Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Purampokku Music Review

Movie: Purampokku Engira Podhuvudamai

Cast: Arya,Vijay Sethupathi,Shaam,Karthika Nair

Director: S.P.Jananathan

Music director: Varshan

1.Kalaasi Kalaasi-MLR Karthikeyan,Malathy Lakshman,Thirukumar Thiagarajah,Diwakar

The very first track of Purampokku sets the mood of the entire album. This number is straight out of the 90s gaana collections. Right from the lyrics to the rhythm sound so Deva-ish that one cannot stop smirking while listening to it. This song would surely provide much needed refreshment to the auto rickshaw drivers who love listening to such songs. Even the singers cannot save the number. Unimpressive!

2.Orae Oru Murai-Vijay Prakash,Sunitha Sarathy

Up next is a scintillating melody which too sounds much like the 90s songs. But it provides a whiff of fragrance from the previous sombre number. The tune is simple and much on the lines of a Ilaiyaraaja number. Vijay Prakash and Sunitha Sarathy make the song even more lively with their passionate voices. Pick of the album!

3.Marina Beachula-Diwakar,Mukesh

The album cannot get worse than this. Who does want to listen to gaana songs of 90s these days? They sound so ancient that they cannot even find a place in today's soundtracks. But it is surprising to listen to yet another Deva-ish gaana number in this album. I feel pity that Mukesh and Diwakar's vocals have been wasted over this number!

4.Dhaegam Thaakkum-K.Krishna Kumar,Ramya NSK

This breezy short number begins with mellowed flute and guitar strums. And then, the effervescent voices of Krishna Kumar and Ramya NSK take you in a trance. But it is too short to even comprehend it completely. The string section at the last is wonderfully constructed.

5.Aaja O Re-Abhay Jodhpurkar,Amrithavarshini,Haritha

The final song of this soundtrack is a complete Hindi dance number that is colorful as long as it lasts. Though it is similar to Melala Vedikudhu from Aarambam, it is incredibly short that one can thank God that the album has come to an ending!


Varshan might be the next Deva, but his debut soundtrack provides nothing worthy to listen to. Hope he changes gears with his other albums!

Rating: *1/2


Orea Oru Murai

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