Thursday, 22 March 2018

Chal Mohan Ranga Music Review

Movie: Chal Mohan Ranga

Cast: Nitiin, Megha Akash

Director: Krishna Chaitanya

Music director: Thaman S

1. Pedda Puli - Rahul Sipligunj

Thaman S opens this album with a foot-tapping number that is a crowd-pleaser. This song is sure to have Nitiin performing some energetic dance steps on the screen. With a catchy repetitive phrase and a simple tune, this song will climb up the charts in the upcoming days. Though it has an oft-repeated template, it is quite enjoyable.

2. Very Very Sad - Yazin Nizar, Sanjana Kalmanje

The catchphrase 'Very Very Sad...' will be on every music lover's lips soon. This refreshing number has a slow-paced tune that relaxes the listener. The reverberating effect is used well by Thaman. Yazin Nizar's emotional rendition works well here. Sanjana Kalmanje's humming bit provides a breezy feel to the number. The light rhythm and dulcet guitar strums accentuate the lovely mood of the song. A cute winner this is!

3. Miami - Aditi Singh Sharma, Rita, Manisha Eerabathini

Going by the upbeat rhythm and the overall structure of the song, it seems like this number might be played during a montage sequence. Thaman intelligently mixes classical, rap and techno moods to create a song that is versatile. Aditi Singh Sharma, Rita and Manisha Eerabathini take turns in crooning, though it is very difficult to find who is who. Strictly for the visuals!

4. Vaaram - Nakash Aziz

A westernized light folk number pops up next. This track is sure to turn into an anthem for drunk youngsters who are going through a breakup phase. Kedarnath's funny lyrics explaining the hero's life during the seven days of a week accentuate the peppiness of the song. Thaman blends different instruments to bring in a joyous mood to the song. A special applause for the excellent violin sections. Nakash Aziz is awesome with his flawless rendition. Another chartbuster!

5. Ga Gha Megha - Rahul Nambiar

A cacophony of mesmerizing violins and strings open this catchy romantic song. Then it moves on to a foot-tapping youthful number that is full on love and energy. These kind of songs are a cakewalk for Thaman and he does an excellent job in bringing out a jubilant love track. The lyrics by Krishnakanth is all about the hero's difficulty with the pronunciation of the heroine's name. Rahul Nambiar croons his lines with ease. Danceable song!

6. Ardham Leni Navvu - Sreenidhi

This is a beautiful and enthralling rehash of the classical song Bantureethi Kolu (an awesome Thyagarajar kriti). Thaman has his way with the amazing flute, strings, mridangam and sitar throughout the song. Sreenidhi's honeyed voice oozes with melody and she gets the sangidhis right. This number is another mellifluous addition to the bandwagon of exhilarating semi-classical songs in Telugu. Soul-stirring right from the word go!


After the groundbreaking Tholi Prema, Thaman S continues his streak of success with this soundtrack too. With a combination of lovely melodies and foot-tapping numbers, this album is sure to linger in the playlists for a long time.

Rating: **** (4 / 5)


Very Very Sad, Vaaram, Ga Gha Megha, Ardham Leni Navvu

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