Sunday, 8 November 2015

Pasanga 2 (Haiku) Music Review

Movie: Pasanga 2 (Haiku)

Cast: Kavin,Nayana,Abhiman,Karthik Kumar,Bindu Madhavi

Director: Pandiraj

Music director: Arrol Corelli

1.Chota Bheema-A.L.Srikanth,Yazhini

A happy children's track opens this album. This feisty number is replete with fun-filled instruments like the loopy trumpets, dialog gimmicks in the prelude and an upbeat rhythm pattern. The voices of the children Yazhini and A.L.Srikanth are raw and earthy, taking us back to childhood memories. With words like 'Chotta Bheema' and 'Dora', this song is sure to go down well with the children.

2.Kaattukulla Kannakkatti-Anand Halve

This track is a situational one which may play during an adventurous sequence, where the children might go for treasure hunting through jungles and caves. It has a 80s feel to it with the Jazz rhythm and jocular piano notes. Impressive lyrics by Yugabharathi coupled with the radiant vocals of Anand Halve make this track enjoyable.

3.Pookkalai Killi Vandhu-Yazin Nizar

A soothing melody that takes the listeners on a walk through an emotional lane. The soulful lyrics are endearing to listen to. Arrol Corelli indulges dulcet guitar strums, mellowed rhythm pattern and interludes that are scintillating all the way. Yazin Nizar's voice oozes with melody and passion. Plug on the headphones on a serene night and listen to this number. It will surely mesmerize you!

4.Tham Tham-Anand Halve

Yet another fun-filled track. I can say that this is the best of the lot. Arrol Corelli's symphonic arrangement will instantly hook on the listeners. The harmonica, violins, whistles and saxophone in the interludes blend well with the theme of the song. Anand Halve's mellifluous voice provides the much needed melodious touch to the tune. A feel-good one this is!

5.Pasanga 2 Theme-Instrumental

Grand piano notes open this theme track exclusively. Then the exuberant violin takes over. It's arrangement is sure to melt your heart. Though it is purely a situational one, it has all the ingredients to be a perfect 4 minute instrumental. Arrol Corelli cooks up a theme that will be listened repeatedly!


Arrol Corelli delivers a pleasant album that stays true to the theme of the movie. He proves that he is yet another promising composer to look out for!

Rating: ***1/2


Pookkalai Killi Vandhu,Tham Tham,Pasanga 2 Theme

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