Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Friends (Marathi) Music Review

Movie: Friends

Cast: Swapnil Joshi,Sachit Patel,Gauri Nalawade

Director: R.Madhesh

Music director: Amit Raj,Pankaj Padghan,Nilesh Moharir

1.Dil Dosti Yaari Vaari-Harshavardhan Wavare,Amit Raj

Beginning on elite guitar strums, this peppy track is an ode to the theme of the movie. It speaks of friendship on the lines of a jubilant tune composed by Amit Raj. Both the singers Harshavardhan Wavare and Amit Raj make the number a pleasant listen. The rhythm changeover in the second interlude brings a freshness to the entire track. Definite chartbuster.

2.Premika-Vijay Prakash

An interesting fusion is up next in the album. This one is sometimes an endearing melody and sometimes a racy track. Blending a melodious tune accompanied by tabla beats, flute and piano sections with a digitally sequenced rhythm makes it an experimental number. Vijay Prakash elevates the song to higher levels with his dynamic rendition along with the aalaaps in the prelude and ending. A rich musical experience this one!

3.Man He Phakru-Jaanvee,Prabhu Arora

Based on the thisra nadai rhythm, this soul-stirring romantic ballad begins on a right note and keeps the listeners engaged with its melodiousness. Especially the singers Jaanvee and Prabhu Arora do complete justice to the free-flowing tune with their passionate rendition. The entire song is punctuated with abundant flute sections that provide a scintillating aura to the song. Another winner!

4.Raat Sarna Ghaav Sukhna-Urmila Dhangar

The album arrives to a fitting finale with a adrenaline-pumping track. It spells devotion right from the beginning. Urmila Dhangar's powerhouse singing along with the jathiswaras in the second interlude & ending and the drum beats make the number a heavenly listen. Going by the tone of the number, it might appear in a critical point in the movie.


Composers Amit Raj,Pankaj Padghan and Nilesh Moharir bring out a soundtrack that has chartbuster written all over it. It is a soothing musical extravaganza with a couple of melodies dominating it!

Rating: ***3/4


Premika,Man He Phakru

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