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Songs in Kalyani and Hamir Kalyani, the soulful ragas.

Today, I am combining two ragas in this post. Kalyani and Hamir Kalyani. Kalyani raga is generally considered as The Queen of Carnatic Ragas, while Hamir Kalyani is janya ragam of Kalyani. That is, Hamir Kalyani is derived from Kalyani. Both these ragas have famous kirtans, varnams and bhajans. They have also been incorporated in film music from the golden era. They have a lullaby-like touch to them which makes them the best raga to compose mellifluous songs. Let us see some examples of film songs composed in Kalyani and Hamir Kalyani raga. Kalyani raga is known as Yaman in Hindustani and Hamir Kalyani is known as Kedar.

The first Tamil song to release in this raga was Sinthanai Sei Maname from the 1957 movie Ambikapathy. Composed by G. Ramanathan, this song was beautifully rendered by the legend T.M. Soundarrajan. In the 1967 Sivaji Ganesan starrer Thiruvarutchelvar, a wonderful song named Mannanvan Vandhaanadi Thozhi has Kalyani in its purest form. This song was crooned melodiously by nightingale P. Susheela and composed by K.V. Mahadevan. Another evergreen composition is Viswanthan-Ramamoorthy's Madhuraiyil Parandha song from the 1967 movie Poova Thalaiya. Hamir Kalyani raga was rarely used in yesteryear compositions. One stand out song is En Uyir Thozhi from the movie Karnan. This was also a Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy composition and it was rendered by P. Susheela.

Ilaiyaraaja used Kalyani raga meticulously in many of his compositions. His famous composition Amma Endru Azhaikaadha from Superstar Rajnikanth movie Mannan is based on Kalyani. Being an auspicious raga, Ilaiyaraaja used it in his devotional composition Janani Janani from Thai Mookambikai. Of course, the ebullient Kalaivaaniye Sindhu Bhairavi movie also has this raga flowing throughout the number. Another pleasant and recent composition is the song Kaatril Varum Geethame from the 2006 movie Oru Naal Oru Kanavu. Other popular songs include Nadhiyil Aadum from Kaadhal Oviyam, Nirpathuve Nadapathuve from Bharathi, Sundari Kannal Oru Seidhi from Thalapathy, and Vandhaal Mahalakshmiye from Uyarndha Ullam. Ilaiyaraaja also used Hamir Kalyani in his compositions, but not as frequent as Kalyani. Some of his famous songs which have traces of Hamir Kalyani are Kaadhal Oviyam Kanden from Kavikuyil and Kai Veenaiyai from Vietnam Colony.

A.R. Rahman is staunch opposite to Ilaiyaraaja in the usage of these ragas. He has incorporated Hamir Kalyani more in his compositions. One of the beautiful songs is Malargale Malargale from the movie Love Birds. Though the song is also infused with another raga, it is a good example for Hamir Kalyani. Mellisonant voices of Hariharan and K.S. Chitra elevate the mood of the song. Other mellifluous Rahman songs include Kaiyil Midhakkum from Ratchagan, Swasame Swasame from Thenali, and Nila Kaaigiradhu from Indira. One can find traces of Kalyani raga in the song Suttum Vizhi Chudar from the movie Kandukondein Kandukondein.

Other songs in Kalyani are:

1. Aararo Aararo from Anand
2. Arul Thavazhum from Guru Ramana Geetham
3. Charanam Bhava Karunamayi from Sethu
4. Konjam Sangeedham Kattru Tha from Veetula Visheshanga
5. Naan Enbadhu Nee Allavo from Soorasamharam
6. Radha Azhaikkiral from Therkathi Kallan
7. Thaalatum Kaatre from Devan
8. Vellai Pura Ondru from Pudhu Kavidhai

Other songs in Hamir Kalyani are:

1. Chandrodayam Oru Pen from Chandrodhayam
2. Kaalai Paniyil from Gayathri
3. Paataale Budhi Sonnar from Karagaatakaaran

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