Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Vizhithiru Music Review

Movie: Vizhithiru

Cast: Krishna Kulasekaran,Vidharth,Venkat Prabhu,Abhinaya,Sara Arjun,Dhansika

Director: Meera Kathiravan

Music director: Sathyan Mahalingam

1.Stay Awake-C.Sathya,Sathyan Mahalingam,SS Thaman,Tha Prophecy,Sharmila

A spot on club number opens the album in a spicy manner. Using the phrase 'Stay Awake' (English meaning for Vizhithiru), this number is a mellowed party song that indulges the usage of ghatam beats and modern sounds. The ensemble voices of C.Sathya,Sathyan Mahalingam,SS Thaman,Tha Prophecy and Sharmila render a new dimension to the entire youthful number. Grand!

2.Vellai Irave-G.V.Prakash,Ramya NSK

An out and out westernized duet is up next in the album. Beginning with ebullient guitar strums and fruity chorus, Ramya NSK takes over with her highly accented vocals. The saxophone interlude adds to the crispiness of the number. G.V.Prakash's effervescent rendition is something pleasant to listen for. While the song is not instantly addictive, it might appeal to select listeners after a few listens.


When T.Rajendar croons a number, it is sure to be a downright kuthu song. Accompanying him is the equally talented vocals of Priyadharshini. But there is no changeover in the rhythm which makes it a tedious listen. Just for the sake of having a whiff of freshness to the tune, T.Rajendar shouts to have a change in the rhythm. You can enjoy this number if you are in a mood to listen to a plain folk song.

4.Aazhi Alai (Female)-Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

This is a heartrending solo with a gripping orchestration. The track falls into the category of songs listened during a rainy day or during the monsoon season. With no accompanying beats, it excels in all aspects of music composition. Soulfully rendered by Vaikom Vijayalakshmi, this short number is sure to strike a chord with the listeners!

5.Pon Vidhi-Santhosh Narayanan

It is time to unleash some quirkiness with this fun-filled number. The backup rhythm is formed by a melange of different vocal sounds which is an innovative thought by the composer. Santhosh Narayanan's singing is fabulous while the lively chorus complement him well. The haunting choir in the second interlude provides some power to the number.

6.Aazhi Alai (Male)-Alphonse

With the same orchestration, the mesmerizing melody returns in the vocals of Alphonse. His soprano notes are pitch perfect and effuse the right emotions needed for the number. The composer successfully retains the aura of the song intact in this one!

7.Kolai Vaall-Sri Charan,Sunandhan,Vijay Antony

Efficient dubstep beats and hip-hop fuse together in this mildly energetic number. The strained singing by the singers make it even more engaging. The rap sections and dynamic interludes take the listeners on a grand ride. It gets even more interesting with desi beats towards the end.


Though the singer-turned-composer Sathyan Mahalingam delivers a super cool album, the songs take time to grow on the listeners.

Rating: ***


Stay Awake,Aazhi Alai (Female),Aazhi Alai (Male)

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