Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Isai Music Review

Movie: Isai

Cast: S.J.Suryah,Sulagna Panigrahi

Director: S.J.Suryah

Music director: S.J.Suryah 

It is S.J.Suryah who rules over here. He directs,composes and acts in the film. With a musical title like 'Isai', let's see how the songs have turned up.

1.HNY Puthandin-S.J.Suryah

The musical album kick starts with a party track that is high on energy. With techno beats, S.J.Suryah's digitalized voice and the backup vocals, this song is sure to make its way to the party floors. The electronic guitar is used very well in this tantalizing yet soft fast number. The track has an overall 80s feeling and sounds similar to Ilamai Idho Idho. An upbeat beginning!

2.Isai Veesi-Chinmayi Sripada

Wow! That's the only word I can say. This soft melody is mesmerizing right from the beginning and it instantly hooks you on. The slow laid back beats with dulcet guitar strums and birds chirping makes it overall scintillating. I am running out of words to describe Chinmayi's singing. She sings with elan and her whispery rendition is the highlight. And of course, the track is composed in my favorite raga Keeravani which makes it a haunting listen. Gives you goosebumps! Hit the repeat button!

 3.Atho Vaanile Nila-Karthik,Chinmayi,Deva

A retro duet that has foot tapping beats and minimal orchestration. S.J.Suryah must be applauded for weaving a simple yet catchy tune that will ask for a repeated listening. When it comes to antique compositions, Karthik voice suits the best. Chinmayi once again yields the megaphone and she is just awesome. Composer and gaana singer Deva's bit in the second interlude comes as a surprise.

4.Nee Poiya-Vijay Yesudhas

This pathos begins with slight piano notes that is taken over by the flute. And then begins the real magic when Vijay Yesudhas begins crooning. He brings out the gloominess and sounds like a lovelorn guy. This number is sure to find a special place in Tamil sad songs list. Hats off to S.J.Suryah for this endearing track!

5.Dirty Dancing-Shalini Singh

A song that falls into two categories: Hip hop and Kuthu. Though it seems to be upbeat, it gets repetitive and you will find yourself hitting the skip button. Maybe this number is the weakest in the album. Even Shalini Singh can't save the track from ending up as a mundane one.

6.Lip Lock Theme-Chinmayi

It's a beautiful theme backed up by Chinmayi's breezy vocals and lilting piano tones. It is short, sweet and enchanting to listen!

7.She Is His Piano Theme-Chinmayi

A piano theme composed in Keeravani raga. Of course, it is the instrumental version of Isai Veesi number. Chinmayi makes an appearance yet again and this time she is engaged with additional mild chorus. This theme is magical as long as it lasts!

8.Baby Theme-Chinmayi

The album comes to an ending with a short lullaby in the voice of Chinmayi. The slight beats,guitar strums and piano notes are lilting as usual.


Now we get to see S.J.Suryah's another dimension and he spells magic with his debut album. The songs are melodious and Chinmayi rules throughout the entire album. Kudos to S.J.Suryah!

Rating: ***


Isai Veesi,Nee Poiya,Lip Lock Theme,She Is His Piano Theme


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