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Bombay Velvet Music Review

Movie: Bombay Velvet

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor,Anushka Sharma

Director: Anurag Kashyap

Music director: Amit Trivedi

1.Aam Hindustani-Shefali Alvares

The opening number of this retro soundtrack begins with a potpourri of instruments in a circus type music. This song is a celebration all along the way with clarinets, trumpets, mellowed piano notes and horns. It perfectly reflects the jazz feel of the 60s. Shefali Alvares' playful rendition is a sure treat to the ears. She sounds perfect in the 'Pyaar mein thenga' line. Enjoyable!

2.Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 2)-Neeti Mohan

An upbeat romantic club number that sounds like a perfect waltz of the 60s. The heroine of this song is none other than the sweet-sounding Neeti Mohan. Her modulations like laughing, hiccuping and scathing will make you to listen to this number repeatedly. This one hooks you on instantly in the very first listen. What is more prominent in this number is the occasional xylophone sounds that elevates the beauty of this song. A complete gem!

3.Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 3)-Shefali Alvares

Beginning with elegant horns, this number is same as the previous version. The only difference is Shefali Alvares' rendition. Unlike Neeti Mohan, she appends more peppiness to the number.

4.Ka Kha Ga-Neeti Mohan

Awww! The beginning trumpet of this number is much similar to 'Arere arere kya hua'. But soon the number rockets off to a mellowed waltz piece that spews out a calm feeling to the listeners. It is once again Neeti Mohan's show in this number too. Whether it's the low notes or the seductive emotion, she croons in such a passionate manner that one would want to listen to her non-stop. Here too she scats like an experienced singer and excels in the 'Ka kha ga' line. Classic!

5.Dhadaam Dhadaam-Neeti Mohan

Up next is a soft jazz number that is sure to blow your minds away. Let it be the dreamy violin beginning, the saxophone sounds that trot along, the dulcet guitar strums, the waltz rhythm or Neeti Mohan's suprano notes, this number excels in all the categories. If you love slow jazz songs of the 60s, you would surely fall in love with this one.

6.Naak Pe Gussa-Neeti Mohan

Amit Trivedi offers yet another waltz number that is more playful than the previous numbers. It's the time for Neeti Mohan to rule the music industry with her flawless voice. She proves her mettle with this wonderfully constructed number. This is a perfect love song for all the girls to swoon over their man. Neeti Mohan all the way!

7.Sylvia-Neeti Mohan

After slow jazz and waltz numbers, it's time to tap your feet to some celebratory music. The beginning of this track sounds like tones plucked straight out of a Laurel & Hardy movie. This number brilliantly reproaches the famous Nanavati-Sylvia-Ahuja case that rocked the headlines in the 60s. Neeti Mohan's energetic rendition is top class.


Now it's the time for the male counterpart to yield the megaphone for a slow jazz number that oozes with melody right from the word go. Papon's soothing rendition is a delight to the listeners as he reaches the high notes with elan. The alongside trumpets and piano notes are an added advantage to this seductive number. Passionate!

9.Shut Up-Shefali Alvares

Beginning with magnificent band like orchestration, this peppy number has Shefali Alvares crooning in a mischievous nature. Though the song promises to be a foot-tapping jazz number, it is marred by the blaring instruments which swallows Shefali's voice towards the end. Weakest track of the album!

10.Behroopia-Mohit Chauhan,Neeti Mohan

And here comes that romantic ballad that you have been waiting for. A breezy duet that is sure to sweep your feet away, especially if you listen along with your beloved. The effervescent feel of this number is provided by the slow rhythm, dulcet trumpet and flute drops. Mohit Chauhan's voice is euphonious and Neeti Mohan is at her passionate best. Soul-stirring track!

11.The Bombay Velvet Theme-Instrumental

Amit Trivedi proves that he is the right choice for this soundtrack with this breathtaking instrumental. It is a magical theme track that is completely filled with haunting lead guitar strums, oboe and horns.  Mindblowing!


This one will surely turn out to be a situational theme music. Once again the oboe plays a major part here along with brilliant orchestration.

13.Tommy Gun-Instrumental

Drums adorn this entire instrumental in various rhythms along with majestic trumpets and horns. Wonderful show!

14.Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 1)-Shalmali Kholgade

Of all the versions, this is the most flirtatious and enjoyable one. Mickey McCleary has constructed the number in such a addictive manner that he makes sure it tops the three versions. Shalmali Kholgade croons like a pro with her voice throwing surprises at times. Perfect for a madly lovestruck listener!


Amit Trivedi once again proves that he is the master of innovative compositions. The soundtrack requires a retro rehash all over and he provides more than that! Though it is a contemporary album, it will grow on the casual listeners after repeated hearings.

Rating: ****


Aam Hindustani,Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Version 2),Ka Kha Ga,Naak Pe Gussa,Darbaan,Behroopia,The Bombay Velvet Theme,Mohabbat Buri Bimari (Vesion 1)

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