Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Papanasam Music Review

Movie: Papanasam

Cast: Kamal Hassan,Gautami Tadimalla

Director: Jeethu Joseph

Music director: M.Ghibran

1.Yeya En Kottikkaaraa-Sundar Narayan Rao,Malavika Anilkumar

A heartwarming song with simple elements that engages the listener on the very first listen. Ghibran weaves a euphoric arrangement with Ghatam beats, symphonic sounds, Kanjira sections and flute loops. Malavika Anilkumar's relaxed singing complements well with Sundar Narayanan's soprano notes. The lyrics which speak about undying love and family bonding increases the feel-good factor. A definite treat!

2.Vinaa Vinaa-Hariharan

When Ghibran teams up with the evergreen Hariharan, it is sure to be one heaven of a number. The singer's vocals are unadulterated and he creates the entire pathos mood of the song just with his rendition. Ghibran's excellence is visible in his string sections which paint a gloomy shade. The prelude and interludes are haunting, with the second interlude having hard rock accompaniment. Pure magic!

3.Papanasam Theme-Instrumental

Ghibran's love for strings continue with this exuberant theme. Violins, enthralling symphony and laidback piano notes generate a beautiful atmosphere.

4.Kill For Life-Instrumental

An eerie prelude invites the listeners to an addictive sequencing of symphony and magnificent string sections. Excellent situational theme!

5.The Bond Of Family-Instrumental

This one indulges Yeya En Kottikkaaraa in a tranquil manner, accompanied with Ghibran's signature string orchestration.

6.A Sinking Car-Instrumental

Another mindblowing situational theme which creates an atmosphere of suspense and thrill. The melange of sounds are something new to listen for.

7.The Police Investigation-Instrumental

Consisting of a Hollywood type soundscape, this theme is sure to enchant the listeners with Ghibran's extraordinary symphonic arrangement. The progression of notes to crescendo towards the end is brilliant!

8.This Is Me-Suyambulingam - Instrumental

The album arrives to a grand finale with this highly engaging piece of instrumental, replenished with majestic orchestration.


With just two vocal tracks and the rest being instrumentals, Ghibran delivers a mystical soundtrack that is sure to be in his quintessential list.

Rating: ***3/4


Yeya En Kottikkaaraa,Vinaa Vinaa,Kill For Life,The Police Investigation

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