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Jugni Music Review

Movie: Jugni

Cast: Sugandha Garg,Sadhana Singh,Siddhant Behl,Samir Sharma

Director: Shefali Bhushan

Music director: Clinton Cerejo

1.Jugni (Title Track)-Javed Bashir

Accompanied all over by jubilant guitar strums, this folkish title track composed by Clinton Cerejo is one of the best title songs of recent times. Clinton's experimental usage of guitar and mandolin along with the foot-tapping rhythm makes the number an energetic one. Javed Bashir's classical singing is sure to elevate your spiritual senses, especially his gamakas will make you want for more. Innovative beginning!

2.Dilaan De Saudey-Javed Bashir

With a steady rock base, Clinton comes up with yet another experimental track that might awe the music aficionados on the very first listen. The euphoric guitar strums along with a heartrending rhythm arrangement speaks volumes of creativity. Javed Bashir weaves magic with his voice yet again. The jathiswaras by him are the cherries on the cake. Pure bliss!

3.Dugg Duggi Dugg-Vishal Bharadwaj

Dulcet guitar strums welcome you to a melodious number. Clinton's tune works due to its simplicity and minimum usage of instruments, giving the earthy vocals of Vishal Bharadwaj more scope to perform. There is no unwanted gratuitous noise in the form of rhythm, as Clinton keeps it simple with just tabla beats. A neat melody!

4.Lakhon Salaam-A.R.Rahman,Kaashif Sahib

Right from the moment when Rahman's heavenly voice opens this song, listeners are pulled into a spiritual trance. The dark pathos mood of the song is elevated by the haunting flute sounds, the engaging beats and the divinely chorus. Kaashif Sahib does a splendid job by composing an addictive tune and roping the evergreen Mozart to croon it. Spirituality at its best!

5.Zarre Zarre Mein Noor Bhara-Rahat Fateh Ali Khan,Clinton Cerejo,Jazim Sharma

A delightful qawwali number is up next in the soundtrack. After a series of experimental tracks, Clinton drops down a bit to receive a bit of refreshment. The track has a heard-before feel as it imitates lots of previous qawwali numbers of Bollywood. However, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan's spiritual voice and the radiant chorus make it an engaging listen for its long duration.

6.Dil Ke Sang-Nakash Aziz,Clinton Cerejo

The beginning of this number sounds too similar to Heer Toh Badi Sad Hai from Tamasha. No doubt, it is sung by Nakash Aziz who had also crooned the former number. It is a spot on Punjabi track with Punjabi slang lyrics and Bhangra beats. Though the tune has no changeover, it can appeal to lovers of Punjabi music.

7.Hatt Mullah-Baba Bulleh Shah,Clinton Cerejo,Bianca Gomes,Shellee

Bianco Gomes' mesmerizing vocals opens this number. Then Baba Bulleh Shah takes over with his raw vocals. Clinton Cerejo weaves a beautiful fusion of Punjabi flavor and soft rock, providing Arabic elements occasionally. Bianco's English lyrics as accompaniment is an innovative idea by the composer. Another highlight!

8.Joban Hai Shawaa-Neha Kakkar,Clinton Cerejo

If there is one aspect of this track that is worth mentioning, then it is Neha Kakkar's rustic vocals. She does a brilliant job in mending her voice in accordance with the Punjabi pop tune. The accompanying chorus are also vibrant in their respective renditions. But the song is just a passable listen.

9.Bolladiyaan-Rekha Bharadwaj,Clinton Cerejo

Clinton Cerejo churns out a classic melody with his signature guitar strums forming a mellifluous base. However, it is Rekha Bharadwaj's haunting vocals that shapes the number into an experience in itself. The slow progression of the tune along with the unplugged atmosphere makes for a serene listen. Will surely appeal to true music buffs!

10.Heer-Nakash Aziz,Clinton Cerejo

This short number almost sounds like a recital with Nakash Aziz's eerie vocals getting on to your nerves. Clinton composes a strictly situational number that might be played for a montage sequence.

11.Jugni (Unplugged)-Neha Kakkar,Javed Bashir

The ebullient title track arrives in an unplugged version. This one is taken over by the earthy vocals of Neha Kakkar, whose voice is punctuated by the harmonium sections. Javed Bashir is not left behind in this version. He sounds as brilliant as usual. Enjoyable as long as it lasts.

12.Hatt Mullah (Reprise)-Bianco Gomes,Clinton Cerejo

This reprise version of Hatt Mullah is a tranquil one with Bianco Gomes' voice permeating through the atmosphere, while Clinton Cerejo's vocals make quiet an impact. 


Clinton Cerejo's debut musical is rich in various flavors. He experiments with his compositions and brings out a brilliant soundtrack that is sure to stay on the playlists for a long time!

Rating: ***3/4


Jugni (Title Track),Dilaan De Saudey,Dugg Duggi Dugg,Lakhon Salaam,Hatt Mullah,Bolladiyaan

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