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Thirumana Ennum Nikkah music review

Movie: Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah

Cast: Jai,Nazriya Nazim,Deekshita

Director: Anees

Music director: M.Ghibran

As I had already mentioned in my previous review on Naiyyandi's music, M.Ghibran has got abundant talent in him. He could well be the next big music director of this era. All his previous works had a lot of experimentation with music and weighed high on melody. Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah is the tallest height to which he has reached. I thought I should surely review this album excluding all the other commercial soundtracks which has been released.

1.Chillendra Chillendra-Sundar Narayan Rao,Kaushiki Chakrabarthy,Munna Shaukat Ali,M.Ghibran

This song begins off on a beautifully arranged Qawwali segment. It turns out to be a breezy number soon after. Oozing high on melody, this love duet makes for a great romantic as well as a great spiritual listen. Sundar Narayan Rao who is a regular in many of Ghibran's albums, renders this track with perfection. Kaushiki Chakrabarthy, a Bengali classical singer sweeps away laurels with her sweet voice. The lines in Hindi sung by her deserves a special applause.

2.Enthaara Enthaara-Shadab Faridi,Chinmayi Sripada

Beginning with a wonderful piano sound, this number moves onto a tremendous pallavi "Enthaara enthaara..." by Shadab Faridi. He is the perfect choice for this melody as he can reach the higher notes fantastically. Chinmayi gratefully accompanies him by maintaining in lower notes. Not to mention, her voice is as sweet as ever. The well sequenced beats makes this song a sureshot winner. It creeps on to you slowly after a few listens and you might want to hit the repeat button!

3.Kannukul Pothivaipen-Charulatha Mani,Sadhana Sargam,Vijay Prakash,Dr.R.Ganesh

Here comes the pick of the album. This track perfectly proves that only Ghibran can flawlessly compose a Carnatic fusion amidst the plethora of new composers today. Jaladrangam has become almost non-existent today. But it is this instrument which provides a magical touch to the song. Based on Mukhari and Hamirkalyani/Kedar raagas, this peppy Carnatic song has some great classical voices of Charulatha Mani and Sadhana Sargam. Vijay Prakash croons with his Carnatic notes at the highest. Dr.R.Ganesh also does a commendable job. Overall, a great Carnatic melody that is sure to be loved by the general listeners and classical music lovers alike.

4.Khwaja Ji-Arifullah Shah Khalif-e-Rifayee and group

A traditional Sufi-Qawwali track that is soulful from the start. Being a Shirdi Sai Baba devotee, I instantly got attached to this number as it sounded much like the Sai Bhajans I have heard(though many Sai Bhajans have originated from Qawwali music). Arifullah sounds like Kailash Kher. But he renders this short track in the right spirit along with his group.

5.Rayile Ra-Bonnie Chakraborty,"Isai Mazhalai" Harish,Ashwitha,Nivas Yazin Nizar

This is probably the best ever so called "Train song" I have ever heard, due to its intense orchestration and catchy tune that has a string of melody attached to it. The digitalized child cry at the beginning, the highly paced techno beats and the transparent melody makes this track an enjoyable one. I cannot deny the fact that it is based on my favorite raaga Keeravani. And the raaga is at its best when the line "Kottum mazhai vaanin piriva..." pops up. Bonnie Chakraborty is yet another North Indian singer to watch out for. The chorus which sings "Rayile ra rayile ra.." sound like a Sufi chant.

6.Yaaro Ival-Nivas Yazin Nizar

What would be an album without a hero-seeing-the-girl-for-the-first-time song? This track is a perfect example for that phrase. With a slight Sufi chorus start, this song begins offbeat with its highly paced percussion and the beautiful melody that is evident right from the beginning. Nivas Yazin Nizar's singing is out of the world as he puts the right emotion at the right places. His improvisations adds to the beauty of the song.


Though this track is not present in the CD version, it is available in digital downloads. It is a 2 minute traditional Islamic track with a superb haunting spiritual beat. It gives the perfect ending to the highly Sufi influenced soundtrack.


I have never reviewed a soundtrack like this one before. Because it contains all elements of music in right proportions. Though all the songs have Rahmanish touches, Ghibran follows his own unique style and he is a versatile music director to watch out for. If you appreciate good music sans commercial music, then you should never miss Thirumanam Ennum Nikkah!!!

Rating: *****


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