Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Baawari-Meghdhanush Track Review

'Baawari' is a soulful composition by Ahmedabad based Experimental Rock/Pop band Meghdhanush. This music video depicts love in its various forms, how the society perceives it and the pain of longing to be with someone. The video is conceptualized, scripted, directed and edited by National Award winning team Videowala. Here is the video of the scintillating song:

The song begins on a melodious note and soon veers into a soft rock style. Karan Patel and Jainam Modi open this track with their mellifluous vocals and dulcet guitar strums. Then the popular Bollywood singer Divya Kumar yields the megaphone. His honey-dipping voice oozes with passion and he skillfully emotes the pain of yearning for someone we love. Dhaivat Jani, the percussionist, deserves a special applause for his amazing work on the drums. The tune arrangement is instantly addictive and the lyrics will surely melt the hearts of the listeners.

The stunning locales in the video are a product of a splendid cinematography by Swathy Deepak which adds color to the visuals. Choreography by Revanta Sarabhai is exuberant and a definite treat for the audience's eyes. The actors Pooja Purohit, Akshay Patel and Harshal Vyas have performed exceptionally well. Their dance movements are energetic and buoyant while their acting displays the various dimensions of pain.

On the whole, 'Baawari' is a heartrending number from Meghdhanush that is effervescent and will surely linger in the minds of the listeners for a long time. Kudos to the band for delivering such an emotional track!

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