Monday, 25 May 2015

Kaaka Muttai Music Review

Movie: Kaaka Muttai

Cast: Ramesh,Vignesh,Iyshwarya Ramesh

Director: M.Manikandan

Music director: G.V.Prakash Kumar

1.Sel Sel-Sathya Prakash

A feel-good number that is splashed with enormous amounts of mellowed beats and an instantly likeable rhythm. This melodious number has got all the right elements to become a chartbuster because of the aura that surrounds the simple tune. G.V.Prakash induces some brilliant interludes with the Sitar and Shehnai. It is refreshing to listen to Sathya Prakash's lively rendition and his Hindustani modulations. The lyrics elegantly trace the life of the boys in slums. Overall, this number is magic personified!

2.Maanjaave Kaanjachu-Gaana Bala,Srihari

This number picks up from where Oda Oda Oda Dhooram Koraiyale left. The tune construction and the rhythm arrangement are similar much like the former number. The only difference is the vocals of Gaana Bala and Srihari. Especially it is surprising to listen to Gaana Bala changing his gears with this number and his voice is difficult to identify. The violin section in the second interlude scores higher than other aspects of the song.

3.Karuppu Karuppu-G.V.Prakash

A dynamic fusion of our own Dappankuthu beats and Western Hip hop that pulls the listeners into a trance. This number turns out to be one of the remarkable compositions of G.V.Prakash in terms of tuning and vocals. Though the rhythm never gains momentum, this song will be surely enjoyed by listeners who appreciate innovative compositions. This track is a meeting of the East and West!

4.Edhai Ninaithom-G.V.Prakash

Sombre mood is the dominant factor of this number. G.V.Prakash croons with such passion in his voice so that the listeners don't easily deviate from the slow pace of the song. The track works with just the accompaniment of dulcet guitar strums. A perfect unplugged number for serene evenings spent in solitude.


After some lacklustre albums, G.V.Prakash makes a strong comeback with this feel-good album. This will be one of his finest works in his music career.

Ratings: ****


Sel Sel,Karuppu Karuppu

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