit Singh

A waltzy love ballad is what Amit Trivedi serves us in the opening. He progresses the beautiful tune in a gradual manner with excellent strings and guitar orchestration. He retains his signature style of soft rock in this one too. Arijit Singh constructs his voice in accordance to the ethereal tune, though he sounds stereotyped. Typically Amit-ish!

2.Pashmina-Amit Trivedi,Komail Shayan

Here comes a slow poison that will get on to your nerves with repeated listening. Filled with dollops of violins, strings and middle-eastern flute sounds, Pashmina spells heaven right from the beginning. Amit Trivedi enchants by lending his voice to the soul-stirring tune. The rhythm pattern has a slight resemblance to Paighaam Laya Sawan from Lakeer. Comparisons apart, this one is a gem that is poetic all the way!

3.Haminastu-Zeb Bangash

Beginning on poetic Persian lines "Gar firdaus, ruhe zamin ast, hamin asto, hamin asto, hamin asto" which literally translates to "If there is ever a heaven on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here". Amit Trivedi weaves a magical tune with his ebullient assortment of strings, peppered with Persian flavors. However, it is Zeb Bangash's earthy rendition that will make you crave for looping the number. The Santoor section towards the end is a brilliant stroke brought in by Amit. A Persian classic!

4.Hone Do Batiyan-Nandini Srikar,Zeb Bangash

Stringed instruments like mandolin and rabab dominate this amazing soft rock fusion. Amit ropes in two eminent singers to croon this free-flowing number. Nandini Srikar's classical vocals are interspersed with Zeb's raw voice which makes the overall output an alluring Kashmiri folk melody. Amit deserves a special applause for his excellent orchestration and chord progression. Pleasant listen!

5.Tere Liye-Jubin Nautiyal,Sunidhi Chauhan

Once again Amit brings in a mystical combination of string based orchestration (Chennai String Orchestra). The symphonic progression of the melody topped with Jubin Nautiyal's effervescent vocals makes the number an engaging listen. Sunidhi Chauhan showcases her singing prowess to the pinnacle, bringing out her melodious dimension beautifully. Another evergreen winner!

6.Ranga Re (Hindi)-Amit Trivedi,Sunidhi Chauhan

After a string of soulful melodious numbers, here comes a digitally sequenced track. However, Amit retains the melody in this one too, with the help of Sunidhi Chauhan, who oscillates between soothing tones and soprano notes. Amit joins her later with a Pashmina kind of rendition and does a fabulous job. Passionate composition!

7.Ranga Re (English)-Caralisa Monteiro,Amit Trivedi

The previous number appears in a English version too. There is no changeover in the tune or the orchestration, except for Caralisa Monteiro crooning in her enthralling voice. The album could have done without this track too, which I found as the only weak track in an otherwise marvelous soundtrack.


Amit Trivedi's second collaboration with Abhishek Kapoor has resulted in a magnificent soundtrack that is sure to break all the records and stay on the charts for a long time!

Rating: ****3/4


No picks. Just go for it! You will have a definite musical treat.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Jugni Music Review

Movie: Jugni

Cast: Sugandha Garg,Sadhana Singh,Siddhant Behl,Samir Sharma

Director: Shefali Bhushan

Music director: Clinton Cerejo

1.Jugni (Title Track)-Javed Bashir

Accompanied all over by jubilant guitar strums, this folkish title track composed by Clinton Cerejo is one of the best title songs of recent times. Clinton's experimental usage of guitar and mandolin along with the foot-tapping rhythm makes the number an energetic one. Javed Bashir's classical singing is sure to elevate your spiritual senses, especially his gamakas will make you want for more. Innovative beginning!

2.Dilaan De Saudey-Javed Bashir

With a steady rock base, Clinton comes up with yet another experimental track that might awe the music aficionados on the very first listen. The euphoric guitar strums along with a heartrending rhythm arrangement speaks volumes of creativity. Javed Bashir weaves magic with his voice yet again. The jathiswaras by him are the cherries on the cake. Pure bliss!

3.Dugg Duggi Dugg-Vishal Bharadwaj

Dulcet guitar strums welcome you to a melodious number. Clinton's tune works due to its simplicity and minimum usage of instruments, giving the earthy vocals of Vishal Bharadwaj more scope to perform. There is no unwanted gratuitous noise in the form of rhythm, as Clinton keeps it simple with just tabla beats. A neat melody!

4.Lakhon Salaam-A.R.Rahman,Kaashif Sahib

Right from the moment when Rahman's heavenly voice opens this song, listeners are pulled into a spiritual trance. The dark pathos mood of the song is elevated by the haunting flute sounds, the engaging beats and the divinely chorus. Kaashif Sahib does a splendid job by composing an addictive tune and roping the evergreen Mozart to croon it. Spirituality at its best!

5.Zarre Zarre Mein Noor Bhara-Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,Clinton Cerejo,Jazim Sharma

A delightful qawwali number is up next in the soundtrack. After a series of experimental tracks, Clinton drops down a bit to receive a bit of refreshment. The track has a heard-before feel as it imitates lots of previous qawwali numbers of Bollywood. However, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's spiritual voice and the radiant chorus make it an engaging listen for its long duration.

6.Dil Ke Sang-Nakash Aziz,Clinton Cerejo

The beginning of this number sounds too similar to Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai from Tamasha. No doubt, it is sung by Nakash Aziz who had also crooned the former number. It is a spot on Punjabi track with Punjabi slang lyrics and Bhangra beats. Though the tune has no changeover, it can appeal to lovers of Punjabi music.

7.Hatt Mullah-Baba Bulleh Shah,Clinton Cerejo,Bianca Gomes,Shellee

Bianco Gomes' mesmerizing vocals opens this number. Then Baba Bulleh Shah takes over with his raw vocals. Clinton Cerejo weaves a beautiful fusion of Punjabi flavor and soft rock, providing Arabic elements occasionally. Bianco's English lyrics as accompaniment is an innovative idea by the composer. Another highlight!

8.Joban Hai Shawaa-Neha Kakkar,Clinton Cerejo

If there is one aspect of this track that is worth mentioning, then it is Neha Kakkar's rustic vocals. She does a brilliant job in mending her voice in accordance with the Punjabi pop tune. The accompanying chorus are also vibrant in their respective renditions. But the song is just a passable listen.

9.Bolladiyaan-Rekha Bharadwaj,Clinton Cerejo

Clinton Cerejo churns out a classic melody with his signature guitar strums forming a mellifluous base. However, it is Rekha Bharadwaj's haunting vocals that shapes the number into an experience in itself. The slow progression of the tune along with the unplugged atmosphere makes for a serene listen. Will surely appeal to true music buffs!

10.Heer-Nakash Aziz,Clinton Cerejo

This short number almost sounds like a recital with Nakash Aziz's eerie vocals getting on to your nerves. Clinton composes a strictly situational number that might be played for a montage sequence.

11.Jugni (Unplugged)-Neha Kakkar,Javed Bashir

The ebullient title track arrives in an unplugged version. This one is taken over by the earthy vocals of Neha Kakkar, whose voice is punctuated by the harmonium sections. Javed Bashir is not left behind in this version. He sounds as brilliant as usual. Enjoyable as long as it lasts.

12.Hatt Mullah (Reprise)-Bianco Gomes,Clinton Cerejo

This reprise version of Hatt Mullah is a tranquil one with Bianco Gomes' voice permeating through the atmosphere, while Clinton Cerejo's vocals make quiet an impact. 


Clinton Cerejo's debut musical is rich in various flavors. He experiments with his compositions and brings out a brilliant soundtrack that is sure to stay on the playlists for a long time!

Rating: ***3/4


Jugni (Title Track),Dilaan De Saudey,Dugg Duggi Dugg,Lakhon Salaam,Hatt Mullah,Bolladiyaan

Friends (Marathi) Music Review

Movie: Friends

Cast: Swapnil Joshi,Sachit Patel,Gauri Nalawade

Director: R.Madhesh

Music director: Amit Raj,Pankaj Padghan,Nilesh Moharir

1.Dil Dosti Yaari Vaari-Harshavardhan Wavare,Amit Raj

Beginning on elite guitar strums, this peppy track is an ode to the theme of the movie. It speaks of friendship on the lines of a jubilant tune composed by Amit Raj. Both the singers Harshavardhan Wavare and Amit Raj make the number a pleasant listen. The rhythm changeover in the second interlude brings a freshness to the entire track. Definite chartbuster.

2.Premika-Vijay Prakash

An interesting fusion is up next in the album. This one is sometimes an endearing melody and sometimes a racy track. Blending a melodious tune accompanied by tabla beats, flute and piano sections with a digitally sequenced rhythm makes it an experimental number. Vijay Prakash elevates the song to higher levels with his dynamic rendition along with the aalaaps in the prelude and ending. A rich musical experience this one!

3.Man He Phakru-Jaanvee,Prabhu Arora

Based on the thisra nadai rhythm, this soul-stirring romantic ballad begins on a right note and keeps the listeners engaged with its melodiousness. Especially the singers Jaanvee and Prabhu Arora do complete justice to the free-flowing tune with their passionate rendition. The entire song is punctuated with abundant flute sections that provide a scintillating aura to the song. Another winner!

4.Raat Sarna Ghaav Sukhna-Urmila Dhangar

The album arrives to a fitting finale with a adrenaline-pumping track. It spells devotion right from the beginning. Urmila Dhangar's powerhouse singing along with the jathiswaras in the second interlude & ending and the drum beats make the number a heavenly listen. Going by the tone of the number, it might appear in a critical point in the movie.


Composers Amit Raj,Pankaj Padghan and Nilesh Moharir bring out a soundtrack that has chartbuster written all over it. It is a soothing musical extravaganza with a couple of melodies dominating it!

Rating: ***3/4


Premika,Man He Phakru

Monday, 18 January 2016

Miruthan Music Review

Movie: Miruthan

Cast: Jayam Ravi,Lakshmi Menon

Director: Shakti Soundar Rajan

Music director: D.Imman

1.Munnal Kadhali-Vishal dadlani,Sharanya Gopinath,D.Imman

The album begins on a high note with this energetic love track. Imman goes out of his comfort zone to compose an unconventional tune with excellent digital sequencing, pan flute loops and screeching hard rock guitar strums. Vishal Dadlani's powerhouse singing works in the favor of the track as he effuses energy with each and every line. Though the mood of the track is racy, there is an underlying melody that will definitely strike you. This number is gonna rock the charts!

2.Bitten By Insanity-Instrumental

Imman spins an intricate web of instrumental masterpiece that adopts well to the theme of the movie. Everything is so perfect in this theme- be it the brilliant violins, the engaging grand piano notes or the eerie chorus, everything falls into place aptly. Added to these, the thumping beats give an even more serious tone to the theme. Amazingly orchestrated!

3.Veri Veri Veri-Suraj Jagan,Maria Kavita Thomas

Once again Imman does a splendid job in composing an experimental track, unlike the songs that he has composed for his previous albums. In this track, he indulges in hard rock progression amply supported by the hoarse vocals of Suraj Jagan and the spooky humming by Maria Kavita Thomas. This number will definitely scorch the screens with its visuals.

4.Mirutha Mirutha-Vijay Yesudhas,Shreya Ghoshal,D.Imman

An emotional clarinet section opens this beautiful melodious duet. Shreya Ghoshal's honey-dipping voice welcomes the listeners, punctuated by a haunting tune, eerie symphonic progression, Vijay Yesudhas' heartrending vocals and the occasional trombone section. However, it is Shreya's passionate rendition that will melt your heart. Going by the lyrics, this track would appear in a critical point of the movie. Madhan Karky deserves a special mention  for the lyrics which speak about the unavoidable death and afterlife. Musically rich!

5.Horrifying Zombies-Instrumental

Imman composes yet another plot-specific theme. Here, he takes on hip-hop style for the rhythm arrangement and a retro feel for the orchestration. This theme exactly portrays the nature of zombies.

6.Munnal Kadhali (Reprise)-Haricharan

The chartbuster track of the album arrives as a mesmerizing reprise in the evergreen voice of Haricharan. His voice drips with melody as he croons his lines with passion. Imman gives a Jazz treatment to the entire number and provides indeed a treat with his excellent chord progression. The mellowed saxophone and piccolo sections in the background elevates the jazzy mood of the song. Heartwarming end!


Imman's urban outing is musically rich. The songs from this soundtrack are sure to be on the playlists for a long time!

Rating: ****


Munnal Kadhali,Bitten By Insanity,Mirutha Mirutha,Munnal Kadhali (Reprise)

Friday, 15 January 2016

Sanam Teri Kasam Music Review

Movie: Sanam Teri Kasam

Cast: Harshvardhan Rane,Mawra Hocane

Director: Radhika Rao,Vinay Sapru

Music director: Himesh Reshammiya

1.Sanam Teri Kasam-Ankit Tiwari,Palak Muchhal

An engaging title track is what Himesh Reshammiya serves us in the very beginning. What makes the song a haunting one is the addictive guitar strums in the prelude and interludes. In addition to that, Himesh indulges a dynamic violin section as accompaniment to the guitar. The free-flowing tune and an upbeat rhythm make it easy for Ankit Tiwari and Palak Muchhal to croon with passion in their voices. This one will stay on playlists for a long time!

2.Kheech Meri Photo-Neeti Mohan,Akasa Singh,Darshan Raval

The mood of the album changes with this party track. But mind it! This number isn't like the dance numbers of these days. It is more desilicious and the addictive techno beats & digital loops add zing to the tune. Neeti Mohan weaves magic with her voice and her soprano notes are pitch perfect. She is joined by Akasa Singh and Darshan Raval who quip in occasionally. Get on the dance floor with this different old-school party song!

3.Bewajah-Himesh Reshammiya

There is something about Bewajah that will surely make you revisit the track again and again. Especially if you're a fan of Himesh Reshammiya's voice, you'd love this one to the core. The soft rock progression along with the dulcet piano notes, lead guitar strums, romantic lyrics and of course Himesh's mellifluous rendition make this number a beautiful listen on a lovey-dovey evening. Another winner!

4.Tera Chehra-Arijit Singh

The mindblowing aspect that stands out in this track is the amazing tabla beats that accompany throughout the number. Himesh Reshmmiya composes a number that is sure to sweep the listeners' soul away. And to top the tune, there is Arijit Singh, who has become a mandatory singer in every soundtrack of these days. Himesh's trademark guitar strums play a major role here too. Experimentally melodious!

5.Haal-E-Dil (Male)-Sreerama Chandra

Finally, here comes a pathos that will melt your heart with its lyrics. Though the tune doesn't appeal on the first listen, it will grow on you like a slow poison. The haunting piano notes in the prelude and interludes increase the eerie aura of the song. Sreerama Chandra's slight classical rendition is definitely top class and his voice feels like honey to the ears.

6.Haal-E-Dil (Female)-Neeti Mohan

The above track arrives in a female version crooned by the lovely Neeti Mohan. This one is more upbeat, addictive and eerie. Especially, when Neeti begins 'Haal-E-Dil Mera...', it is heaven from that moment. You can plug on to this number on a serene night and get lost in her honey-dipping voice. Mandolins in the interlude deserve a special applause!

7.Ek Number-Himesh Reshammiya,Neeti Mohan

Neeti Mohan gets to croon yet another track and her stylish whispery rendition is the icing on the cake. Himesh's vocals are addictive and a tinge of classical is visible in his rendition. In terms of lyrics, this track spells modernity with the usage of urban words and slang. The steady rhythm pattern elevates the mood of the song. A decently enjoyable one!

8.Main Teri Yaadon Mein-Arijit Singh

Though this number is a racy one, Arijit Singh's classical rendition provides it a vague melodious touch. Apart from that, the tune isn't anything innovative and gets a tad boring after a point. This one can be listened on a long ride in the highways. A passable one from Himesh.

9.Sanam Teri Kasam (Reprise)-Mohammed Irfan,Palak Muchhal

The title track arrives in a reprise version and brings the album's curtains down in an elegant manner. Mohammed Irfan replaces Ankit Tiwari here and he puts up a commendable show with his sweet vocals, while Palak Muchhal gets the same lines to croon. However, the album could have done well even without this reprise version.


Himesh Reshammiya delivers a classic with this soundtrack in which each number is a gem on its own. Wish he composes more nowadays!

Rating: ****1/2


Sanam Teri Kasam,Kheech Meri Photo,Bewajah,Tera Chehra,Haal-E-Dil (Female),Ek Number

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Sanam Re Music Review

Movie: Sanam Re

Cast: Pulkit Samrat,Yami Gautam,Urvashi Rautela

Director: Divya Khosla Kumar

Music director: Mithoon,Jeet Ganguly,Amaal Malik,Epic Bhangra

1.Sanam Re-Arijit Singh,Anirudh Bhola

When the very first song in an album strikes your heart with its melodious dimension, you can really expect the rest of the soundtrack to be exceptionally good. Sanam Re puts you in the mood for a mushy romance with your loved one on a lovey-dovey winter evening. Arijit Singh's voice flows like honey and the backing vocals by Anirudh Bhola adds beauty to the number. The track has excellent instrumentation like the tabla beats and hard rock guitar section in the second interlude. Beautifully Mithoon-ish all the way! Definite chartbuster!

2.Gazab Ka Hai Ye Din-Arijit Singh

Amaal Malik dons the role of composer in this number. Right after a scintillating melody, this track has a sunny shade to it with its fun-filled tune pleasing to the ears. Arijit Singh's carefree singing makes the number even more enjoyable. The racy rhythm and the ebullient guitar strums paint a colorful mood to the entire song. A perfect listen for a long drive on a highway!

3.Hua Hain Aaj Pehli Baar-Amaal Malik,Armaan Malik,Palak Muchhal

Beginning with a lively strings section, this melodious number by Amaal Malik is instantly addictive from the very first listen. The steady rhythm pattern of the song gives a deja-vu of previous romantic duets in Bollywood, especially songs in the early 2000s. Amaal Malik ropes in his brother Armaan Malik to croon this number and he does complete justice to the tune. Palak Muchhal's modulated singing is refreshing to listen. Simple yet elegant!

4.Humne Pee Rakhi Hai-Jaz Dhami,Neha Kakkar,Ikka Singh

When the album is riding high on soul-stirring melodies, here comes a funky party number composed by Epic Bhangra. The song has all the elements of an outright chartbuster. Be it the repetitive loops, high voltage techno beats or the sultry vocals of Jaz Dhami, Neha Kakkar and Ikka Singh, this track is sure to pull people to the dance floor. 

5.Kya Tujhe Ab Ye Dil Bataye-Falak Shabir

Amaal Malik gets to compose yet another heartrending melody. Lyrics by Manoj Muntashir are top class here. The entire song has an old-school melody feel to it with the orchestration and the trance-like beats resembling songs from a bygone era. Falak Shabir's mellowed rendition makes the number a classic in all terms. An evergreen soft rock melody!

6.Tere Liye-Mithoon,Ankit Tiwari

Mithoon pairs up with composer-singer Ankit Tiwari for this song. This number is a downright pathos that would definitely suit the lovelorn guys out there. The slow pace of the number is the only drawback here. Otherwise Mithoon composes a soulful tune and spices it up with mellowed violins and of course Ankit Tiwari's vocals. He too croons certain lines which deserve an applause.

7.Tum Bin-Shreya Ghoshal

Tum Bin Jiya Jaaye Kaise from Tum Bin by Nikhil-Vinay gets a rehash in this album. This version is composed by Jeet Ganguly who teams up with the evergreen Shreya Ghoshal whose honey-dipping voice makes the number oh-so mushy. Being a male vocals dominated album, this song provides a sense of relief to the listeners. Shreya's gamakas provide a slight classical touch to the tune. Kudos to Jeet Ganguly for a ghazal gem!

8.Chhote Chhote Tamashe-Shaan

The soundtrack arrives to a grand finale with this fun-filled number. Jeet Ganguly takes you on a retro tour with this 60s-like song. Shaan's exuberant vocals peps up the playfulness of the track. Jeet Ganguly indulges some violins in the interlude which increases the happy mood of the song. If you want to listen to an upbeat number to spruce up your dull mood, then go for this one!


Though Sanam Re is replete with heartwarming melodies, it also has a party track and a couple of fun-filled numbers to cater to every mood of yours. The year 2016 gets yet another wonderful soundtrack!

Rating: ****


Sanam Re,Gazab Ka Hai Yeh Din,Hum Hain Aaj Pehli Baar,Kya Tujhe Ab Ye Dil Bataye,Tum Bin,Chhote Chhote Tamashe

Monday, 11 January 2016

Airlift Music Review

Movie: Airlift

Cast: Akshay Kumar,Nimrat Kaur

Director: Raja Krishna Menon

Music director: Amaal Malik,Ankit Tiwari

1.Soch Na Sake-Arijit Singh,Tulsi Kumar,Amaal Malik

Soch Na Sake is a lilting melody in the brilliant voices of Arijit Singh and Tulsi Kumar. The singers render a beautiful aura to the mellifluous tune with their honey-dipping voices. Amaal Malik weaves a composition that is sure to melt the hearts of the listeners and become an instant hit. This adaptation of Hardy Sandhu's Soch will be on your playlists for a long time!

2.Dil Cheez Tujhe Dedi-Ankit Tiwari,Arijit Singh

The album veers off to a dance number that is instantly addictive right from the beginning. Ankit Tiwari composes this track which sees the use of Arabic instruments and words in the lyrics. The catchy phrase 'Dedi Dedi' is sure to get on to your nerves after a few listens. Arijit Singh's voice for this song suits aptly and he makes the number more enjoyable. Chartbuster!

3.Mera Nachan Nu-Brijesh Sandhilya,Divya Kumar,Amaal Malik

A foot-tapping Punjabi track is up next. Divya Kumar lends soul to the number with his flawless singing while Brijesh Sandhilya and Amaal Malik complement him well. Though the song has traces of previous Punjabi numbers in Bollywood, it is still engaging with the free-flowing tune and upbeat rhythm pattern. Let the celebration begin!

4.Tu Bhoola Jise-K.K

Patriotic beats and orchestration in this number welcome the listeners in a grand manner. But soon the melodious progression of the song takes over, with K.K crooning the lines soulfully. Though the number is a situational one, it is sure to be a tear-jerker, when played on the screens.

5.Soch Na Sake (Solo Version)-Arijit Singh

This version of Soch Na Sake is a direct rip off from the original one. There is no changeover in this version and you get to listen the same Arijit Singh crooning the lines with passion. However, it is a bliss to listen to this heartmelting melody once again in the soundtrack.


Though the movie has a serious tone to it, it is musically rich with the numbers turning out to be chartbusters. Kudos to Amaal Malik and Ankit Tiwari!

Rating: ***3/4


Soch Na Sake,Dil Cheez Tujhe Badi,Mera Nachan Nu

Thursday, 7 January 2016

12 songs of Harris Jayaraj that are classically rich

Harris Jayaraj! When you hear his name, it is the happy and feel-good numbers that come to your mind. His melodies are heartwarming, his western numbers are a rage among the youngsters and his folk songs cater to the commercial needs of the industry. As he celebrates his 41st birthday tomorrow, I bring you 12 songs of his that have a rich classical touch to them.

12.Aazhiyile (Dhaam Dhoom)

This short number sung by Haricharan is one of the best love numbers that has a tinge of classical to it. The free-flowing steady rhythm is the icing on the cake!

11.Unakenna Venum Sollu (Yennai Arindhaal)

Though this song isn't a complete classical one, the gamakas by Mahathi, added to the honey-dipping voice of Benny Dayal, provide a classical aura to it.

10.Mun Andhi (7am Arivu)

Even this number doesn't fall into the category of being a pure classical song. But Karthik's rendition of lines in the charanams are a bliss to the ears of classical music lovers.

9.Ragasiya Kanavugal (Bheema)

This song has touches of Hindustani classical music to it. The folkish rhythm is the specialty of this number which is sung by Hariharan and Madhushree.

8.Anbe Anbe (Ithu Kathirvelan Kadhal)

In the evergreen voices of Harish Ragavendra and Harini, this romantic song has an exquisite touch of classical to it.

7.Nenjil Nenjil (Engeyum Kadhal)

Based on the Charukesi raaga, this sweet love number is replete with gamakas and tabla beats. Added to the pleasant tune is the heavenly vocals of Harish Ragavendra and Chinmayi Sripada.

6.Ithuthaana Ithuthaana (Saamy)

This classical number in the vintage voice of K.S.Chitra has been the dream song of every girl. It's still fresh when listened to.

5.Annul Mele (Vaaranam Aayiram)

In the soothing vocals of Carnatic singer Sudha Raghunathan, this pleasing number makes for a peaceful listen on a serene night.

4.Kumari (Anniyan)

This is the pucca classical song that has the tinge of a Tamil Brahmin touch to it. Only Shankar Mahadevan can croon such beautiful numbers.

3.En Kaadhal Thee (Irandaam Ulagam)

S.P.Balasubramaniam's evergreen voice, an upbeat rhythm, usage of classical instruments and a traditional chorus. What more can you ask for in a semi-classical number?

2.Oorellaam Unnai Kandu (Nanbenda)

This number from 2015 is one of the classically rich love songs that Kollywood has seen in recent times. Two eminent classical singers Unni Krishnan and Bombay Jayashree have sung this one.

1.Iyengaaru Veetu (Anniyan)

The best ever classical song composed by Harris! Legendary singers Hariharan and Harini have rendered this beautiful number.

Happy Birthday Harris Jayaraj! Long Live!

Jil Jung Juk Music Review

Movie: Jil Jung Juk

Cast: Siddharth,Avinash Raghudevan,Sananth Reddy

Director: Deeraj Vaidy

Music director: Vishal Chandrashekhar

1.Shoot The Kuruvi-Anirudh Ravichander,Datho Radha Ravi,Siddharth

A scintillating melody by Vishal Chandrashekhar opens this album. But mind it, this is no ordinary melody song that you might expect. It comes with a twist. It's a soup song, replete with quirky lyrics, sans the commercial element or kuthu beats. The mellowed repetitive rhythm, minimal instrumentation, Anirudh's velvety voice and Radha Ravi & Siddharth's musings make this number an instant winner. If you are in the mood to listen to a different number, go for this!

2.Domer U Lord U-Anthony Daasan,Kavitha Thomas

This one is a funky number that is filled with a plethora of funny words, digital sequencing and western instruments. The racy rhythm is foot-tapping and peps up the enjoyable mood of the song. Anthony Daasan and Kavitha Thomas put in their best with their powerhouse rendition. Makes for a good one-time listen.

3.Red Road U-Santhosh Narayanan,Sean Roldan,Vishal Chandrashekhar

Vishal Chandrashekhar takes you on a retro journey with this carefree number. The song has touches of the 60s pop beats and disco loops. Santhosh Narayanan's nasal singing is the icing on the cake while Sean Roldan and Vishal complement him well. The accompaniment of electric violins in the background is an innovative thought by the composer. Utterly enjoyable!

4.Casanova-Andrea Jeremiah

Digital sequences, slow EDM progression and jazz rhythm adds a touch of modernity to this number. However, it is Andrea Jeremiah's seductive rendition that makes the number a sultry listen. Though the song is not instantly addictive, it might take a few repeated listens to get used to it.


This short soundtrack by Vishal Chandrashekhar is strictly situational with two numbers standing out from the rest.

Rating: ***


Shoot The Kuruvi,Red Road U

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Saala Khadoos Music Review

Movie: Saala Khadoos

Cast: R.Madhavan,Ritika Singh,Nassar,Radharavi

Director: Sudha Kongara

Music director: Santhosh Narayanan

1.Saala Khadoos-Vishal Dadlani

Santhosh Narayanan's signature guitar section in the prelude sets the stage for an energetic introduction song. It is Vishal Dadlani's powerhouse singing along with the exuberant chorus that pushes the envelope in the tune. A perfect intro song for the lead!

2.Jhalli Patakha-Sunidhi Chauhan

Here comes a song that is more South Indian-ish in terms of the rhythm which has the ultimate kuthu beats. Other than the rhythm, there is nothing special tune-wise or the orchestration. It's just a passable number that can be enjoyed for Sunidhi Chauhan's sultry vocals.

3.Dil Ye Ladaku-Monali Thakur

A carefree melody is up next in the album. Monali Thakur's playful rendition amply supported by the soulful violins and the endearing flute sections makes this number a heartwarming listen. The surprise factor of the song is that it doesn't have any beats to form as the rhythm, expect the accompaniment of male vocals in a din din sound. Very experimental! Hit the repeat button!

4.Jagaa Khunnas-Vishal Dadlani,Vijaynarain Rangarajan

Vishal Dadlani once again gets to croon a power-packed track that has Santhosh Narayanan's stamp all over it. Be it the hard rock base, the guitar solo by guitarist Joseph Vijay or the supporting vocals by Vijaynarain Rangarajan, Santhosh composes an instant winner. This song will surely scorch the screens with its visuals.

5.Dhuaan Hai Dhuaan Zindagi-Kalyani Nair

Santhosh Narayanan ropes in his favorite Kalyani Nair to render this scintillating melody. Though it is her debut in Hindi, she comes out with flying colors with her sweet voice permeating the serene atmosphere of the tune. The chord progression, accompanied by mellowed piano notes is a bliss to listen to. Soul-stirring!


Only a few South Indian music composers can do complete justice in Bollywood. And now Santhosh Narayanan joins the bandwagon of A.R.Rahman and Ilaiyaraaja with this exhilarating debut. A very promising soundtrack!

Rating: ***1/2


Saala Khadoos,Dil Ye Ladaku,Dhuaan Hai Dhuaan Zindagi

20 songs sung by A.R.Rahman that will melt your heart

Yay!!! It's A.R.Rahman's birthday. What else is more exciting on January 6th other than the Mozart's birthday? He is the synonym of God in terms of music. His compositions have been the companion in times of happiness as well as distress. His soul-stirring, path-breaking, scintillating, heartwarming and unconventional numbers have rocked the entire world. Right from Roja till Tamasha, A.R.Rahman has been adding new dimensions to music. Though he is the winner of the prestigious Oscar award, his humbleness is what makes him stand out from the rest. He has a song for every mood and feeling of yours. Just tune in to his songs, you'd know what it is to feel like being in heaven.

Well, I came across many posts like 13 unforgettable songs of Rahman, 30 underrated songs of Rahman you should listen right now and such and such. So I thought to travel the less taken route. Here I present 20 songs sung by Rahman that are melodious, experimental and inspirational.

20.Elay Keechan (Kadal)

Rahman modulates his effervescent vocals into a quirky one for this seaside number. This one is sure to make you feel happy on a sunny day!

19.Kya Hai Mohabbat (Ek Deewana Tha)

This number oozes with love from all its corners. The orchestral sounds that surround this number are its specialty.

18.Aise Na Dekho (Raanjhanaa)

This was the most underrated track of the album. But this number turned as one of the gems that were passionately crooned by Rahman himself.

17.Columbus Columbus (Jeans)

This fast-paced happy number formed as the dance sequence for every boy in the late 90s. And what's more, the topping on the cake was Rahman's vocals.

16.Tu Koi Aur Hai (Tamasha)

Rahman's effervescent rendition in this number is sure to pull you into a trance. If you are someone who likes dreamy numbers, then you should plug in to this one!

15.Ellapugazhum (Azhagiya Tamil Magan)

Want that motivation inside you? Want to feel inspired to achieve more? Just listen to this number in Rahman's energetic voice. Period.

14.Mental Manadhil (OK Kanmani)

The anthem of every youngster in 2015 was this number. This one was sooooo good only because of Rahman's pepped up rendition that was instantly addictive.

13.Khwaja Mere Khwaja (Jodhaa Akbar)

Spirituality was redefined with this number. If you are a Sufi music buff, you'd know how this number would have changed you into a better person with all its sacredness.

12.Anbe Aaruyire (Ah Aah)

The year 2005 had a song crooned by Rahman that was an instant hit with the youngsters. And it still feels fresh whenever it is played on the radio or TV.

11.Patakha Guddi (Highway)

How many of you know that there was a male version of Patakha Guddi in the movie Highway? Rahman's rendition will surely make you feel empowered. Just close your eyes and listen to it!

10.Tu Bole (Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na)

This number was a whiff of fragrance in 2008 when people weren't much accustomed to the use of jazz in Indian music. And it couldn't have been better without Rahman's vocals in it.

9.Urvasi Urvasi (Kadhalan)

Awwww!!! The dream song of every South Indian in the 90s. Rahman broke the barrier around him and rendered this number with elan. You'd still feel like dancing when you listen to this one.

8.Mustafa Mustafa (Kaadhal Desam)

This number still remains the anthem of friendship and it still is being played in every college farewell parties. Rahman's rendition is sure to move you to tears.

7.Ye Jo Des Hai Tera (Swades)

Every true patriot of this country would be able to relate to this number and every citizen who has moved out of India would want to come back by just listening to this song in the resplendent voice of Rahman!

6.Maahi Ve (Highway)

Wake up, tune in to this number and ka-boom! Your day will be completely filled with a feel-good emotion which you can never experience without Rahman's heartmelting vocals in this one.

5.Nenje Ezhu (Mariyaan)

This number speaks about the power of undying love. Rahman catered to the needs of every romantic with this motivational love song.

4.Vellai Pookal (Kannathil Muthamittal)

Let peace prevail in the world. That was the theme of this number. And Rahman's voice permeates through the serene aura that engulfs this song!

3.Rehna Tu (Delhi-6)

I just cannot get enough with this number. It just gets better and better with every listening. Though the number is a 7 year old one, it is still fresh and when Rahman croons 'Tujhe chahoon jaisa hai tu...' in his sultry vocals, it is pure bliss!

2.Newyork Nagaram (Sillunu Oru Kaadhal)

Then, what else? Should I say anything about this number? As fresh as ever, as heartmelting as ever and as heavenly as ever!

1.Iru Pookal/Dil Se Re (Uyire/Dil Se)

This number needs no explanation. Easily the best of the lot!

Long Live ARR! Many happy returns to you!!!

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