Thursday, 19 March 2015

Komban Music Review

Movie: Komban

Cast: Karthi,Lakshmi Menon

Director: Muthaiya

Music director: G.V.Prakash

1.Kambikara Vetti-Ananthu,V.M.Mahalingam

The album kickstarts with a lively folk number that perfectly blends with the theme of the movie. The nadaswaram in the interludes provide the eternal rustic feel of the song. The lyrics speak about the lead character of the movie and they are powerful. Though we have heard songs like this previously, coming from G.V.Prakash is something to look out for.

2.Appappa-G.V.Prakash,Shreya Ghoshal

G.V.Prakash moves on to compose a lilting rustic melody in his unique style. This number serves as a perfect love ballad for a serene walk in the village soil. G.V.Prakash's amorous rendition and Shreya Ghoshal's sweet voice complement each other very well. The interludes are filled with mellowed flute and ghatam sections which make this song an endearing one.

3.Karuppu Nerathazhagi-Velmurugan,Maalavika Sundar

Here comes the highlight of the album. The major attraction of this number is its upbeat rhythm laced with nadaswaram at a few places. The guitar strums and the persistent melody streak deserve a special applause in this impressive number. Velmurugan's energetic rendition is what makes this song a enjoyable one and Maalavika's humming in the interludes is the icing on the cake. Wonderful!

4.Mella Valanjadhu-Madhu Balakrishnan

It's refreshing to listen to Madhu Balakrishnan after a long time in this laidback melody. This number has G.V.Prakash's stamp all over it. The lyrics are emotional and the breezy beats are an added advantage. The violin in the second interlude is the highlight of this song. It has been a long time since we have listened to family numbers and this one serves as a chicken soup to the listener's soul!

5.A Celebration-Theme

The album arrives to its finale with this grand theme which paints festivity all over. What makes us to skip this theme is that it is nothing new and it's just an instrumental version of Kambikara Vetti.


After a few unimpressive urban soundtracks, G.V.Prakash comes up with a feel good rural album. A couple of songs take this soundtrack to a higher level.

Rating: ***


Karuppu Nerathazhagi,Mella Valanjadhu

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