Friday, 7 August 2015

Paayum Puli Music Review

Movie: Paayum Puli

Cast: Vishal,Kajal Agarwal,Harish Uthaman,Samuthirakani

Director: Suseenthiran

Music director: D.Imman

1.Puli Puli Paayum Puli-Malgudi Subha

It is very refreshing to listen to the energetic Malgudi Subha crooning this vibrant title track. I am sure that this number would scorch the screens with the mass hero Vishal's entry. With thumping beats, divinely chants, Sitar sounds and hard rock guitar strums, this song is going to rock the music charts!


Beginning on a lively note, this number will take the listeners to the core of a rural village. Blending Carnatic notes with a folk tune is something which Imman can do easily. And he excels with this perfect fusion of folk, classical, western beats and rocking guitar strums. Diwakar's melodious voice is sure to linger on the minds of the listeners for a long time. A treat for Imman's fans!

3.Naa Soodana Mogini-Jyothi Nooran

A hot item song is up next in the album. Though it is composed in Imman's typical template, it will surely go down well with the front-benchers. Jyothi Nooran's sultry vocals is the only factor that is worth applauding in the track. The occasional Telugu lyrics, underlying guitar strums and a foot-tapping rhythm peps up the spiciness of the number.

4.Yaar Inda Muyalkutty-Armaan Malik

This mesmerizing melody is instantly addictive right from the beginning. Only Imman can weave magic with such melodious tunes (remember Verasa Pogaiyile and Aaha Kaadhal Enna?). Right from the word 'go', this song oozes with melody and Armaan Malik's honey-dipping voice takes the number even to higher notches. It has an Ilaiyaraaja-ish touch with the beautiful trumpet section and a wonderful rhythm pattern. Hit the repeat button!

5.Silukku Marame-Divya Kumar,Sharanya Gopinath,Shashaa Tirupati

A peppy trumpet prelude welcomes you to this fun-filled romantic number. Once again Imman composes the song with the base of folk, with supreme touches of Carnatic notes. The English lyrics in the first interlude is a brilliant move by him. As the charanam progresses, the tune gets even better. Divya Kumar and Shashaa Tirupati excel with their heartrending vocals which effuse genuine classical tones. Watch out for the violin in the second interlude. Perfect ending to the album!


After a debacle in VSOP, Imman makes a strong comeback with this album which has the right mix of melody and peppiness!

Rating: ***3/4


Marudakkari,Yaar Inda Muyalkutty,Silukku Marame

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