Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Kayal Music Review

Movie: Kayal

Cast: Chandran,Anandhi

Director: Prabhu Solomon

Music director: D.Imman



1. Paravaya Parakurom-Haricharan

A carefree song begins this much awaited album. It is completely Haricharan's show as he gets a tailor made tune for him. This song adds yet another feather in his already filled cap. The violin interludes are stunning as with every D.Imman's song. A pleasant start!

2.Yengirinthu Vandhaayo-Shreya Ghoshal

Beginning with a flute prelude, this melodious number is one of the picks of the album. Shreya Ghoshal and D.Imman are synonyms to each other. The former is a lucky charm for the latter's albums. Shreya emotes well and it's unlikely to find a flaw with her singing. The rustic feel of the song takes it to another level. And here too the interludes play a huge part in the mellifluous flow of the number. Soulful!

3.Yen Aala Paakaporen-KG Ranjith,Shreya Ghoshal

The hit combo is back with a bang after the phenomenal success of Sollitaaley from Kumki. And they weave magic with each line. They are the only saving factors in the otherwise ordinary tune. Imman gets repetitive with his template. Nevertheless this one is refreshing to listen for a lovey-dovey evening.

4.Koodave Varamaathiri-Alphons Joseph

It's a short pathos number crooned to excellence by Alphons Joseph. He does another Aaromale, albeit this is a rustic one. This song seems to be a situational one rather than a complete track.

5.Unna Ippo Paakanum-Haricharan,Vandana Srinivasan

This one is another pick of the album! A perfect rustic duet that is a must listen for everyone. And what's more, it is rendered by the versatile Haricharan. Complementing him is Vandana Srinivasan's honey-dipping voice. The tune sounds Ilaiyaraja-ish and that is it's beauty. The interludes deserve a special mention as they are composed to a perfect ten. Hit the repeat button!

6.Yenga Pulla Iruka-Balram,Shreya Ghoshal

Another excellent track which is on the lines of Onnum puriyala and Verasa pogaiyile. Though the progress of the tune is slow, it is the magnificent orchestration which will take you by surprise. And Balram is just wow! He has a haunting voice that is sure to give goosebumps for the listeners. Shreya Ghoshal's bit in the interlude peps up the number. Exhilarating!

7.Deeyalo Deeyalo-Gopu

It is typical of Imman to include a pure folk number in his album as with his previous tie up with Prabhu Solomon in Mynaa and Kumki. With a prelude that integrates instruments like kanjira and tambourine, this number is a foot tapping one. Imman's usage of a repetitive toy sound in between the lines is visible from his Soi soi days. Singer Gopu adds even more rustic flavor to the song. A good ending!


D.Imman delivers yet another hit album for Prabhu Solomon. Though there are shades of his previous works, the soundtrack ends up as a wholesome entertainer. It would get even better if Imman composes out of his template.

Rating: ***


Yengirinthu Vandhaayo,Unna Ippo Paakanum,Yenga Pulla Iruka

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