Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Puli Music Review

Movie: Puli

Cast: Vijay,Shruthi Hassan,Sridevi,Hansika Motwani,Sudeep,Nandita

Director: Chimbu Devan

Music director: Devi Sri Prasad

1.Yaendi Yaendi-Vijay,Shruthi Hassan

The album opens with a sweet romantic duet, completely based on the recurrent guitar strums. With slight ghatam beats, folkish structure and an elaborate string section, this number is a sureshot winner. Vijay's modulated rendition peps up the mood while Shruthi Hassan croons like a lovestruck lady. A special applause for the Ilaiyaraaja-ish flute section in the second interlude. DSP strikes the bull's eye with the very first number!

2.Jingiliya-Javed Ali,Pooja AV

How can a Vijay movie be without a theri mass number? The traditional folk instruments bring out the best out of a bland tune. Javed Ali and Pooja AV are just ordinary in terms of rendition, though they have tried to sound powerful. Despite the fizz, there is nothing new in this number. Strictly for front-benchers and light music troupes!

3.Sottavaala-Shankar Mahadevan,MM Manasi

Yet another folk number with DSP's stock tune. Though it may act as a slow poison on the listeners, the banal arrangement makes the song weak. Even Shankar Mahadevan and MM Manasi cannot salvage the number from falling flat. The only dominant factor of the song is the interesting usage of nadaswaram and thavil.

4.Mannavanae Mannavanae-Chinmayi,Anita,MLR Karthikeyan,Sooraj Santhosh

A situational number that strictly sticks to the genre of the movie. Powerful beats, grand trumpet sections that remind of a bygone era and magnificent tune arrangement make this number the next best after Yaendi Yaendi. Fantastical lyrics by Vairamuthu are an added advantage. Chinmayi does a fabulous job throughout while Anita, MLR Karthikeyan and Sooraj Santhosh commendably support her. A dynamic track!


This title track is perhaps the weakest intro song for Vijay. It might go down well with the front-benchers, but it isn't that much catchy to turn into a chartbuster. DSP uses his stereotyped template which gets boring. Mano and Priyadharshini have done their parts well, despite a tepid tune.

6.Manidha Manidha-Tipu

Finally DSP tries his hand at an inspiring number, hoping to strike an emotional chord with the listeners. But he manages to do that only up to some extent. The orchestration is grand, mandolin in the second interlude is innovative and the tune arrangement is also good. Tipu's vocals are the only factor that save this number from ending up as a dud.


Sadly, this doesn't sound like a Vijay movie soundtrack. DSP, who has given superhit albums for the hero, delivers an average album that might soon fizzle out.

Rating: **


Yaendi Yaendi,Mannavane Mannavane

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