Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Idhu Enna Mayam Music Review

Movie: Idhu Enna Mayam

Cast: Vikram Prabhu,Keerthi Suresh

Director: A.L.Vijay

Music director: G.V.Prakash

1.High Voltage-MC Vickey

The opening track of the album is much similar to Behka from Ghajini. It is high on energy and quirkiness. The strong rap portion by MC Vickey is foot-tapping and it can instantly connect with G.V.Prakash's fans. But it still remains as a sombre outing. Thank god it gets over soon!

2.Iravaaga Nee-G.V.Prakash,Saindhavi

I think G.V.Prakash is obsessed with rain and the jingle in the background. But it gets better with each melodious composition of his. Perhaps this one is the best song of the album. Not because his wife Saindhavi has crooned for it, but for the fresh treatment which he has given to the melody. The tabla rhythm, the classical touches, the ethereal flute and the violin interlude make this number a soothing one. Hit the repeat button!

3.Machi Machi-Udit Narayanan,Devan Ekambaram

High end rock guitar forms the base of this funky song. Udit Narayanan sounds much like in his earlier outing in Alai Paayum Nenjile. But that can be forgiven with the backup chorus doing a good job. The entire song is jarring and it doesn't produce the feeling that it is intended to. You can skip it!


Right from the beginning, this beautiful melody pulls you in a trance. The entire feel of the song provides an heavenly ambiance, coupled with the sweet voices of G.V.Prakash and Harini. Violins in the interlude are once again an icing on the cake in this number too. Scintillating all the way!

5.Suttrum Bhoomi Maele-Shireen Shahana

This number might form as the introduction song for the heroine. The electric guitar and the rhythm arrangement provide a deja vu feel all over. Even Shireen Shahana's vocals are boring after a point. The only saving factor is the first interlude which deserves a special applause.

6.A Walk To Remember-Theme

Whistle sounds dominate this instrumental theme. A brilliant string section takes over which makes it grand. Great theme from G.V.Prakash!


G.V.Prakash delivers an album that is much better than his other outings. Two melodies stand out in the entire soundtrack.

Rating: **3/4


Iravaaga Nee,Irukkirai

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