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Harris unleashed!

I am not a great fan of Harris Jayaraj's music. But there are some songs which have stirred my soul. Out of the 200 (approx) songs which he has composed, I love around 60 songs. These numbers have either played a vital part in my life or they are just instantly likeable. Here goes the list in alphabetical order:

1. Aagaya Sooriyanai-Harish Ragavendra,Harini (Samurai)

This number is completely soul stirring with its amazing beats and some power-packed performances by Harish Ragavendra (my uncle) and Harini.

2.Aariya Udhadugal-Hariharan,Swarnalatha (Chellame)

This song carries the same feel of the previous one but with a different rhythm. And you can't miss this one which has the deadly combination Hariharan and Swarnalatha (remember Hai Rama?).

3.Aazhiyile-Haricharan (Dhaam Dhoom)

A sweet melody featuring Jayam Ravi and Kangana Ranaut. The classical touches provided by Haricharan are an added advantage.

4.Adiye Kolluthey-Krish,Benny Dayal,Shruthi Hassan (Varanam Aayiram)

This was a rocking number which scorched the charts and screen for a long time. A chartbuster in the voices of Benny Dayal,Krish and Shruthi Hassan.

5.Anbe En Anbe-Harish Ragavendra (Dhaam Dhoom)

This track was an awesome solo sung by Harish Ragavendra (my uncle). The visual was also a huge hit.

6.Anul Mele-Sudha Raghunathan (Varanam Aayiram)

A beautiful semi classical love song in the voice of Sudha Raghunathan. It spoke about a girl's love for her man.

7.Asku Laska-Vijay Prakash,Chinmayi (Nanban)

An upbeat melody that ruled the charts for a long time. It was rendered by the versatile Vijay Prakash and the melodious Chinmayi.

8.Ava Enna Enna-Karthik,Megha (Varanam Aayiram)

This soup song was a chartbuster in 2008. It had an abundant amount of melody in it even being a soft folk number. Every love failure guy could relate to this song.

9.Chellame-Balram,Bombay Jayashree (Sathyam)

A slow and seductive romantic number that was perfect for a silent night. And when it is Bombay Jayashree behind the mike, you can't stop falling for it.

10.Dhimu Dhimu-Karthik,Chorus (Engeyum Kaadhal)

Dhimu Dhimu was a beautiful sad love song that was rendered wonderfully by Karthik. It was also released in Telugu as Chilipiga from the movie Orange.

11.En Anbe-Sadhana Sargam (Sathyam)

A soft and sweet solo love song. The simple tune made this song an endearing one. Sadhana Sargam was the perfect choice for this song.

12.En Kaadhal Thee-S.P.Balasubrahmanyam,Chorus (Irandam Ulagam)

Though this song was underrated, it was a soul stirring semi classical song in the evergreen voice of SPB. The lyrics were a plus point in this song. Harris had composed a number out of his comfort zone.

13.Enadhuyire-Nikhil Mathew,Chinmayi,Sadhana Sargam (Bheema)

A passionate romantic number that had soft beats and melodious voices like Nikhil Mathew (Super Singer Title Winner), Chinmayi and Sadhana Sargam.

14.Endhan Kan Munney-Aalaap Raju (Nanban)

This was a short number which focused on the pain of an engineering student after his project gets rejected. It was rendered to perfectness by Aalaap Raju.

15.Ennai Saithaale-Hariharan,Shreya Ghoshal (Endrendrum Punnagai)

A heartwarming melody sung by Hariharan and Shreya Ghoshal. The speciality of this number is that it has a Rahman-ish feel.

16.Ennamo Yedho-Aalaap Raju (Ko)

This was one popular melody rock that really rocked the charts! Aalaap Raju's voice took the song to another level.

17.Etho Ondru-Harish Ragavendra,Srilekha Parthasarathy (Lesa Lesa)

A superb melodious song where the tabla ruled throughout the number. Harish Ragavendra and Srilekha's rendition was top class.

18.Hasili Fisiliye-Karthik,Harini (Aadhavan)

Harris composed an upbeat melody song that contained some rap and quirky words. Harini's voice stood out in this track.

19.Kadal Naan Than-Suzanne D'Mello,Sudha Raghunathan,M.K.Balaji (Endrendrum Punnagai)

This number is one of my personal favorites as it put me in a trance right from the beginning. The flute interludes and Sudha Raghunathan's voice deserved a special applause.

20.Kanimozhiye-Karthik,Megha (Irandam Ulagam)

I think Harris would have been in a dreamy world when he composed this song. It was such a beautiful number that one can submerge in its melody.

21.Karu Karu Vizhigalal-Karthik,Naresh Iyer,Krish (Pachaikili Muthucharam)

Boasting of three rocking singers, this number was fast paced yet stirred my soul (much like Adiye Kolluthey).

22.Latcham Calorie-Arjun Menon,Chinmayi (Yaan)

Though this number gave a deja vu feeling, it stirred my soul just because of Chinmayi's voice and the tune arrangement.

23.Lesa Lesa-Anuradha Sriram (Lesa Lesa)

Any lovelorn girl can relate to this song. Anuradha Sriram's high pitched rendition was much talked about.

24.Love Pannu-K.K,Prashanthini (12B)

This cute romantic number was about a guy wooing his girl and finally the girl relents. It was enjoyable and a craze during the millennium.

25.Manjal Veiyil-Hariharan,Krish (Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu)

A fast paced number laced with hard rock guitar strums and beautiful saxophone interlude. Hariharan was the perfect choice for the song.

26.Mannavane En Mannavane-Gopal Rao,Shaktisree Gopalan (Irandam Ulagam)

This number oozed with melody in the honey-dipping voices of Shaktisree Gopalan and Gopal Rao.

27.Mundhinam Parthene-Naresh Iyer,Prashanthini (Varanam Aayiram)

A sweet laidback melody that lingered in the listener's mind for a long time. The saxophone interludes were out of the world!

28.Mudhal Kanave-Harish Ragavendra,Bombay Jayashree (Majunu)

This one is also one of my personal favorites as it has an ethereal touch to it. Awesome singing by Harish and Jayashree.

29.Mudhal Mazhai-Hariharan,Mahathi (Bheema)

Hariharan once again did magic with this melodious number and Mahathi was the icing on top of the cake!

30.Mudhal Mudhalai-Benny Dayal,Yugendran,Srimathumitha,Tippu (Lesa Lesa)

This was an enjoyable dance number that was rendered melodiously by Benny Dayal and Srimathumitha. 

31.Mudhal Naal Indru-K.K,Mahalakshmi Iyer,Shalini (Unnale Unnale)

This carefree number was a huge hit among lovestruck youngsters back in 2007. The guitar strums were an added advantage.

32.Nenje Nenje-Harish Ragavendra,Mahathi (Ayan)

When Harris composes a melody for Surya, then it's sure to be a good one. This one was crooned by Harris' favorite Harish Ragavendra and Mahathi.

33.Nenjil Nenjil-Harish Ragavendra,Chinmayi (Engeyum Kaadhal)

A really soul stirring love ballad with classical touches to it. This number was composed in Charukesi raga.

34.Nenjukkul Peithidum-Hariharan,Devan Ekambaram (Varanam Aayiram)

This melodious love number became a craze among youth in 2008. The repetitive 'Oh Shanthi' line was addictive.

35.Paartha Mudhal Naale-Unni Menon,Bombay Jayashree (Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu)

An awesome melody picturised on Kamal Hassan and Kamalinee Mukherjee. The nadaswaram interlude was simply irresistible.

36.Poove Vaai Pesum-Mahalakshmi Iyer,Harish Ragavendra (12B)

Mahalakshmi Iyer's sweet voice did the magic in this solo love song. The brief appearance of  Harish Ragavendra made it better.

37.Raakkozhi Raakkozhi-Hariharan,Sriram (Irandam Ulagam)

This upbeat number in the voice of Hariharan was a different one from other songs of Harris Jayaraj, though it was underrated.

38.Ragasiya Kanavugal-Hariharan,Madhushree (Bheema)

This traditional love number sounded like a straigh out of Bollywood song especially because of Madhushree.

39.Roja Kadale-Shankar Mahadevan,Chinmayi,Sunidhi Chauhan (Anegan)

This recent number from anegan has caught my attention. Though it is a typical fast paced Harris track, it is sure to be liked by the romantics.

40.Suttum Vizhi-Sriram Parthasarathy,Bombay Jayashree (Ghajini)

Everything was so perfect in this song-the beats,the tune and the singers. It was a chartbuster in 2005.

41.Thee Illai-Naresh Iyer,Mahathi (Engeyum Kaadhal)

A melody in the voice of Mahathi is always pleasant to hear. So was this song too!

42.Thodu Vaanam-Hariharan,Shaktisree Gopalan (Anegan)

Another lilting melody from Anegan which melted my heart. I had repeatedly listened to it and fallen for the lyrics.

43.Unakkul Naane-Bombay Jayashree (Pachaikili Muthucharam)

This seductive number in the effervescent voice of Bombay Jayashree was an instant hit. The wonderful violin interlude is still a ringtone in many mobile phones.

44.Unnale Unnale-Karthik,Harini,Krish (Unnale Unnale)

This beautiful and sweet romantic number was a favorite for all lovestruck listeners during those days.

45.Uyire En Uyire-Karthik,Anuradha Sriram,Bombay Jayashree (Thotti Jeya)

This number with beautiful love lyrics was universally liked by all lovers and it is still being played in their playlists.

46.Uyirile-Srinivas,Mahalakshmi Iyer (Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu)

A typical Harris love song that spoke about second chances of falling in love.

47.Vaan Engum-Aalaap Raju,Harini (Endrendrum Punnagai)

This fast paced enjoyable number manages to warm our hearts with its lyrics and some good singing by Aalaap and Harini.

48.Vaarayo Vaarayo-Unnikrishnan,Chinmayi (Aadhavan)

A tranquil melody which gave a retro feel with its lyrics. And what more! Unnikrishnan and Chinmayi were awesome.

49.Vaigaasi Nilave-Haricharan,Madhushree (Unnale Unnale)

A passionate love song that was rich in orchestration. Haricharan and Madhushree sang their parts well.

50..Vaseegara-Bombay Jayashree (Minnale)

Well, Harris is the king of composing seductive melody songs and of course, all those were crooned by Bombay Jayashree.

51.Venmathi Venmathiye-Roop Kumar Rathod (Minnale)

Lovelorn songs became a craze after this one was released in the year 1999. And Harris struck gold with this album.

52.Venpaniye-Sriram Parthasarathy,Bombay Jayashree (Ko)

Though these type of songs were becoming repetitive in Harris' kitty, they never failed to linger in the minds of listeners.

53.Verenna Verenna-Unnikrishnan,Harini (Minnale)

This song became the perfect romantic number for lovebirds. Unnikrishnan and Harini added even more loveliness to the song.

54.Vinnathaandi Anbe-Vijay Prakash (Irandam Ulagam)

This number was a mystical one with beautiful lyrics. Vijay Prakash brought out the emotions well.

55.Vizhi Moodi-Karthik,Prashanthini (Ayan)

Another chartbuster from Ayan in the evergreen voice of Karthik, with slight splashes of humming by Prashanthini.

56.Yaaro Manathile-Bombay Jayashree,Krish (Dhaam Dhoom)

This number had a sad feeling to it and Bombay Jayashree's voice enhanced the feel even more.

57.Yaaridamum-Ramesh Vinayagam,Harini (Thotti Jeya)

Though this song was not released in the film, it created waves in the radio stations when it was released.




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