Sunday, 12 July 2015

Avam Music Review

Movie: Avam

Cast: Gaurav,Kavya Shetty

Director: Vijay Vilvakrish

Music director: Sundaramurthy KS

1.Thevaiya-MC Vickey

Spot on synthesizers, dubstep beats and the scatting rendition by MC Vickey makes this number a thematic one rather than a complete song. Though listeners will have a hard time in connecting with it, it is sure to excel along with the visuals.

2.Yaen Yennai-Shweta Mohan

With just the accompaniment of guitar strums, this breezy solo captures the listeners on the very first listen. Shweta Mohan's whispery rendition increases the romantic flavor of the song. The laidback tune and mild tabla beats make the number a noteworthy one!

3.Kaarirulae-Kamal Hassan

For a music aficionado, this song will sound as the work of an evergreen composer. With beautiful orchestration, double-bass drums, rock guitar strums and mellifluous violins amidst the raspy strings, this number is a definite gem in the album. This is Kamal Hassan's pinnacle of awesome renditions, I must say. The way in which the legend croons is something that cannot be explained in plain words. An out-of-the-world composition by Sundaramurthy KS!

4.Sana Sana-Sathya Prakash,Suchith Suresan

Compared to the previous numbers, this one scores two notches lower due to a cliched tune. The song paints an enjoyable mood with thumping beats, minimal orchestration and some easygoing rendition by Sathya Prakash and Suchith Suresan. But it fails to deliver what it has to.

5.Avam The Theme-Instrumental

A mindblowing fusion of classical veena and hard rock guitar strums. Sundaramurthy employs his innovative skills with this excellent piece of instrumental. Racy as well as pleasant to listen!


Avam is a contemporary soundtrack and it may not be instantly liked by casual listeners. But it proves the musical excellence of a debut composer!

Rating: ***1/2


Yaen Yennai,Kaarirulae,Avam The Theme

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