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Highway 2014 music review

Movie: Highway(2014)

Cast: Randeep Hooda,Alia Bhatt

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Music director: A.R.Rahman

The duo is back!!! Imtiaz Ali and A.R.Rahman. The duo which created magic with Rockstar. Highway has big stars like Randeep Hooda and Alia Bhatt.

1.Patakha Guddi-Nooran Sisters

The album kick starts with this energetic Punjabi westernized folk number. The soul of the song lies in the powerful rendition by the Nooran sisters(Jyoti and Sultan). The flute piece in the interlude has the traditional Rahman touch. A powerful number that is instantly addictive and catchy. A perfect start to the album!!!

2.Maahi Ve-A.R.Rahman

A soulful love track with pumped up beats. Whats more!! Its sung by A.R.Rahman with his evergreen magical voice. The tune is haunting and the lyrics are enthralling. This one will have you revisiting it over and over. A pure Rahman track that will surely appeal to all Rahmaniacs!!!

3.Kahaan Hoon Main-Jonita Gandhi

Beginning with serene piano sounds, Jonita's sweet and marshmallow voice takes you in slowly. The first few seconds of the song sans any beats, are awesome and just out of the world. Once the rhythm begins, you will find yourself tapping your feet politely to it. This track is one such where you could listen in perfectly silent nights. Kudos to Rahman for composing a sweet track as this!!

4.Wanna Mash Up-Kash,Krissy,Suvi Suresh

After some soothing melodious numbers, here comes a track which is all digitalized and sways into a different genre. Its a techno-rap-reggae song that will have many youngsters dancing to it in night clubs. The track has an overall mushy feeling. But that doesn't stay with you for a longer time. Compared to all the other songs, this one is bit of a dampener in the album. Kash, Krissy and Suvi Suresh are the only saving factors with their gorgeous vocals.

5.Sooha Saha-Zeb,Alia Bhatt

And here comes the perfect hi-five track!!! Its the highlight of the album. A sweet lullaby in the voices of Zeb and Alia Bhatt herself!!! Zeb's rendition just takes you back to those lovely childhood days. Alia's voice is as sweet as honey and she carries the right amount of delicacy that is needed to this beautiful track. The song has a prevalent sad feel right from the beginning. Its like one of those soulful compositions of Rahman in the 90s. Lyrics by Irshad Kamil strike a chord with the listeners.

6.Patakha Guddi(Male version)-A.R.Rahman

That distinctive style of Rahman is what this track is all about. This one is more powerful than the original due to the harmonious modulations which Rahman brings about in his voice. It sounds more playful and makes one feel liberated. But the song takes a sensational turn when the rock part begins. Amidst the high blaring sounds of the hard rock guitar, you would hear the faint chants of Rahman. The entire track has a slight amount of Sufi influence.

7.Implosive Silence-Jonita Gandhi

This is not a complete song. Rather its a musical number with the spiritual hums of Jonita. The song is deeply calm and silent. It could be used as a meditation track in a tranquil environment. This number is said to capture the state of mind of the lead character Veera when she journeys on the highway!!!

8.Tu Kuja-Sunidhi Chauhan

Beginning with Arabic line "Tu kuja..", the track moves on to become a beautiful qawwali number. It has got a spiritual feeling that will make you enlightened after a few listens. The tune is very catchy and foot tapping. Sunidhi Chauhan's voice is picture perfect and she reaches the high notes with ease. A heavenly number with a holy touch!!!

9.Heera-Shweta Pandit

A sweet and beautiful classical number that would make you fall in love with it. Shweta's voice is mellow and tender. The divine feeling of the song tugs at your heart strings. Melody oozes from each and every corner of this number. A superb ending to the album!!!


Rahman once again does magic with his innovative compositions and impressive selection of singers. He proves that he is an abode of music and a real legend. The songs are sure to become chartbusters!!!

Rating: ****1/2


Patakha Guddi (both versions),Maahi Ve,Sooha Saha,Tu Kuja,Heera


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