Thursday, 7 May 2015

Vaa Deal Music Review

Movie: Vaa Deal

Cast: Arun Vijay,Karthika Nair

Director: Shiva Gnanam

Music director: S.S.Thaman

1.Vaa Deal-Suchith Suresan,Sooraj Santhosh,Senthildass,Sam.P.Keerthan,Megha

Thaman composes a rocking opening track in his signature style. The combined voices of the singers provide an energetic tone that is sure to linger in our minds for a long time. This number is sure to be a hit among the youngsters soon and it may also become a chartbuster. The icing on the cake is Megha's humming in the interlude. Powerful!

2.Paesi Paesi-Haricharan,Chorus

Beginning with female chorus, this hummable number is a foot-tapping melody that is on the lines of Thuli Thuli from Paiya. And coincidentally, this one is also crooned by the versatile singer Haricharan. The flute in the interlude is well woven, making the number a pleasant one. Breezy!

3.Andharu Andharu-Velmurugan

A typical mass song that is mostly found in almost all commercial albums of Thaman. Though there is nothing new in this number, Velmurugan's rendition will make you throw away all your worries and dance to the beats. This number is sure to scorch the screens with its visuals.

4.Sound Of Deal-Instrumental

A folk instrumental that spells 'commercial' right from the word 'go'. Strictly for the first benchers!

5.The Deal Theme Song-Instrumental

Contrary to the previous theme, this one is a stylish theme that provides the right mood for the movie.


This short soundtrack from Thaman is a delight to his fans. Though the songs are stereotyped, they are chartbuster materials.

Rating: ***


Vaa deal,Paesi Paesi

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