Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Ormayundo Ee Mukham Music Review

Movie: Ormayundo Ee Mukham

Cast: Vineeth Srinivasan,Namitha Pramod

Director: Anvar Sadik

Music director: Shaan Rahman


Ormayundo Ee Mukham is a 2014 musical romantic Malayalam movie directed by Anvar Sadik, starring Vineeth Srinivasan and Namitha Pramod. I heard a lot of positive speculation about the songs. So this is my first music review on a Malayalam film.

1.Aaromale-Shaan Rahman

It is a happy-go-lucky number that portrays the carefree nature of the lead role. The colorful guitar strums bring out the joyous mood of the song. Shaan Rahman croons the number with ease and he is backed up by wonderful orchestration. Starts on a happy note!

2.Chayunnuvo-Shaan Rahman

Being the composer of the album, Shaan Rahman gets to exhibit his skills once again in this typical medium paced number. Though it starts off well with the guitar and some awesome singing by Rahman, it gets tedious as it progresses and fails to impress. Shaan could have made his voice win over the orchestration. It ends up as a blaring track.

3.Doore Doore (M)-Vineeth Srinivasan

Doore Doore begins as a dreamy number that turns even more breezy with Vineeth Srinivasan behind the mike. The minimal orchestration works in the favor of the song as it oozes with melody. Accompanied by slight guitar strums, this track makes for a short tea-time listen. Sweet!

4.Doore Doore (F)-Rinu Razak

An unplugged version of the previous song by Rinu Razak is pleasant to the ears. Shaan brings out the best from Rinu as it is only her voice that stands out accompanied by slight piano notes. It is even more mellifluous than the original and sweeter than any other numbers in the album. Beautiful one!

5.Ee Mizhikalin-Vineeth Srinivasan,Mridula Nair

Shaan never runs out of melodies as he delivers yet another passionate duet that has simple touches of classical music. And it seems that only Vineeth Srinivasan could have done justice to this song. Mridula renders well with her honey-dipping voice. The muted violin and the string sections play a perfect role in this classy number. Chartbuster!

6.Payye Payye-K.S.Harishanker

And here comes my personal favorite. The reason why I term this number like that is it has a Rahman-ish feel and it is more like listening to an out & out Rahman number. The tabla is the predominant instrument used throughout the song which makes this track a unique one. But the real highlight is the flute sections in the interludes. The flautist must be appreciated for his awesome show. The sitar too is used well though its appearance is brief. K.S.Harishanker performs with elan. A bright ending!


Ormayundo Ee Mukham is a musical album that contains melodies predominantly. Except for one track, the other songs will surely linger for a long time in the listener's hearts. Shaan Rahman churns out yet another winner!

Rating: ****


Doore Doore (both versions),Payye Payye,Ee Mizhkalin

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