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Uttama Villain Music Review

Movie: Uttama Villain

Cast: Kamal Hassan,Pooja Kumar,Andrea Jeremiah

Director: Ramesh Arvind

Music director: M.Ghibran

1.Loveaa Loveaa-Kamal Hassan,Sharanya Gopinath,Anitha Nivas

An energetic beginning to the most anticipated album of 2015. Ghibran experiments with various shades of genres in this fast paced romantic number. The 'loveaa loveaa' line is addictive and the blaring rhythm is perfectly woven into the song. The instruments in the interludes are coming of age. The contemporary style of the number makes it for repeated listens. Kamal Hassan brings out the emotions with his unique voice and Sharanya Gopinath spells magic with her modulation. Rocking start!

2.Kadhalaam Kadavul Mun-Padmalatha

Up next is a beautiful Hindustani classical number that will surely be liked by all true music lovers. The song sways in a passionate mood and Padmalatha (Ghibran's favorite) turns the number into a memorable classic. It might probably serve as a dance number in the 8th century section of the movie. Divine instruments used for the interludes and rhythm deliver a spiritual tone to the song. Highlight of the album!

3.Uttaman Introduction-Subhu Arumugam,Kamal Hassan

A traditional Villupaatu makes its way into the album. It is foot-tapping and magnificent all the way. Kamal Hassan's rendition and the supporting chorus are so perfect in this three minute number. Ghibran changes the rhythm of the song for a moment which is the icing on the cake. A perfect introduction for Uttaman!

4.Saagavaram-Kamal Hassan,Yazin Nizar,Ranjith Iyyappan,Ghibran

And finally there comes a tranquil number that sounds Rahmanish. Ghibran brings in his trademark beats and weaves a wonderful track. The sword clashes, chenda melam and the kombu instruments are engaged in this number which provides it a traditional feel. The lyrics speak about immortality and how it is sorrowful to human beings. A contemporary number!

5.Iraniyan Naadagam-Kamal Hassan,Rukmini Ashok Kumar

This song narrates the very familiar story of Hiranyakashipu. The template of the number is composed as a drama play and Kamal Hassan's narration of the story is energetic. It conveys the required emotion and the complementing female counterpart provides a soothing tone to the number. The chant 'Mrithyunjay Ho' is exquisite in the entire number. Though the song might be liked by a few, it is hard for the casual listeners to connect with it.

6.Mutharasan Kadhai-Yazin Nizar,Ranjith Iyyappan,Padmalatha

Yet another Villupaatu which narrates a different story. Ghibran composes this number with usual elements of a stage play and he plays with the exotic instruments of the bygone era. The fusion of western and traditional Indian music paints a beautiful picture in this number. The symphonic orchestration in the prelude is haunting and gives you goosebumps. A one stop bazaar for all kinds of music.

7.Uttaman Kadhai-M.S.Bhaskar,Yazin Nizar,Ranjith Iyyappan

The final story of Uttaman is a haunting composition laden with traditional instruments and spiritual chants. The Carnatic raga touches deserve a special applause. The entire mood of the song is enchanting and it's like listening to a Rahman's composition. But like the previous ones, this one too will take time to catch up with casual listeners.

8.Uttama Villain Theme-Instrumental

A perfect theme for the entire movie. The chorus and the chant of 'Mrithyunjay' and 'Uttama Villain' will linger for a long time in the minds of the listeners.

9.Guru & Sishya-Instrumental

A soothing lullaby-like theme that is perfectly blended with symphony and tender piano notes. Mindblowing!

10.Father & Daughter-Instrumental

This theme spells sorrow all over. It makes for a beautiful listen when one is sad. The awesome string section makes this theme a grand one.

11.Uttaman & Karpagavalli-Instrumental

This theme will probably be played during romantic scenes between the lead characters. A sweet and cute theme with lilting piano notes.

12.Father & Son-Instrumental

Beginning with mellowed piano notes, this theme works its way towards graciousness. One can melt in the melody of this theme. The female humming and the enthralling 'Mrithyunjay Ho' will prompt us to hit the repeat button.

13.Letter From & To Yamini-Instrumental

Ghibran proves his mettle as an innovative composer with this theme. The mild beats in the background makes it a perfect theme. The violin is the strongest point.


The final theme is splendid despite having shades of the previous themes. A beautiful ending.


Uttama Villain is one such soundtrack that will remain as a cult classic among music lovers. Though it hasn't got any commercial numbers, Ghibran's hardwork has paid off very well. He is the next Rahman on the line!

Rating: ****


Loveaa Loveaa,Kadhalaam Kadavul Mun,Uttaman Introduction,Saagavaram,Guru & Sishya,Father & Son

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