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PK Music Review

Movie: PK (2014)

Cast: Aamir Khan,Anushka Sharma

Director: Rajkumar Hirani

Music director: Shantanu Moitra,Ajay-Atul,Ankit Tiwari


Well, if it's a Rajkumar Hirani film, then there is supposed to be high dosage of comedy and some funky music. Boasting of popular names like Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma, it is evident that the music of this film has been much awaited for. With three composers on board, let's see whether the music is as funky as it is assumed to be.

1.Tharki Chokro-Swaroop Khan

This is what is called as kickstarting an album! The energy that this Rajasthani folk possesses is unmatchable to any other number in the recent times. Indian Idol contestant Swaroop Khan has his way with this song, blending his voice to add the right amount of zeal to this foot tapping number. Guest composer Ajay-Atul whips in a fresh and colorful track that is sure to be a chartbuster. A great beginning!

2.Love Is Waste Of Time-Sonu Nigam,Shreya Ghoshal

A breezy and funky duet that is groovy and pleasant to the ears at the same time. Backed up by violins and harmonica for each line, this track gets even lovable as it progresses. Sonu Nigam's childish rendition is the icing on the sweet cake and Shreya Ghoshal serves as an extra topping on it. Though you can't fail to notice its similarity with Zoobi Doobi, you can still enjoy this peppy number for its innocence.

3.Nanga Punga Dost-Shreya Ghoshal

Beginning with laidback guitar strums and mellowed violin, this solo number is groovy with quirky lyrics. Shanthanu composes this number in a nursery rhyme like pattern that is instantly likeable. Shreya Ghoshal's voice is slightly modulated to bring in the naughtiness mood of the song. Nevertheless, it is the violin that stands out in this track. Enjoyable!

4.Chaar Kadam-Shaan,Shreya Ghoshal

Here comes a love ballad that has a retro feel to it. It is an haunting melody that will grow on you on the very first listen. The mystical piano touches are an added advantage to the beautiful number. This track is sure to make it to the radio stations and stay on for a longer time. And Shaan! He is amazing in his perfect rendition and Shreya Ghoshal complements him well. A lovely duet for the romantics!

5.Bhagwan Hai Kahan Re Tu-Sonu Nigam

After a series of catchy yet melodious songs, the album switches to a spiritual mode with this number. Sonu Nigam's emotional singing makes the song a situational one. He brings out the sensations of sorrow with his voice and it is his show all the way. Shanthanu Moitra's orchestration is perfect and Swanand Kirkire's lyrics strike a chord with the listeners.

6.Dil Darbar-Ankit Tiwari

Ankit Tiwari appears as a guest composer with this number. This number is a soft rock that has touches of Ankit's previous works. It sounds like Galliyan at many places which makes this number to lay two notches below the other numbers. It also gets boring mid way and falls into a mundane template later. Could have been better!

7.PK Dance Theme-Instrumental

The album arrives at a finale with this instrumental piece. Despite being termed as a dance theme, it is a sweet instrumental with crazy string sections that is easy on the ears. Kudos to Shanthanu Moitra!


Shanthanu Moitra's PK is a musically rich album that must not be missed. Though it has shades of 3 Idiots, it is rarely noticeable in this awesome soundtrack.

Rating: ***3/4


Tharki Chokro,Nanga Punga Dost,Chaar Kadam


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