Thursday, 15 March 2018

Kaali Music Review

Movie: Kaali (2018)

Cast: Vijay Antony, Anjali, Sunaina

Director: Kiruthiga Udhayanidhi

Music director: Vijay Antony

1. Arumbey - Nivas, Janaki Iyer

Vijay Antony is back to form with this mesmerizing melody that oozes love from every corner. He proves his mettle with the ebullient violin piece in the prelude and continues to weave magic in the interludes with the brilliant strings and accentuated flute pieces. Honeyed voices of Nivas and Janaki Iyer add immense value to the mellifluous tune. The base of the song reminds us of Nenjorathil from Pichaikkaran, but the comparisons end there. Gem of the album!

2. Amma Alugiren - Nivas

Like all his previous movies, Vijay Antony brings in a sentimental mother song in this movie too. The orchestration of this number is top-notch, while the tune meanders off the trail as the song progresses. This song might do better when listened along with the visuals. Nivas once again yields the megaphone and he emotes well with his mellowed rendition. What stands out in the song are the flute sections and the moving lyrics.

3. Noorai Yugam Noorai - Vedala Hemachandra, Sangeetha Rajeshwaran

A song that sounds much like Vijay Antony's Unnai Kanda Naal Mudhal song from the 2014 movie Salim. Since this one is also sung by Vedala Hemachandra, there is not a slight difference between the two songs. It is refreshing to listen to Sangeetha Rajeshwaran after a long gap. The violin and strings in the interlude spice up the romantic mood of the song. Since Vijay Antony repeats his own template, this number doesn't make that much impact. Makes for a good listen on breezy evenings.

4. Poraayo - Deepak

This song is a melancholic pathos with a sleepy pace and an easily forgettable tune. The haunting flute and string sections elevate the song and Deepak's gloomy rendition matches the mood of the number. It's a short track which is worth a listen.


This album begins on an amazing note and loses steam midway. However, it is good to listen to the old Vijay Antony, who used to enthrall listeners with his catchy compositions. One track from this album is sure to stay on your playlists for a long time.

Rating: **3/4   (2.75 / 5)

Picks: Arumbey

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