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Idhu Kathirvelan Kaadhal music review

Movie: Idhu Kadhirvelan Kaadhal

Cast: Udhayanidhi Stalin,Nayanthara,Santhanam

Director: S.R.Prabhakaran

Music director: Harris Jayaraj

S.R.Prabhakaran, who debuted with the astounding Sundarapandian, brings out his 2nd outing which is touted to be a rom-com. Udhayanidhi and Nayanthara team up for the first time along with Santhanam providing the comic relief. It features music by Harris Jayaraj.

 1.Maelae Maelae-Karthik

An artistic composition by Harris that has a peppy tune. Its a simple yet enjoyable track. The funny guitar strums in the background are pleasant to the ears. Karthik's rendition is flawless and he manages to pull up a good performance. The folk beats in the 2nd interlude brings about a change in the rather urban track. A thumbs up to this one!!

2.Anbe Anbe-Harish Ragavendra,Harini

A Harris album cannot be complete with a breezy romantic duet. Right from the beginning, this track puts you on a trance. A melodious number that is on the lines of some of the compositions in 90s. Its refreshing to hear Harish Ragavendra yield the megaphone after a long time and his voice is as fresh as ever (of course, I am proud to say that I am his niece). Harini delivers the classical touches to this song that is evident in most of her songs.

3.Sara Sara Saravedi-KK,Balaji,M.K,Srilekha Parthasarathy

This is a folk number backed by ghatam beats. The guitar strums gel along with the folk tune and doesn't end up too clumsy. The violin in the interlude gives you a deja vu feeling. KK is awesome in his singing and Srilekha Parthasarathy is back with a bang. The 2nd interlude seems to be deviated a bit. Overall, an average number.

4.Vizhiye Vizhiye-Aalaap Raju

A pleasant love song that gives you a heard before feeling. Especially the flute piece in the first stanza of the number seems to be getting stereotyped. The melody part of the song carries the right amount of emotions. Aalaap Raju does a commendable job, though it could not be said as his best. This number might not appeal initially. But it could get into the charts after repetitive listens.

5.Pallaaku Devadhaiya-Jassie Gift,Jayamoorthy,Velmurugan

Another typical soup song that is on the lines of 'Venam machan' from OKOK. But its not catchy as the former one. The tempo is maintained evenly and it does not end up derailed. High profile singers like Jassie,Jayamoorthy and Velmurugan are the only saving factors of the song. Strictly for the front benchers!!!


Though there are a couple of good numbers to listen to, its hard time that Harris started composing something new. But he maintains his style in all the songs which gives the album a unique identity.

Rating: ***


Anbe Anbe,Vizhiye Vizhiye

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