Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Rummy Music Review

Movie: Rummy

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi,Gayathri,Iniko Prabhakar,Aishwarya

Director: K.Balakrishnan

Music Director: D.Imman


K.Balakrishnan is debuting with this movie which has Vijay Sethupathi in the lead and Gayathri paired opposite him. D.Imman has composed music and lyrics are written by Yugabharathi.

1.Koodamela Koodavechi-V.V.Prasanna,Vandana Srinivasan

The very first track of the album instantly hooks you on. It is a simple and sweet melody with pleasant rustic touches. V.V.Prasanna quips in few lines that shows his versatility in singing. The honey dipped voice of Vandana Srinivasan is the one thing that is irresistible in this track. It is one of the finest melodies that has come out in recent times. A chartbuster duet!!!

2.Adiye Enna Raagam-Abhay Jodhpurkar,Poornima Sathish

As the title of the song suggests, it overflows with my favourite raaga Keeravani. It is yet another mesmerising melody and you get the feel of listening to one of Ilaiyaraja's classics based on Keeravani raaga. More than the background music, the vocals play a major role in this breezy song. Abhay Jodhpurkar joins the bandwagon of melody singers with his sugar-filled voice and Poornima Sathish's aalaaps in the prelude and interlude are simply superb!!

3.Oru Nodi-D.Imman,Divya Ramani

Wow!! Yet another melody. Imman's raw composition is catchy and romantic right from the beginning. His approach is so simple that the entire number ends up as a Maestro's work. Imman himself renders this song which makes it more appealing while Divya Ramani's rustic voice is excellent, especially when she reaches the high pitch. The beautiful shehnai sounds throughout the song is pleasant to the ears.

4.Yethukaaga Enna Neeyum-Santhosh Hariharan,A.V.Pooja

Well, I think Imman doesn't get fed up with creating lovable melodies. Based on Malayamarutha raaga, this number is the one which paints the entire album to completion. The foot tapping beats go in a rhythmic pace making this number even more interesting. Imman uses his creativity to the core by using guitar and violin alternatively for the interludes. Super Singer contestants Santhosh and Pooja are splendid in crooning this sweet melody.

5.Yethukaaga Enna Neeyum(Instrumental)

This is the violin version of the previous song, played to perfection by violinist Karthik Iyer. It just as marvellous as the original piece!!


This soundtrack is definitely Imman's masterpiece as he has let himself free while composing such lovable melodies. Go, grab this album and you will not regret for it!!!

Rating: ****


Koodamela Koodavechi,Adiye Enna Raagam,Yethukaaga Enna Neeyum

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  1. You done a good job... I like the 3 songs in dis movie... I need a bgm of " adiye ena raagam"


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