Friday, 29 May 2015

Hamari Adhuri Kahani Music Review

Movie: Hamari Adhuri Kahani

Cast: Emraan Hashmi,Vidya Balan,Rajkumar Rao

Director: Mohit Suri

Music director: Mithoon,Jeet Ganguly,Ami Mishra

1.Hamari Adhuri Kahani-Arijit Singh

Violin solos dominate this mesmerizing title track. With the accompaniment of mellowed piano tones, this number is sure to blow your mind away. Arijit Singh is the soul of this song as he croons perfectly as a love-struck guy. The flute in the interludes and the sound of water droplets provide the right melange of brilliant orchestration. Though it isn't another Tum Hi Ho, this number has its own way of lingering in our minds!


Up next is also a soothing melody that is quiet different in style of composition. Mithoon composes this number with such a passion that everything sounds perfect. Mild beats, violin section in the second interlude and dulcet guitar strums work well in favor of the song. Papon's voice elevates the tune to a higher level. Though you may not get familiar with this number in the first listen, it will surely grow on you with repeated listens. 

3.Yeh Kaisi Jagah-Deepali Sathe

An addictive track that will stir your soul on the very first listen. The effervescent feel that this melodious number provides is enough for the listeners to remain in a trance for the complete 4:37 minutes. Jeet Ganguly creatively induces classical elements in this number. Deepali Sathe sounds like an evergreen singer of the 90s while Zubeen Garg's aalaaps in the interlude are mindblowing. Pure magic! Haunting! Hit the repeat button!

4.Hasi-Ami Mishra

Composer Ami Mishra debuts with this song. The number has a global feel to it that will make you fall in love with it. If you have been a fan of songs that has Emraan Hashmi swooning over on screen, then you would surely love this one. The lyrics speak about undying love and the lead guitar in the interludes are simply amazing. This track will act as a slow poison on the listeners!

5.Hasi (Female)-Shreya Ghoshal

Here is the next Sun Raha Hai Na. Right from the orchestration, the rhythm and the flute arrangement are much similar to the super-hit number from Aashiqui 2. Not to forget, Shreya Ghoshal is the lifeline of this song. Her honey-dipping voice will be the prime reason for this number to turn into a chartbuster. Lovely!

6.Hamari Adhuri Kahani (Encore)-Jeet Ganguly

This version is a straightforward rip off of the original version. The only difference is the vocals. Here Jeet Ganguly sounds more laidback and sings by investing his soul into it. Otherwise, there is nothing new in this track.


Mohit Suri's previous films Aashiqui 2 and Ek Villain topped the list of my 'Top ten' albums. Hamari Adhuri Kahani will also find a place in my list due to the soulful melodies that the album contains. Given the names of Mithoon and Jeet Ganguly, this mellifluous soundtrack will top the charts for a long time.

Rating: ****


Hamari Adhuri Kahani,Yeh Kaisi Jagah,Hasi (Both versions)

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