Thursday, 19 February 2015

Pencil Music Review

Movie: Pencil

Cast: G.V.Prakash,Sri Divya

Director: Mani Nagaraj

Music director: G.V.Prakash


1.Kangalilae-Javed Ali,Shreya Ghoshal

A beautiful opener for this youth friendly album. Javed Ali and Shreya Ghoshal team up for the first time in this lovable romantic ballad. The melody flows with ease and the rhythm of the number takes you into a trance. G.V.Prakash excels with his simple arrangement  and with a tune that is instantly likeable. Pick of the album!

2.Led Kannala-Hariharasudhan,Maalavika Sundar

This soft kuthu number is much on the lines of Hey Baby from Raja Rani (remember hey paapa hey soku paapa). It also resembles some kuthu numbers from the early 2000s like Kannama kannama, Kalyanamdhan kattikitu and Kokku meena thingumma. Though nothing new has been tried over here, this song can appeal to a few youngsters. Super Singer contestants Hariharasudhan and Maalavika do a commendable job. The tune is rather bland and you won't opt for a repeated listen.

3.Why Machi Why-Tipu,V.Shrihari

God! Can someone help the Kollywood music industry to get rid of such songs? We have already heard too many intro numbers for school boys right from the 80s. Some were exceptionally good and some fell into the peppy genre. But this song falls a way too much into a stereotyped pit. At one point the song gets so boring that you can skip it! (If you want to listen to a different type of school boys intro number, give a try to Saridhaana from Amara Kaaviyam).

4.Yaarai Pola Illa Neeyum-G.V.Prakash

Beginning with poetic lyrics, this fast paced number solely depends on G.V.Prakash's effervescent rendition. And even this number gets stereotyped. It's like listening to Mazhai pozhiyum, Chillena oru mazhaithuli and Sattena idi mazhai. Thank god, there is no 'mazhai' word over here. But the song is sure to get into the charts for its rocking appeal. Maybe hardcore fans of G.V.Prakash can laud for this ordinary track.

5.Yaarai Pola Illa Neeyum (Reprise EDM Mix)-G.V.Prakash

It's blaring and also boring. The vocals of the number get bogged down with the overloaded EDM music. Though there are many innovative EDM mixes in the recent times, this song doesn't appeal like the others. Go for the skip button!


I just cannot make out why G.V.Prakash doesn't think out of the box. Being A.R.Rahman's nephew, he has the capability to compose great music. But he cocoons himself with his templates that turn boring with each album of his. Wish the Veyil G.V.P returns soon!

Rating: *1/2



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