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Kochadaiyaan music review

Movie: Kochadaiyaan

Cast: Rajinikanth,Deepika Padukone

Director: Soundarya Rajinikanth

Music director: A.R.Rahman

 1.Enge Pogudho Vaanam-S.P.Balasubrahmanyam

The album of Kochadaiyaan begins with this majestic track. With all its grandeur in the evergreen voice S.P.Balasubrahmanyam, this one is a chartbuster. The orchestration is picture perfect with different instruments used at their best. The entire track sketches the valor of a warrior with its exhilarating lyrics by Vairamuthu. The chorus at the background adds more majesty to the song. Its a tailor-made track for Superstar Rajinikanth!!!

2.Medhuvagathan-S.P.Balasubrahmanyam,Sadhana Sargam

After a magnificient track, its time to relax to a soft romantic duet. Beginning with Sadhana Sargam's sweet voice against polite background, this number gains momentum with gentle drum beats. This mesmerizing melody is perfect for a beautiful lovey-dovey evening. Once again, S.P.B weaves magic with his voice complementing Sadhana in each line. The number has the stamp of Rahman's 90s compositions. Flute at the prelude and interludes deserve a special mention while the breezy chorus at the intervals are pleasant to the ears. 

3.Maattram Ondrudhaan-Rajinikanth,Haricharan,Umashankar

Well, all Rajinikanth lovers, please tune in to this track. The dialogues delivered by Rajinikanth have always been popular universally. And there are lots of them in this wonderful number!!! ARR has composed a lovely song which goes simultaneously along with the dialogues. Sung flawlessly by Haricharan, it has awesome lyrics by Vairamuthu. The jathi at the end by Umashankar is rendered in a zestful manner. Finally, this track ends up as a treat to all Rajini fans.

4.Manapennin Sathiyam-Latha Rajinikanth

Its a beautiful classically inclined number which talks about a bride's promises to her to-be husband. The song moves in a slow rhythmic pace with Latha Rajinikanth's innocent yet elegant voice. The lyrics deserve an applause here. Vairamuthu has penned the lines so wonderfully that it makes the track lyrically rich. The Nadaswaram at the interlude serves as an icing on the cake.


A haunting semi classical number that is sure to make waves in the music industry. The complexity of the track is presented by Chinmayi with ease. The way she moulds the line "Nazhuvi nazhuvi.." is fantastic. She would surely win accolades for crooning this challenging number. Srinivas proves his mettle with his powerful and engaging vocals. Rahman has pushed the envelope with this particular composition in terms of melody infused with Carnatic traces. Pick of the album!!!

6.Engal Kochadaiyaan-Kochadaiyaan Ensemble

This is a fast paced battlefield number. Traditional instruments are used in this energetic number which speaks about the hero's bravery. Though this particular song is two notches lower than other compositions, it manages to survive due to the rendition of Kochadaiyaan Ensemble. Hope the visuals will take this track to higher levels.

7.Manamaganin Sathiyam-Haricharan

Once again the Manapenin Sathiyam number returns in another lilting version. It is mellifluous with Haricharan's honey-dipping voice. This version too is lyrically rich in which the groom speaks about his promises to his to-be wife. The number sounds raw and it has that magical touch of ARR.

8.Rana's Dream-London's Session Orchestra

Its an instrumental track that has all the elements to create a perfect atmosphere for the movie. The combination of flute,strings,viola and other instruments defines the grandeur of the track. The London Orchestra has done a splendid job in composing this one.

9.Karma Veeran-A.R.Rahman,A.R.Raihanah

Yet another energetic track and this time it all gets even more magnificient due to the sister-brother duo's rendition. Raihanah's voice is enthralling and she sounds like a grand opera singer with the beginning lines. She should croon more songs in the film industry as she has got an awesome voice. Rahman joins his sister with his effervescent voice that is soulful as always. This royal number serves as the ideal ending for the soundtrack!!


ARR proves that he is indeed the Music God of India with this glorious soundtrack. Yet another chartbuster!!!

Rating: ***3/4


Enge Pogudho Vaanam,Medhuvagathan,Idhayam,Karma Veeran


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