Thursday, 22 March 2018

Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma Music Review

Movie: Natpuna Ennanu Theriyuma

Cast: Kavin, Remya Nambeesan, Arunraja Kamaraj

Director: Shivakumar Arvind

Music director: Dharan

1. Cow Song - Simbu

Here comes a foot-tapping dappankuthu number that is sure to climb the charts in the upcoming days. It is Simbu's open-throat rendition that makes this song listenable and also the catchy line 'Maadu paal kudukkum...' is going to turn into a catchphrase. Kavin's voice-over in the interlude spices up the mood of the song. However, the changeover to house mix techno beats feels a bit out of place. Nevertheless, an enjoyable number!

2. Thookuda Collara - Mark Anthony Thomas, Dr. Burn

Dharan has tried to create a different number, but falls short in the overall execution. This westernized folk number follows the footsteps of the previous song in terms of mood and lyrics. Mark Anthony Thomas's hoarse rendition works well for the song and Dr. Burn's rap is the cherry on top of the cake. But there is this something-amiss feel throughout the song and it doesn't call for a second listen.

3. Inky Pinky Ponky - Dharan, Chorus

This short number is sure to be played in a montage sequence or as a background score in the movie. Dharan himself croons this song and he makes for a pretty good listen along with the chorus. However, the song doesn't make an impact with the listeners and can be easily skipped.

4. Andhar Bulty - Haricharan, Alisha Thomas

This romantic number begins on a lilting melody and then moves on to a slight folk tone when the male part comes in. The breezy feel is maintained throughout and Alisha Thomas's sweet voice makes it all the more mellifluous. Dharan weaves a simple heartrending melody and punctuates it with soulful piano notes and enthralling violin in the interludes. When it comes to the folk section, Haricharan renders joyfully with a rollicking feel. Modern Thanglish lyrics by Jeyachandra Hashmi will go down well with new-gen lovebirds. Perfect romantic ballad!

5. Carrom Board - Mirchi Vijay, Remya Nambeesan

Accentuated with brilliant violin sections, this racy romantic track is energetic and playful. Cheeky lyrics and the speedy orchestration are sure to work well with the youngsters and this number could find a place in the charts. Mirchi Vijay and Remya Nambeesan render well with their fruity vocals, though Remya's modulation sounds funny. The song changes into full-on folk mode towards the end. Celebrations galore!


Music director Dharan, who is rarely heard in the industry nowadays, comes up with a youthful album that is peppy and enjoyable. A few songs stand out, paving way for the composer to come up in the charts.

Rating: *** (3/5)


Cow Song, Andhar Bulty, Carrom Board

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