Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Kaaval Music Review

Movie: Kaaval

Cast: Vemal,Samuthirakani,Amirtha

Director: R.Nagendran

Music director: G.V.Prakash

1.Sakka Podu-Tipu,Santhosh Hariharan

A typical intro song for the hero and his gang of friends. We have heard much similar songs like this one, that too especially in G.V.Prakash's music. Two talented singers Tipu and Santhosh Hariharan render the number with the required amount of energy. The synthesizer and guitar usage are well defined in this song.

2.Aadu Annatha-Velmurugan,Maalvika Manoj,Santhosh Hariharan

Pure folk is up next in this album. The number begins on an addictive violin solo but soon it follows the stereotyped template of all folk songs. The rhythm is easily relatable. Even the vocals of Velmurugan, Maalvika Manoj and Santhosh Hariharan are stereotyped as they can easily get off with songs in this genre. Only Maalvika's voice stands out.

3.Un Kannukullara-G.V.Prakash,Priya Hemesh

I just cannot figure out the fetish of G.V.Prakash for folk songs. It sounds much similar to the previous number, the only difference being the vocals. This number too follows the same rhythm template with some additional humming in the interludes. There is nothing new in this number. Skip this one!

4.Natta Nadu Iravule-Sanjana Divaker Kalmanje,Dharan Kumar

A slow and haunting pathos that is beautifully composed. The best part of this song is Sanjana Divaker Kalmanje's rendition. She emotes well with her voice bringing the sense of mild pain in love. The entire number solely depends on the piano notes and an exquisite violin section in the interlude. Best of the lot!

5.Aavaaram Poovukkum-Megha

This number is the surprise package of the entire album. It is a tribal song that is on the lines of Aasaiya Kaathula in terms of rhythm. Megha's rustic rendition is addictive and she croons with ease. With minimal orchestration, G.V.Prakash manages to make this number a likeable one. The flute and guitar in the interludes transport the listeners to a real aboriginal place. Another winner!

6.Kaaval Theme-Instrumental

A short theme that creates the right atmosphere required by the movie. We have heard much better themes from G.V.Prakash. It's time to take a break.


Well, this album is yet another debacle for G.V.Prakash. He must try to think out of his own templates and create tunes that are innovative. This is nowhere near to his recent hit Kaaka Muttai!

Rating: **


Natta Nadu Iravula,Aavaaram Poovukkum

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